Cannabis Leads to Safer Roads Study Reveals

Cannabis Leads to Safer Roads Study Reveals

There is evidence to suggest that medical cannabis use can lead to safer roads in certain circumstances. One of the main ways in which this can happen is through the substitution of cannabis for alcohol as a recreational substance. Studies have shown that cannabis use can lead to decreased alcohol consumption, and therefore a reduction in alcohol-related accidents and fatalities on the roads.

Studies show cannabis leads to safer roads

In addition, some studies have suggested that medical cannabis use can actually improve driving safety in certain patients. For example, some patients with conditions such as chronic pain, spasticity, or nausea may experience improvements in their symptoms with the use of medical cannabis. In turn may improve their ability to drive safely. However, it is important to note that this is not true for all patients, obviously. Cannabis use can impair driving in certain individuals. Particularly if they are inexperienced or have a low tolerance for the drug.

There is evidence to suggest that cannabis use can lead to safer roads. However, it is important to approach this topic with caution. And consider the individual circumstances of each patient. It is also crucial to continue researching the potential risks and benefits of cannabis use. This includes bothmedical purposes and recreational use. Then we’ll better understand its effects on driving safety and other aspects of public health.

Recent evidence

According to a recent study, auto insurance premiums decreased in states following the legalization of medical cannabis. The study indicates that Cannabis reform has resulted in a significant drop in reckless driving in these states.  

“Medical cannabis legalization has reduced auto insurance premiums by $1.5 billion in all states that have currently legalized. With the potential to reduce premiums by an additional $900 million if the remaining states were to legalize”

According to Health Economics premiums dropped by about $22 per year on average after states enacted legalization

Medical marijuana is also proving to result in safer roads. Creating savings in medical expenses related to auto accidents.

“Because auto insurance premiums are directly tied to property damage and health outcomes. We find evidence of a positive social impact of medical cannabis on auto safety,” 

They have also determined if you’d like a lower auto insurance payment you should live near a dispensary. Odds are if you do you probably walk there.

This writer offers a friendly reminder to always keep it low. While your insurance guy may pat you on the back, the officer might not be as cool.

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