Sure Jell aka Certo Drug Test Detox Instructions

Sure Jell aka Certo Drug Test Detox Instructions

Have you ever heard of stoners using Sure Jell, also called Sure Gel, or Certo pectin to pass a drug test? It’s true, dude. And after doing some research we believe that in the right instances, using Sure Jell or Certo pectin could actually help you pass a dreaded drug test. Now, let’s get into what exactly this stuff is, why it works and how to use it to pass either a blood or urine drug test. Don’t worry, dude, if the Sure Gel drug test method isn’t right for you, this article will also spell out your other best options. Bottom line—we’re here to help you pass your drug test.

What is Certo and Sure Jell?

Certo is the brand name of a fruit pectin commonly used to pass a drug test. It’s also use to used to make shit like jam and jelly. That’s where this technique gets the name “Certo Drug Test” or “Certo method.” Certo pectin is cheap and it’s easy to use. Sure Jell or Sure Gel is the second most common brand used for this drug detox method. Again, you may have heard the terms sure gel drug test or sure jell drug test, that’s what we’re talking about there. You can find Certo Fruit Pectin and Sure Jell on Amazon. One crazy note is that both Sure Jell Pectin and Certo Pectin are manufactured by the same dudes, Sure Jell.

No matter what you call this detox method—fruit pectin is used as the primary ingredient to help you pass your drug test. The Certo drug test method has been around for years and many people have claimed success. It’s not foolproof, but it does seem to be as reliable as drinking a same-day detox drink before your urine test.

If you want to try something that’s a little more traditional to help you pass that drug test, we recommend Green Gone detox. They’ll help you pass a marijuana drug test naturally. Their detox products were not only designed by pharmacists, but they’re actually recommended by pharmacists also.

Green Gone Detox

How does Suregel work?

When it comes to the Suregel method a lot of stoners believe one common but crazy misconception—that Sure Jell pectin temporarily coats the inside of the stomach and bladder temporarily blocking THC or other toxins from entering your urine. However there’s very little, if any, evidence supporting this claim or its origin. The more likely reason that the Sure Gel drug test method works is because how pectin, which is just fiber, interacts with THC in the body. Plus the process involves drinking a lot of water which will inevitably dilute your urine further improving your chances of beating a drug test.

First of all we know that drug testers are looking for marijuana metabolites in your urine. But THC is primarily eliminated from your body when you take a shit. What ends up in your urine is mostly what was reabsorbed from your intestines into your bloodstream before it could leave your body. Because THC and its main metabolites are fat soluble most of that stored THC is residing inside fat cells from ingested food. Your body makes bile to bind to that ingested fat and make it dissolve in water. Fruit pectin binds to bile in the intestines. So what makes the fruit pectin method effective at beating a drug test is that it temporarily “forces” THC to leave your body through your poop instead of your urine. This leaves you a window of time where you can pass your urine test.

sure jell
Ever hear of the Sure Jell or Certo drug test method? It actually works, dude

Ingredients for Certo drug test method

The ingredients for the Sure Gel drug test method are minimal. Here’s what you need:

  1. A packet of Certo Fruit Pectin or Sure Jell (other brands are fine too)
  2. A 32 Oz Gatorade
  3. Vitamin B2 or B12 supplement
  4. A gallon of water


Now to pull off the Certo drug test method all you’ve gotta do is:

  • About three hours before your UA test, take a few sips off your Gatorade and then drop in a whole packet of Certo.
  • Shake until the Certo has completely dissolved in the the Gatorade. It will become really thick like jelly.
  • Drink it. All of it. It might be nasty but you’ve got a test to beat, man.
  • Drink the rest of that gallon of water. You don’t have to chug the whole thing in one sitting, you’ve got several hours before the drug test.
  • Urinate at least 3-4 times before leaving your sample for the UA test to ditch any contaminated urine before the certo bound the THC in your intestines.
  • 1 hour before the urine test take that B-vitamin pill to add some color to your urine
  • You might want to grab yourself a home marijuana drug test kit to see if you’ll pass or not.

And that’s it, dude. That’s all there is to the Certo drug test method. Have you ever tried the Sure Jell or Certo drug test method? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Ray

    I read many passed with this , very cool Info thanks

  2. tim

    My question is do you have to quit smoking before doing this and how long before hand i cant find that anywhere

  3. shane

    what makes the fruit pectin method effective at beating a drug test is that it temporarily “forces” THC to leave your body through your poop instead of your urine…..does this mean if one was to take a laxitive prior to method it would help eliminate any thc remains.

  4. Jenkins

    i haven’t smoked in 6 days and i took a drug test today. the results were inconclusive so they sent it in for testing. if the line showed up it was negative and if it didnt it was positive. the line was half there and half not so i have to wait for the lab to test the levels of thc.

  5. Anonymous

    Trying now have not smoked in 10 days…let u know how it goes

  6. Anonymous

    Posted earlier of having to drug test guess what…. I passed

  7. Brandon

    I’m a somewhat heavy smoker I have a piss test today, I quit smoking a week ago, took an at home pee test this morning and failed so I just downed some fruit pectin! Hopefully the results come back negative! T minus 2 hours!

