Phosphoload: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Increase Bud Size

Phosphoload: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Increase Bud Size
QUESTION: I’m wondering about Phosphoload and whether it causes cancer. Recently picked up a bottle of Phosphoload. The place I got it from was here in California and they didn’t have it displayed on their shelves, rather I had to ask for it.They kept it under the counter, for only those in the know, apparently.  I’ve heard it’s not legal in California. Why’s that? Also, is it safe? Worth using? Tips for use? Some people swear by the stuff and we have used it already and plan on flushing it our really well. 

phospholoadDru West: These types of products contain hormones and chemicals that shock the plants into stopping vertical growth and immediately start budding. In my experience this is counterproductive for yield. Instead of injecting the plants full of chemicals, learn how to properly train the plants to increase their production.

I would never recommend using this stuff. My friends used it about 10 years ago on the East Coast, when it was labeled and sold as “SuperBud”. It was the same deal then. It was never on display and you always had to ask for it at the counter. This was when the industry was still small, Cali was the only medical state at the time and the nutrient companies hadn’t yet started marketing all of the present day gimmicks. Growers that were “in the know” back then thought they had found some magic potion. It turned out to be some really nasty shit, but people kept using it because they thought it was increasing their yields. Eventually everyone found out it contained a chemical that causes cancer and the stores stopped selling it. Lots of growers got burned by that stuff. They grew tons of bud with it and then gave the tainted nugs to their friends. Not Cool! This was a sore topic back in the day and I can see it being a problem again.

It is important to note that I have no idea if they have done anything to improve this product other than to change the label. It doesn’t matter though. The makers of this product have permanently lost all their credibility with me. Once bitten, twice shy.

So why use it? It contains carcinogens. That is why it is illegal as of May 2011.  Need more bud? Grow bigger/more plants. “Rock-hard” nugz? No thanks. Google: “Daminozide” or “Paclobutrazol“, they are the “outlawed for food crop” main ingredients of Phosphoload, BushMaster, Gravity, Bud Blood…… all that shit. Bad stuff.

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–@Dru West

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  1. G.Low

    For any doubters you can find the lab analysis for Phosphoload (rebranded Superbud), Flower Dragon, Topload, Gravity and Bushmaster here.

    CDFA Lab Test Results in Brief

    Flower Dragon: 18,400-18,650ppm Daminozide, 30-46.3ppm Paclobutrazol
    Phosphoload: 17,800ppm Daminozide, 20.6ppm Paclobutrazol
    TopLoad: 3,467ppm Daminozide
    Bushmaster: 271ppm Paclobutrazol
    Gravity: 516ppm Paclobutrazol

  2. mike

    Actually we have done side by side tests with phosphoload and without. You DO GET about 25to % more weight. Judging by your pics of burnt bud, im guessing you used it wrong. Please stop spreading bad info, people deserve the truth.

  3. G.Low

    Mike you’re obviously a PGR peddlar – only a dickhead would believe you get 25% more. In fact go to THC farmer and read a thread by Mendo Cruz and you will find him saying that on his first Pload free grow using Triacontanol he got equivalent or not more.

  4. Danny

    @mike and g.low

    I agree that phosphoload can be unhealthy, and also healthy (if used for the right reasons and in immaterial amounts). Half dosage, at the most, of what is claimed on the bottle.

    My guess is that Phosphoload is mainly a steroid that impedes stretching growth and converts it into density growth. The mind plays a more significant role in this case where most people that use this to control vert growth will come out fine, whereas those that are abusing this for weight benefits will see value decrease over time — even if the illusion is the front-end gain.

    On the note of cancer.

    You think our govt really cares about any cancer causing agents? if they did, we wouldn’t have the pharmaceutical industry, and the bulk of capitalism (or stressalism) would be gone.

    I would use it in moderation fellas and use it for the right reason. Your body isn’t going to go belly up if you use it with the right intent. Finally, you both would agree that quality typically prevails over quantity for a qualitative person, but not necessarily for a quantitative person.

  5. juan perez

    where can i find the distributor for this phospoload

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