Can Your Wi-Fi Kill Your Pot Plants?

cress seedsCan Wi-Fi kill your pot plants? According to the findings of five ninth-grade girls in Denmark it sure can. Last month the students devised an experiment to test whether on not Wi-Fi routers would cause any damage to some marijuana…er, uhm we mean garden cress seeds. The genesis of the experiment? The girls started noticing that they had difficulty concentrating at school and wanted to find out why.

“We all thought we experienced concentration problems in school if we slept with our mobile phones at the bedside, and sometimes we also found it difficult sleeping,” claimed Lea Nielsen, one of the five girls involved in the experiment.

The Experiment

The girls placed six trays of garden cress seeds next to Wi-Fi routers emitting roughly the same type of radiation as an ordinary mobile phone. They also placed six more trays of seeds in a separate room without routers. And they waited. After a dozen days, they discovered that the seeds in the room without the router sprouted and grew all bushy. And the seeds next to the router? See for yourself,  man, they look terrible; brown, shriveled and mutated.

Think it was a freak accident?

According to the students’ teacher, Kim Horsevad, the girls did the experiment twice. And the outcome was the same. She also said, “Some of the local debate has been whether the effects were due to the cress seeds drying up because of heat from the computers or Access Points used in the experiment, which is a suggestion I can thoroughly refute.” That’s because the girls carefully controlled the environment—temperature, sunlight and water in booth rooms. They were also careful about where they placed the computers used in the experiment since they also emit heat.

The experiment secured the girls a place in the final of the “Young Researchers” competition and of course, it’s caused quite a stir in the scientific community. Scientists in Sweden and the UK have expressed interest in the experiment and said they may repeat it in a professional setting.

So if you’re slowly killing your pot plants the reason may not be that you suck at growing weed. One reason they’re all yellow and wilty could be your Wi-Fi.

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  1. hanspy

    Well done from those girls.
    Now we know that we must take those phones away from our plants. Was just so easy. They phoned me when they need food or a cool drink. Is CCTV ok? I can learn them to wave.

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