  8. Mechaphile

    Testing this as we speak. Drank the pectin about 1 hour 20 minutes ago, working on the 3rd pee. After 4th I will test and post home results. I failed using this my first time. As expected, I smoke throughout the whole process because I wanted to find out how well this worked. So do not smoke once you’re taking this product, you will fail. Lol.

  9. Stoner Stuff

    Good luck! Let us know how it works out?

  10. Mechaphile

    2nd test failed. Followed instructions to a T, minus taking B-2, I don’t need to yellow out my urine for a home test. Read in a forum someone tried B-12 to yellow out urine, don’t it doesn’t contain the right ingredient to do this. So, maybe I need to stop for a week prior to this working. If I fail the third test in a week I will be putting it up on Youtube.

  11. Stoner Stuff

    Try synthetic urine?

  12. Anonymous

    what if u don’t have a pill?? well it still work or?

  13. Anonymous

    Can you also do it the day before or two days before?

  14. anonymous

    It works

  15. Josh

    How long does it last?

  16. Josh

    How long does it last??

  17. Scheme

    Hi. I’m doing a lab test in a few hours. Will it show in the results? Thanks

  18. isobel

    So, posting on this because I was looking through this method for my boyfriend who had a drug test. We are both heavy smokers and a new opportunity came up for him plus a drug test on short notice. He was clean for 5 days and the night before he drank certo and water, took an at home test and passed. Did the same thing in the morning, plus flushing out his system with water and he passed the pee test for his job. Not saying the certo is a true cause of this but it was just a precaution with the flushing method. Good luck guys!

  19. daniel

    Ok..I smoked a blunt yesterday morning. Literally jus drank the certo+Gatorade. Working on the water gallon now. Pissed about 4 times. Couldn’t help it* heading to take the test for a new job in an hour or so.Will post the results soon . Wish me luck

  20. daniel


  21. Mz. D

    @Daniel very encouraging I will be trying next month

  22. shayrella97

    Green back where I started drinking the Certo and Gatorade at about 11:59 o’clock about 1:30 drinking water have an appointment at 3:45. Will see.

  23. Thecalistoner

    I don’t know if Delta Airlines was honest about my urine test or if Certo actually worked.
    6 months ago, I would wake and bake and smoke weed all day. I weighed 150lbs at 5 foot 6.5 inches and I was 23 years old.
    I stopped smoking 3-5 days before my test and started taking niacin while keeping hydrated.
    I woke up at 6am and followed the Sure Gel method. Tasted like complete crap but helps if you hold your nose and chug it fast. I had to piss like a racehorse 30 minutes later and continually pissed until it was clear. I took hella B12 with a 64oz Ocean Spray cranberry juice and kept refilling it with water.
    My urine test was at Med Express. Nice people until they find out you’re taking a urinalysis. They took my vitals and brought me to a room where I had to empty out my pockets, take off my hat and shoes plus any baggy clothes. Then I washed my hands and was followed to the bathroom where they waited outside. This bathroom had tamper proof tape on EVERYTHING and of course you couldn’t flush or wash your hands.
    I’m not sure if I gave midstream (AKA: piss in toilet, stop, piss in cup, piss the rest in toilet) and I don’t remember eating anything prior.
    Long story short, I dreaded a 2 week wait but was finally called in to hear that I could start training!!
    The reason why I don’t know if they just “passed” me along is because a co worker gave a very positive sample without taking any detox/dilution methods and he still works here.
    I WOULDNT RECOMMEND GIVING DIRTY SAMPLES TO DELTA. It could’ve just been our station supervisor that let it slide. I just want to know if I actually passed because I wasn’t asked about my “drug” history when I got called back in..

  24. June

    Will this work for probation please someone help and if so will they see it in the lab

  25. Kristina

    If I take it 2 hours before my drug test will it still work ? Because I have to go to court an they take at least a hour to even get me in the court room . & how long would it work for ?

  26. Jordan

    Just tried this today at home and it didn’t work. I didn’t drink a gallon of water I only got about 24 Oz down because I had to piss twice in the first hour after drinking the Certo. If anyone wants to say that’s why I didn’t pass then you’d be right because that would simply dilute the sample. So basically what this is is diluting your sample and replenishing with the necessary vitamins…not sure the Certo has any effect whatsoever because if it did you wouldn’t need to dilute yourself for it to work…so there you go.

  27. Danielle

    What happens if I drink alcohol while drinkn the certo

  28. Ghost

    I have a drug test today. Havent smoked for 12 days. I followed the certo instructions and took a b12 vitamin 1hr prior to the drug test. Will let you guys know if it works.

  29. Mia

    This is amazing and it works for cocaine, benzos, opiates, etc! I’ve been using this method for years and have never failed.

  30. Mia

    Kristina, yes it should work but to be safe I would bring water with you and drink as much as you can before the test. Good luck!

  31. Lucky

    I just got hired at this new job today they want me to go to the lab for testing tomorrow around noon I brought the certo can someone please explain how to not fail this drug test tomorrow? Keep in mind I’m going to a lab.

