Canadian Police Raid Home After Smelling a Skunk

So the police up in Montée Paiement Canada confused the smell of a fuckin’ skunk living under some poor dude’s house with the smell of weed. So, thinking they found a grow-op…what’d they do…they raided the dude’s house military-style!

Thursday night an army of police officers swooped in on unsuspecting Oliver MacQuat, looking for drugs.  “I opened the door and they all had their guns drawn,” MacQuat said. “I was terrified, my heart was probably going 150 miles an hour,” he continued.

Of course, the ten cops on the scene found no drugs after they ransacked the place. But despite finding no weed, putting the dude and his son, who had come home panicked to flashing police lights and guns, in mortal danger…Canadian police are offering no apology! Not only that…they refuse to call the hostile attack on civil rights… a mistake! They told CBC News they had “reasonable grounds to conduct a search.” Yikes.

3 Responses to “Canadian Police Raid Home After Smelling a Skunk”

  1. tyler

    this is just fuckin sickining i have no respect for cops that over step there limits tthose fuck stupid pricks!

  2. Name

    its one thing to screw up but they couldnt even admit they were wrong

  3. matt mernagh

    agreed. it is one thing to screw up, but at least admit that you did the raid and it was wrong. instead the police made excuses and didn’t even bother to admit their error. bastards!

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