CannaButter The Best & Easiest Recipe Ever

how to make cannabutterCannaButter In Only 7 Steps

Cannabutter recipes are everywhere nowadays. The best cannabutter recipe is pretty basic—melt butter add weed, simmer and strain. Done. However we’ve seen people fuck up making cannabutter time and time again. As a result they’ve either wasted their weed or made weed brownies that taste more like weed frownies.

So we’re not only going to give you a killer cannabutter recipe, probably one of the best cannabutter recipes of all time, we’re going to give you a quick lesson on how to make weed brownies with that cannabutter. We’ll also toss out a cannabutter recipe for the lazy and a couple ideas, not full-blown cannabis recipes, man, just a few things you can do with cannabutter.

How to Make Cannabutter

Okay, man, listen up. Here’s how to make cannabutter. This is the best cannabutter recipe ever. Why? Because it’s virtually fool-proof, dude. It utilizes water so you don’t burn the butter or your precious weed. Keep in mind though that your cannabutter is only going to be as good as the weed you use to make it. Use reggie weed and you’ll wind up with butter that tastes like reggie weed. Use some good shit and your shit won’t taste like shit. Now let’s get crackin’ on makin’ marijuana butter, man. For this cannabutter recipe you’ll need:

  • A wooden spoon
  • A medium saucepan
  • Butter (use about 1 pound of butter to every ounce of weed)
  • Weed (Reggie weed? No.)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Containers with lids
cannabutter recipes
Cannabutter recipes are a dime a dozen but this is the best cannabutter recipe ever.

Step 1
Slap a medium saucepan down on the stove. Flow in some water and bring that shit to a boil. The amount of water doesn’t matter, man. Just make sure your weed’s always floating about an inch or two above the bottom of the pan or your shit’ll scorch.

Step 2
Stir in the butter. Try not to burn yourself, dude—hot water is hot. If shit’s boiling too violently just turn down the flame.

Step 3
Add your weed once the butter has melted and stir. The finer-ground the weed the better. You don’t just toss whole coffee beans into a coffee filter do ya?

Step 4
Now get stoned. While our cannabutter simmers we usually like to smoke a few joints or take a couple dabs and watch TV. Game shows are always good. It’s up to you. Cook your cannabutter for about three hours or as long as you can take the aroma. Some people simmer cannabutter overnight. Again up to you. You can tell it’s done when the top of the mix turns from a normal watery consistency to a thick and glossy, bong-water-like consistency.

Let us show you how to make cannabutter

Step 5
Time to strain your mix into containers. You’ve made macaroni and cheese before, right? Same deal. But use cheesecloth, man. Waste not want not—so ring the shit outta that cheesecloth like it just fucking cheated on you. And then toss it in the trash along with all your Coldplay collection.

Step 6
Get more stoned. Then pop your cannabutter in the fridge overnight. Sorry, dude, but you’ve got to wait for the water and the cannabutter to separate.

Step 7
By now the cannabutter should be on top of all that water. Run a knife around the edge or flip the container upside down and pluck out that precious cannabutter. You’re done, man. Your cannabutter is ready to cook with—now go smoke some pot and make something to eat. Also check out a few cannabutter ideas below.

cannabutter recipe made easy
Use the Magical Butter Maker to make cannabutter without slavin’ away in the kitchin or stinkin’ up the place

Cannabutter recipe the lazy version

We reviewed the Magical Butter Maker. This thing is killer, fully automated and like the name implies—quite magical. Measure your ingredients, dump ’em in and press play—you’re done. You don’t even have to grind your weed. The Magical Butter maker will do that for you.

It also works with any type of oil including peanut, olive, coconut, corn or sunflower. It would probably work with Penzoil too, but that would make pot brownies taste like shit. And it looks and sounds a lot like R2D2—especially when you’re really stoned. How cool is that?

The Source by ExactCraftCannabutter from cannabis concentrate

We scored a counter top extractor, pictured above, called the Source from the guys over at ExtractCraft. It allows you to safely create solvent-free dabs at home without the risk of death! Seriously though the Source extractor removes the risk of making concentrates. No need to blast BHO if you’ve got one of these things. And you can then use that concentrate in cannabutter and create things like weed brownies and space cakes and shit. Check out our post showing how to use the source to make cannabutter. Anyhow we dig this thing because you can make a very clean cannabutter with all the THC, CBD and terpenes that you’re going to want for medicinal use. We also offer them right from our site and with free shipping! Save some money, dude! For more information check out our exclusive Source By ExtractCraft Special Offer.

marijuana Brownies
Below is how to make weed brownies with your cannabutter

How to make weed brownies

Here’s how to make weed brownies with your cannabutter. Really the only difficult part about making pot brownies is getting the weed into ’em. The best and easiest way to accomplish that is through the use of cannabutter. You’ve already got that. So get a box of brownies and use cannabutter instead of regular butter, man. Easy-peasy.

Cannabutter uses

Cannabutter can be used in any recipe that calls for butter or oil. Melt it on popcorn, toast, waffles or pancakes. You don’t have to use it for only making marijuana brownies. Use canna butter to saute some shit like asparagus or shrooms in a pan with some garlic and thyme. Add it to oatmeal or risotto. Take that cannabutter outside and wax the curb and go skating. Apply a li’l cannabutter to annoying squeaky hinges or just eat it straight. Anyhow making marijuana butter is easy, so go get at it.

Know how to make edibles? Have some expertise making pot brownies and space cake? Tell us how to make weed butter or give us your coolest cannabutter cookies recipe in the comments section below.

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