  32. Anon420

    Trying the certo method today for probation. If I don’t follow up then I went to jail. If I follow up I will let you all know how I did it and all the details. I will be doing 2 certo and gatorades a couple hours apart. Also drinking water, taking cranberry pills and again drinking plenty of water. Wish me luck and if I succeed I will document my whole thing on the follow up comment. NOTE: I failed my at home test last night without altering results.

  33. Challe

    I’m going in Tuesday I smoked Thursday night. I’m going to do 1 hr 15 m pre test. Will let y’all know how it goes.

  34. Jennifer

    I have a little problem!!!! I smoke weed daily. I see many ways on how to try an pass a drug test. My problem is that I was seeing a doctor for my pain. He was ok with it an never gave me a problem. But now my doctor decided to quit an now I’m being sent to a pain doctor. How do I get rid of the THC in me but still have the pain pills I’m on show up. I really need my pain meds I have a bad back an have had two surgeries done. If anyone can help I would be forever grateful thanks

  35. Anonymous

    I’m a daily smoker. I found out I had a pre-employment screening two days ago. I quit the day I found out, used this method (but did 1.5 packets of certo rather than one) and it worked! Noticed someone asked how long it lasts – I took the test 4 hrs after drinking the certo. I drank a gallon of water after the certo and Gatorade mix and peed four or five times. I drank a 5 hr energy (because it has mass amounts of b vitamins) to yellow the urine back up about an hr and a half before taking the test, and then peed a couple more times. My urine was clear as could be before taking the test, but the energy drink must’ve worked because when I took the test my pee was a little yellow, yellow enough that it didn’t look diluted. All my levels (pH, creatine, etc) came back normal. Only other thing I’d suggest is to eat some red meat throughout the days before the test, because all the water causes your creatine levels to drop too low, if you don’t compensate. Good luck to everyone!

  36. Nilyehs

    I just finished mixing the certo drink and the Gatorade and shook it for a good 5 minutes and it did not turn into a gel substance. Did I do it wrong? Will it still work?

  37. Dave

    I fuckong fail!

  38. Dave

    I fucking failed!

  39. Michael hayo

    So hears my deal. I stopped smoking for a day. During that’s day I worked out. I’m like 135 lbs I smoked yesterday and two days ago but only less then a dimes worth after I work out and wafter I take a shower. The day I stopped smoking I worked out a lot then At night I drank the sure jell and drank a liter after went to bed got up a few times to take a piss. Then (at 1 I have my piss test got there around 140 waited 20 min.) them in the morning of the piss test I took another sure jell and but its in water(is what’re ok? Cuz my friend said I can use water) then drank a lot more water and this is around 9 am. So I take my 3rd or 4th piss around 12. Left to get paper for the test then went in around 140pm. Do you think I still passed? Sorry if all this is confusing…

  40. Michael hayo

    So hears my deal. I stopped smoking for a day. During that’s day I worked out. I’m like 135 lbs I smoked yesterday and two days ago but only less then a dimes worth after I work out and wafter I take a shower. The day I stopped smoking I worked out a lot then At night I drank the sure jell and drank a liter after went to bed got up a few times to take a piss. Then (at 1 I have my piss test got there around 140 waited 20 min.) them in the morning of the piss test I took another sure jell and but its in water(is what’re ok? Cuz my friend said I can use water) then drank a lot more water and this is around 9 am. So I take my 3rd or 4th piss around 12. Left to get paper for the test then went in around 140pm. Do you think I still passed? Sorry if all th

  41. Chris

    I lost my job to failing a drug test I tried to cheat on by using someone else’s clean piss but I didnt bring enough so now I have to find a new job and take a drug test either today or tomorrow I drank the sure jell in an orange Gatorade at 10am and am currently working on the gallon I haven’t peed since before I drank the sure jell I won’t go for the test until I pee atleast twice let you know if it works ,I’m also a daily smoker not much a bowl or 2 every night but enough to stay in my system I have a very high metabolism and low body fat content think I should pass?

  42. lee

    24 years ago I found out I was pregnant and STOP smoking drugs , tried after the birth of my beautiful baby girl, But it didn’t mean more to me then not wanting her to ever know about this trap. ..try it ohh it’s so good!

  43. Anonymous

    im trying it now gotta take one at 9 im drinking it now to make sure it works

  44. Cristal

    I am trying this right now , it doesn’t taste as bad as how people say. Atleast to me . I applied to this job at an agency a few weeks ago. They said I can start as soon as the next day aslong as I pass my drug test . So I was honest and asked what would happen if I didn’t pass they said I wouldn’t be able to apply for a whole year. So I mentioned that am a marijuana user and I have my rec to buy medical marijuana so the lady that was reviewing my application said that it’s better to post pone my test so I can clean myself. She said like a month at first I lasted 2 weeks clean I hadn’t seen the certo trick yet. But later on I ended up smoking, so I had already given up I didn’t think there was a possible way I would pass it. So now I saw this a few days ago I kept researching it to see how it worked so am going later on today for a walk-in test. Luckily is been really hot so if my pee comes out light I hope I can use the excuse I have been drinking lots of water because it’s been really hot lol. I hope I pass.. I’ll update later on when I get my results.

  45. Stoner Sally

    Will b12 vitamins work or just B2 vitamins? I saw something about b12 but then when I clicked on it it wasn’t a vitamin.

