Cannabis Consumers Demand More Buzz from Vaping

According to our friends over at CCELL, a leading vape maker—cannabis consumers don’t just want products that are safe. They also want them to be easy to use. 

Weed vape brands in particular have seen this trend as vapes are viewed as tech products that should be innovative and luxurious.

Our buds CCELL are staying ahead of this trend by using proprietary heating technology. It allows consumers ultimate control over the temperature and flavors of their vaping experience. They utilize high-quality materials including medical-grade stainless steel and smooth silicone, exactly what cannabis consumers really dig.

Their newest product, the RIZO vaporizer battery, offers these features plus two added conveniences. The first is a slide switch that allows consumers to quickly transition back and forth between two pre-set temps. The second is gentle vibration feedback that tells the user when they are inhaling vapor.

The RIZO is super convenient. It fits easily in a pocket, purse, or backpack. And unlike other designs that are more like a pen it won’t piece a hole in anything. It looks a little bit like an old flip phone which is a cool added bonus.

Yep there are a ton of different vape batteries out there. But the RIZO not only looks cool, but it’s really easy to use and super portable. Stuff Stoners Like? You bet.

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