CANNABIS EDIBLE REVIEW: Pops’ Cookies (Chocolate Chip and Sugar)

REVIEW BY: @XinckAlviso
Name: Pops’ Cookies (Chocolate Chip and Sugar)
Score: 8/10
From:The Purple Lotus Patient Center in San Jose  (@PLPCsanjose on Twitter)
Type: Indica dominant edible. While when first setting in the buzz seems like a Sativa, cough lock will ensue soon enough.
Dosage: Purple Lotus says they don’t do “doses” when it comes to their edibles, but that a single cookie contains about 2.5 grams of dry flower weight. Based on my experience I’d say this is a high potency med for patient with lower tolerances, and a mid-high level med to those with slightly higher tolerances. They suggested only half a cookie for those with lower tolerances, I ate an entire cookie.
Price: $5 per cookie, I’ve seen a lot of different cannabis cookies sold at a lot of different prices. Some places offer cookies for the same price in 2-for-1 packs, but I tend to find them to be lacking in the potency that a high tolerance patient like myself needs. The punch packed by one of Pops’ Cookies is surprisingly and impressively strong. I received one Chocolate Chip and one Sugar Cookie
Appearance: Both cookies came in Mylar bags, while I hadn’t seen these bags used for anything other than flower before they seemed the perfect size to hold these cookies. Upon removing the chocolate chip cookie from its bag it was clear this thing was FRESH! Both the Chocolate Chip and the Sugar Cookie had an ooey-gooey-chewy consistency to them that I like to find in regular cookies and a quality I have never seen before in a cannabis cookie. The Chocolate Chip also had a distinct green tint to it from the cannabutter used showing the potential potency of the edible, while the color tint of the Sugar Cookie was less noticeable.

Pops Cookies Purple Lotus Patient Center in San Jose  6

Smell: Has a classic cannabis cookie smell from the cannabutter. While the cannabutter smell is there it’s not overpowering or unappetizing, this cookie impressed me with its physical signs of potency and its baked consistency.
Flavor: Again, you can tell cannabutter was used in the making of this cookie but the flavor is not overpowering. While some potent edibles have an overbearing cannabis flavor, Pops’ Cookies maintain a great cookie taste with a subtle hint of medication. The Chocolate Chip was a bit tastier as the chocolate helped mask the cannabis flavor more than the Sugar Cookie, which had no added chocolate.

Pops Cookies from Purple Lotus Patient Center in San Jose

High: A definite sativa heavy high to start out with. The buzz seems to be an extra hazy one to being with that begins to creeps from the back of the skull and spreads until it consumes your entire head in an aura of medication and relaxation! At the same time I experienced a fairly strong body high that alleviated my back and ankle pain that I suffer from sports injuries and surgery. About an hour into the high it seemed as if the buzz had shifted from a Sativa to an Indica. My eye lids began to creep lower and lower and couch lock began to set in. The budtender suggested that if I were to eat the whole cookie I should make sure I would be in one place for a long while, he was right. This cookie had me relaxed and ready for a deep sleep.
Buzz Length: I ate one cookie at a time on two separate days. After eating the entire cookie it took about forty-five minutes for the high to kick in. I had eaten the Chocolate Chip cookie in the early afternoon, and the Sugar Cookie the next morning after running some errands. Both days the buzz lasted about 3 hours before noticeably declining. After the decline I was extremely tired and ready for a classic “weed nap”. While edibles are supposed to give you a longer lasting buzz over smoking, my experiences don’t tend to last too much longer. For the price this was a pretty impressive edible.

Pops Cookies from the Purple Lotus Patient Center in San Jose  5

Medical Uses: Pain relief, stress reducer, anti-anxiety, sleep inducer, muscle relaxant, joint pain relief, and other Indica strain applications. This med had a nice mixture of head and body high, with the body high being the more dominant of the two. This is excellent for an end of the day med or something needed for quick pain reduction or sleep induction.
Overall: This is one of the best cannabis cookies I’ve ever had. Most cannabis infused cookies I’ve come across tend to be thick, hard cookies that were difficult to chew, not very tasty, and not very potent. Pops’ Cookies have it all: Look, texture, taste, potency, and affordability. This is one of the most potent meds I have ever seen at a price this low, making it an excellent choice for those patients on a budget looking for something with a little more kick. It was also very easy to consume, the cookies were not very large at all and the chewiness made them even tastier and easier to eat! If you’re looking for some potent edibles without breaking the bank, Purple Lotus Patient Center is the place to go for these awesome edibles!

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