  46. Anonymous

    I smoke weed daily. I see many ways on how to try an pass a drug test. My problem is that I was seeing a doctor for my pain. How do I get rid of the THC in me but still have the pain pills I’m on show up? If anyone can help I would be forever grateful thanks!

  47. B

    I have a drug test today at 3:30 gonna start this around 12ish, many friends have done it and passed so I’ll let you know how it goes! Instead of the b12 I’m just gonna drink a red bull. Wish me luck!

  48. Fairymoon

    I see a lot of stories of people before their tests. Did you pass? I just did this on June 29th and am waiting for my results. I stopped smoking 22 days prior but was failing home tests. I didn’t have to drink all the water with the certo to pass a home test so I didn’t because I didn’t want to dilute my piss too much. I drank the 32oz Gatorade and filled the bottle about half way with water and drank that. I tested myself and every pee after I drank the certo gave me a negative result. The lab got my 3rd or 4th pee. I really need this job! If I fail I will be screwed big time! I’ll follow up and let you know if I passed the lab test. I didn’t take the b vitamin since I didn’t drink all the water. I think I was almost clean enough to pass on my own so my fingers are crossed!

  49. Fairymoon

    I passed my test! Certo/sure-gel works!

  50. Txmade

    So do you quit smoking or is this something you can grab on go and it works .

  51. joe

    Does this work for cocaine

  52. Rachel

    Just tried this today. Hopefully it works!
    Stopped smoking 50 days ago, but was still peeing dirty on my first void of the day. Very, I mean VERY faint line. I started taking creatine pills a week before. Woke up at 5 downed a 32 oz Powerade with certo, took 2 aspirin, b12 & half a b2 (if I took it whole my pee would almost glow in the dark ) then went back to sleep. Woke up @7 and started sipping on a monster. @9 I took half a bottle of Gatorade with another pack of certo and finished my monster. Total peed around 5 times and took at home test. The line was way stronger than before. I didn’t really drink much water cause I’m scared of diluting it too much. It was an ecup/escreen & they check for ph, nitrates, creatinine, etc. I won’t know for 48hrs @ least thats what HR told me. I’ve smoked everyday, many times a day for about 4 yrs now. 5’2″ 140 lbs if anyone wants to compare. Sucks that it takes this long for thc to leave your system. My BF tried this today also. He has less body fat (5’10” 155lbs) but has been smoking for 7 yrs. I’ll post up the results when I find out. Has anyone been in the same situation and passed? It’s a preemployment screen btw.

  53. Rachel

    @fairymoon how did you get the results back so quick?? Basic strip test?

  54. Stoneystream

    I use this method on every drug test I’ve took within the last 3 years and PASSED !!!” I know its a bit of a leap to trust an in home remedy to pass a druq test.Its a gareenteed product for me and the people I’ve passed iit on to.

  55. Txmade

    Just did this . I drank 32ox with suregel then followed with gallon water . Waited 3 hrs did home test from dollar store( I know don’t be so confident ) failed numerous 1 dollar test . I did then certo with same 32 oz with and gallon of water and did 4 more more 1 dollar tests all failed . I just had to screw it and went and did it hoping the cheap ass text were bad I will be back to let y’all know

  56. Katie

    So here’s my story… I’ve been on probation for a whIle, and being the sneaky bastard i am I have tried to find every way around drug tests. I have used the certo method as instructed 4 times that it has worked for me, and 1 time it didn’t. Granted the 1 time it didn’t work I didn’t drink the entire gallon of water, which just proved to me that it works off of dilution. Today I have a drug test at 11am. It is currently 8am and I plan on taking the certo at about 8:30, followed by the Ultimate GOLD detox drink at around 10, drinking a comfortable amount of water before and after. I am hoping that the certo sending thc to my colon and the detox drink doing what it does will be like double protection. I’m kind of worried about being too diluted, hence why I will not be doing the entire gallon of water. I will update later with my exact time line and results 🙂

  57. 420man

    This shit works!!! I HAVE PASSED EVERY SINGLE TIME ON PROBATION. You can even smoke up til the day before. Start 4 hours before your test by taking 4-6 asprin and drinking two cups(8 oz) of water. Then every fifteen minutes, drink one cup of water until you have two hours left. Then you drink the Certo cocktail. After that, continue to drink one cup of water every 15 minutes until test time. You’ll piss about 9 times in those four hours. When you piss for the test, make sure you catch it mid-stream and you’re solid. YOU’RE VERY WELCOME…

    No luck needed…

  58. Christian

    This works 100%, hot boxed the fuck out of the Audi #3Blunts got me high as hell, took drug test next day (22 hours later)…….PASSED DAT SHIT.

  59. lauren

    I stopped smoking on Tuesday, just drank 60 ounces of gatorade with fruit pectin.. didn’t read the serving size lol but i’m sure it helped dilute. Took an at home test and FUCKING PASSED! After smoking every day for over a month, with only 3 full days clean!! have a drug test on Monday for an internship in the oil & gas industry so the cutoff is 20 ug instead of 50 ug unfortunately, but I am confident that this will work!! good luck everyone

  60. Anon

    If I have to take a test tmr at 8 am when do I start the proces

  61. B

    Late update but I took my test on the 29th of June. Hadn’t smoked in about 3 days but when I did smoke I smoked wax so I was really nervous about if I was going to pass or not. But guess what? I PASSED! Used the 5th pee just to be safe. Started the process about 1 then tool the test around 4:30ish. Really couldn’t believe it but yeah, totally worked for me!

  62. John Doe

    Im in Similar boat as everyone here got a UA test for pre employment and by the time I take the test I’ll be 4 weeks clean, I’m 5ft 9inch, 235 lbs, and was a daily smoker 3 times a day, I have home tests and failed miserably for obvious reasons with just a strict water, multi vitamin, and vitamin c. Gonna give this a test run next week and see how it goes…….fingers crossed appreciate everyone’s feedback and story has made me more positive about this!

  63. John Holmes

    I am going to temp agencies tomorrow for drug test I have oxy and hydrcodone in my system will the sure jell work for opietes ????

  64. Tealeigh

    Just wanting an opinion and I know everyone is different. I’m applying for jobs in medical field and have smoked twice in the past 3 weeks. Not heavily each time, blunt worth total, and used to smoke once or twice a week a month prior as well as stopped smoking since. I’m 5’9″ and 300lbs. Would using this method work if I do it now as a detox or is it just a same day remedy?

  65. gudgud29556

    It works… ! I dranked 5 bottles of water in 2 hrs after drinking Certo.. Used the bathroom every 20-25 mins (5times) took 2 B12 pills passed my first home test the second time I urine and the line was even darker the 6th time I ruined and took the test.. Hope this helps you guys.. It sure helped me! Good Luck!

  66. gudgud29556

    Typo 6th time I urine I meant

  67. gudgud29556

    Update: I’m officially off probation! Passed my test this morning.. Signed my paperwork and I am FREE… Yeeessssssss!

  68. gudgud29556

    Tealeigh.. Its the same day method.. Take it three hours before test and go to dollar store and buy a few dollar tests to test yourself so you can see the results as you urine.. I only stopped smoking for 5 days and I’m 34 210pounds and I smoked every single day of my life since I was 17… Been smoking loud since I was 29 yes old

  69. Rachel

    Update on my situation…. I passed start work tomorrow! Still waiting on my bfs results tho. Hope it’s good news as well! Didn’t dilute as much. But even if it came back diluted it’s 110 degrees here everyday!(AZ) I’m sure we wouldn’t be the only ones over drinking to stay hydrated.

  70. Rachel

    He passed!

  71. Jack Napier

    I’ve done Certo twice now while giving “the man” his due we’ll just say. Both times were random; once I abstained two days (sorta, took tiny puffs here or there), and the other was next day when I was uppity THAT night. I passed both times, no questions asked. Not sure if lab tested as the caveat there! My intake consists of being pretty much baked before and after work, so I was in full “Taally-ho!” mode both times as I’m sure many of you are if you’re reading this. That said, I’m also 5’8″ and 200lbs., but starting to think i may be on the lighter side of 200 a little now. I eat once a day; snack, eat junk the rest. That crazy-assed, seemingly put together person you work with. So, I wanted to share my method as a way of giving back. My method combines some things I drew on some random bits of information I gathered. I’ll lay it out the best I can. Please don’t die drinking water either…nobody wants to be the butt of bad jokes at their funeral.

    Ya need:

    2 boxes Certo
    4 32 oz. Gatorades (2 are for day 1 so you can save 2 bucks at Wal-Mart if you want to and just do water, it is to save your taste buds!)
    Super B Complex
    Flaxseed Oil/ 1000 mg
    DHA 200 mg
    1 Gallon H2O

    DAY 1: The Great Flush Begins

    3pm – Mix 1 packet of Certo (2 to a box) in Gatorade. Shake it up good, be a man, and down it before it congeals too much. 5 minutes tops.
    3-6pm – Drink water comfortably from any source, but keep drinking so you start peeing a lot.
    6pm – Mix other packet of Certo in a Gatorade, and repeat.
    The rest of the night just drink and pee. Eat a little something before bed too; not a double cheeseburger, but a chimichanga will do!

    Day 2: TEST DAY

    4:45am (or roughly 5 hours before test time) – Get outta bed, you’ve got a test to pass! Mix 1 packet of Certo from second box into Gatorade, and down her! Also, take 4 regular strength aspirin as it apparently helps screw with the assays a little from what I understand. If you’re allergic to aspirin, don’t be stupid, and no, it has to be aspirin…sorry!
    5-8am – Drink half a gallon of water+ at your leisure. Like I said, not to the point of passing out, just to where you piss every 10-15 minutes. Do your best to chug, though, and don’t worry about clarity. Piss like the wind!!!
    8am – Mix last Certo packet into Gatorade and go!! Down 4 B Complex, 4 Flaxseed, 6 Acai, and 2 DHA with it however you can. Again, if you’re smaller than me, you may want to tailor it.
    8-9:30am – Drink the rest of that H20! Take 1 aspirin and I B Complex at 9am.
    9:30-10am – Leave house. I drink a 16 oz Gatorade on way.
    10am – Piss. You should have a neonish color that bubbles when done. Catch midstream, and just the bare minimum.

    Passed both times. I don’t care about science, terms, etc., I don’t care how it works, but I’m off the schnide and puffed all the way through like a Titan. I combined stuff that I found in various research that works for my body, and the Certo way that I do it works for me. I won’t vouch for your body, but I hope this helps, and at the least helps you find what’s right for you. And please, don’t die from overdoing anything…I actually undercut some of what I found for my own fear for my own health (horror stories galore out there!), so you should too if it feels right. Good luck, and toke on!!!

  72. Noz

    Im sorry to say that this process does not work. I unfortunately failed using it. You guys are definitely just diluting it enough so that it has nothing to do with the certo. Congrats to everyone on here

  73. SadWoman87

    I’ve used certo twice and was able to pass drug test. So of course I used it again for this new job. It didn’t work this time. I did everything like before. Not sure what happened. But just lost the best job I would’ve had this year because I came back positive. So now I’m never using it again.

  74. Bellaa

    I’m not a heavy smoker n only smoked probably twice in the last two months should this ethos work for me ?

  75. Bellaa

    I’m not a heavy smoker n only smoked probably twice in the last two months should this method work for me ?

  76. Katie

    So on July 7th I posted about how I was taking my test that morning and what my plan was.. and I never got around to updating because I’ve been busy getting high ✌ that’s right, I left the probation office at 11:30am with a smile on my face and a pass on my mandatory monitored drug test. Now I didn’t use the certo method instructions exactly as written. I have done that, and 4 times it worked for me and one time it didnt. So I had tried a detox drink called Ultimate Gold that worked one time for me when I had not been smoking as consistently or as heavy. I am female 5″4 weighing 120 pounds and I smoke roughly an 8th a week, give or take. I decided to try combining two methods almost in the hope of double protection. The fiber in the certo binds to thc and carries it directly to your colon, meanwhile the detox drink would be masking whatever is left in my urine. I would drink some water with these methods as well. I kept a time line, and passed with flying colors! Theres no saying which one really did the trick, but given that both methods have worked at least once previously on their own, im sure they both played their part. Hope this helps.
    8:55 started drinking Certo mixed with 32 oz Lemon Lime Gatorade
    9:12 finished mixture
    9:34 urinated
    9:42 started drinking Ultimate Gold 16oz
    9:53 finished drink
    10:00 took b2 vitamin to help with urine color, urinated, and left house for my test  (45 minute drive)
    10:07 drank 16oz of water, then sipped a little more as I drove
    10:20 stopped to urinate
    10:35 stopped to urinate
    10:45 stopped to urinate and used first check drug test to test myself first (passed)
    11:30 urinated for my probation officer-passed

  77. The life we choose to live

    I’ve been told that if you smoke cigs after downing the Certo you will fail

  78. Cloudyunit

    So I’m real curious to see how this works.I’ve got a UA for probation tommarow I’m doing the Cerro method tonight….also again starting at 5am I have to test at 8am…..I will keep this site updated

  79. Anonymous

    Certo is no myth. I use it for court ordered lab tests. I am in drug court and have to test 2-3 times a week. It is a guaranteed method, but will not work if you smoke the day before. I found this out the hard way. I smoked the day before, certo next day and failed. I had to do weekends in county. I used these failed tests as trial and error to find out how certo works. I smoked one day, tested next day and failed with certo. They called my color the 3rd day as well, so I did certo again and passed. My next several tests I passed (drinking certo each time before). The whole time I was not smoking weed. Then about 2 weeks later I took a test with no certo, and failed. Again I was sanctioned. Keep in mind I had not been smoking week when I failed the test. I simply did not drink certo that day before the test. This is when I realized certo is the real deal. From then on I would only smoke when I knew I had at least 2 days before my next test. Again, certo will not work if you smoked the day before. You need at least 2 days clean. Dilution is not part of the process. You do not need to dilute with certo. One hour before your test, empty your bladder, drink one gatorade mixed with certo, and your next pee will be clean. You’re welcome.

  80. Who dat

    I’m a true loud smoker 10yrs err day blazen !Going to try tonite have a test at 830am it’s 11pm nowVso here we go wish me luck I’ll let u know if it works .

  81. Who dat

    Shit failed with flying colors dis shit don’t work won’t try again. Dam y’all

  82. Jdbeat it

    I just used surgel in a gallon of water drank before test . It was tough but i needed to pass . I did not know about the b12 for color or the gatorade but my pee was clear as diamonds lol after drinking but after 4 pee so 5th i took test and passed . I also got high that morning before i knew i had test also took pain pill and xanax. But i passed using this method 3 different test in 5 yrs so for me , my body/metabolism it worked.

  83. Snooze

    Pre employment drug test on Monday (8/8). Last smoke Sunday (7/31). Nervous but hopeful with the sure jell, gatorade, B12 method. Going to do the day before trial run and at home test, then the real deal on Monday. Stay tuned!

  84. This White Boy SMOKES

    So I’m still kind of edgy about using certo because theres some people saying it works and some saying it doesn’t but the passes out weigh the fails by a landslide so… I’m going to try it.

    Tomarrow I have to take a drug test for a job that I really need ( cause I’m quitting the job I’m at in the a.m. only because they wouldn’t let me take the day off or even take off a couple hours tomarrow to do the drug screen haha) I already took an at home test and it tested positive for THC ( btw the last time I smoked was 5 days ago) but from what I read (I’ll make this quick) this is going to be my process
    – Three hours before the drug test dilute and drink a certo pack and a Gatorade
    – Drink tons of water
    – Piss 2-3 times
    – Take a B 12 pill an hour before the test ( Optional )
    – Drink more water
    – Piss one more tme
    And then its test time
    I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes and if all goes well, then you know my process
    Wish me luck

  85. love

    Well my test is tomorrow at 11 a.m. will post detail of everything if I pass or not. Pray for me and wish me luck. Thanks .

  86. Dgkdeck

    I just passed my probation piss test. Except I didn’t use Gatorade. I smoked everyday day for the past 30 days right up until 11 pm last night. Between 11 pm and 4 a am I drank 4 16oz bottles of water. Then I woke up at 8 am filled up a water bottle with certo and could only manage about 2/3 of it. Then I drank 3 16 oz bottles of water and took a prenatal vitamin before drinking another. That last one made me throw up about 5 times. I peed 3 times before my drug test and it was completely clear. At my drug test at 11 am my pee was yellow and i passed the drug test.

  87. Monica

    Yo, so I have a drug test three times a week for drug court. I actually have been using this method for a while now, and I just need to know if the lab can detect sure jell in your pee???? That, and even if you do not pass will it make your levels seem lower???

  88. Jason

    Just did my random drug test, took 2 packs of certo with 4 bottles of water back to back . Peed 3 times before actual drug test, I hope it works my piss came out clean asf, what do you guys think with the given info about ?

  89. Tay

    My dad actually taught me this trick when I was a teenager! (Steps a tiny bit different) but I’ve used it for just about every job I’ve ever gotten! 1 more time today! I am very confident in this method! I’ve even had a friend dropped with a random UA and with only an hour to spare she still passed although I don’t recommend waiting until an hour before. Im Glad I checked out this website though cause I didn’t know about the B12 which thankfully I have on hand today! I’ve been in the medical field for a long time now but today is the big leagues with a position at a hospital on the line! I do wish my state would get on board at least with medical use since I have severe IBS and the past few days have been painful not smoking! Ugh! One day! Wish me luck!

  90. Anonymous

    Fucking bullshit I drank one and a glad of them and a shit ton of water peed like 3 or 4 times that sgit came up positive wtf

  91. Tay

    Mine had to go back for lab… it the nurse said it was positive for a medication I’m prescribed which she was expecting but I’ve never had it sent to a lab! Now I’m nervous!

  92. Zach

    I love this method and it has worked for me a couple time and it failed once. I do my steps a little different and I do something that i havent read anyone else do. Ill do the usual and take the certo about 2 hours before my drug test( im on probation and have to take random UA’s). A side note i have also passed my last 2 drug tests when i smoked the day before. I didnt smoke very much a few bowls worth. After taking the certo i like to go sit in a dry sauna and sweat it out. Im a skinny 6’2 165 and dont have very much fat so i bet sweating it out helps alot and i bet helps the method. I do the usual and drink about 4 bottles of water and pee atleast 4 times and ive passed everyone doing this. I havent read anyone else sitting in the sauna and i highly highly reccommend doing so because sweating it out can only help you pass, no matter how big you maybe or skinny it will defenitly help. I want to see more people throw in sitting in the sauna but not necessary i just think it helps alot. I love certo and it works

  93. Alexis

    I got a drug test this Thursday coming I will let you guys know if it worked for me!

  94. Jason

    Update: passed my drug test ! I did my test in a hospital very very strict urine exam got sent to the lab. Trust me just drink 3 bottles of water with Certo or a Gatorade. Drink 2 hours before exam if not make sure to pee on the 3rd or 4th time. Nothing less or over! Goodluck!!!! Method worked for me !

  95. It's Go Time

    The ones who have passed. Did you sure jell powder mix or the liquid certo. Thanks

  96. Anonymous

    Liquid. Don’t smoke the day before your test and ur good to go. Drink one or 2 packs of certo depending on ur weight. Piss 3 or 4 times and you got about a 4 hour window. The ppl who fail with certo are fuckin retards who deserve to fail. Do it right and it will pass everyone. Half the ppl saying it don’t work are probably LEO trying to scare you. The other ones are fuckin stupid. Certo works. Take it or leave it.

  97. anonymous

    will this work if i drink the certo over a month before my drug test

  98. anonymous

    anyone please i need to know because i really dont know when my next reporting date is. im still in high school so my po sees me at school randomly

  99. Anonymous

    So does the method work or no?

  100. Henry

    stopped smoking thursday… taking it in 2 hours…will let you know how it goes

  101. Turbo

    bong sesh on thursday, test on friday…STILL PASSED

  102. Dawg

    Doin the steps as we speak test some time tomorrow… I’ll update

  103. Dawg

    Still pissing dirty test in an hour pray for me

  104. Gaijin

    Guys, there are so many factors you need to consider. These “smoke the day before, pass next day” stories should not be the banner theme here. Yes there’s people it has worked for and they are excited as fuck about it, there’s people who have relied on it for YEARS. And there are those who are depending on it, and for whatever reason, it falls through, and they lose an awesome job, or go to jail, or other horrible things.

    First off, you BETTER STOP SMOKING as SOON as you know you have a test. Just fucking stop. It fucking sucks, I know, but demonstrate willpower to yourself. Once you pass, you can blaze off lowered tolerance and float to the moon, man.

    2nd, work out and sweat a damn lot every day up until about two days before your test. Hell, turn your bathroom lights on, turn on the heater in the home if necessary, close the door, and hot box the bathroom with steam. You’ll sweat. Guaranteed.

    Constant diet of water every day. Also heard downing an entire jar of pickle juice helps, too.

    Your body-type and metabolism matters a LOT. I’m a skinny dude, always have been, it works in my favor. If you’re not, you should really reconsider how much you smoke if random tests leave you with very little time to prepare.

    How MUCH you smoke. Are you once a month, once a week, once a day, or fucking blazing wildfires every minute of every day? If it’s the latter, fuck, good luck passing ANYTHING. DON’T THINK there isn’t correlation there. The science shows, the more frequently and intensely you smoke, the longer THC stays in your metabolites.

    If you’re going to try this Certo method, understand dilution is a large part of it. You need to have the mentality that, “Hell if something goes fucked up with this Certo shit, imma make DAMN sure at LEAST my piss is diluted.” Because that IS a factor you can assuredly control.

    Do the niacin shit every day in the days before if you must. Be aware that methods like this are more like urban legends, because the objective jackass in the room will kindly point out that there is no science that backs up the claim that taking niacin has ANY correlation with the removal or suppression of THC in your body.

    Always just be smart about the shit. NEVER make assumptions, and NEVER rely on “smoke the day before and passed” stories, even if they are true, because that’s just not how you do things. That’s what I would do if I really wanted to tempt the devil, and when it comes to an important job, I don’t do no devil-tempting.

    I don’t want to see anyone here have opportunities ruined because they’re being dumb. You ALWAYS just gotta stop if you know you have a test coming up, THAT IS FIRST AND FOREMOST BEFORE ALL TREATMENTS, DETOXES, AND METHODS. THEN go hardcore on the methods.

    And to those lucky bastards out there who CAN “smoke all day err day, pass drug test next day” with your method of choice: keep in mind how you’re delivering your message. You don’t want to lead people into thinking YOUR luck our results will represent ALL results.

    I’ve got a test in about 4 days now, stopped smoking a day and a half ago, I was smoking pretty regular for about 3 good months now. I’ve begun drinking plenty of water, and my job works outside in the south, so needless to say, I sweat profusely anyway. I will be eating red meats in the days before, and I will do a practice Certo-method test the night before. I’ll let you all know the results in about a week or so.

  105. Emily Rose

    doing a drug test today. ugh. gonna try this. let you know how it goes.

  106. Jenifer Walls

    So I have a drug test the 31st for probation if I pass i sign my papers and I’m done. So I’m trying the certo trick now to see if I can pass an at home test. I drank the certo and Gatorade and working on the water so well see…

  107. Big Daddy 70

    I stopped smoking 1week before having to take apre-employment drug test. Did the Certo flush on Monday (8/22) to cleanse my body, then did another on Tuesday (8/23) prior to taking my test. I have smoked almost every day for over 25 yrs, which is why I did the first flush.
    I don’t know if THAT is what helped, but, just found out that I passed my test and start my new job in a few weeks! I am a tall (6’5″), athletic (200lbs), active person, so, I am sure that this helped. Good luck to any and everyone that needs to pass a test. I would definitely suggest that people try this, and STOP SMOKING before you have to take your test.

  108. Cowgirlup

    If you do the flush and spit up a lot of it but then drink water, should it still work? I test tomorrow.

  109. awesome

    Can u do the certo the day before

  110. iLoveRedBoneszATL

    Stopped smoking a week ago after heavy smoking for a year. Drank 1 certo packet (3oz) with 2 12oz gatorades @11am.

    Going to take a at home test first, my test is today before 5pm I’m going to take the official test around 1pm to give it time to work.It’s the 9 dot and 10 dot tests.

    I have to take two tests will let you guys know how it goes. Good luck to everyone else! #LongLiveMaryJane

  111. awesome

    Took certo with Gatorade @6 tested @10:45 will I pass?

  112. ImaQuitter

    I have been a heavy user since I don’t know when. 2 or 3 joints 7 days a week. I’m 50, 5’5″ and 225 lbs. Not super active over the last year due to colon cancer and chemo (FML). So I’m trying to get back to work before I’m homeless.
    My friend gave 2 packs of liquid Certo and said it works as she uses it to pass probation Randoms. I haven’t smoked going on 3 weeks this weekend and just did a test strip and it was a blazing positive. I’m going to do a test run this weekend with one of the packs and see what happens. I have a job opportunity thru a temp agency and have put them off til next week. Told them I was out of town til after the holiday weekend to push it out because I know I’ll be tested on the spot. I’ve passed 2 tests prior but that was after drinking the magic potion I get at the headshop and it’s so expensive.
    I have 3 or 4 more drug test strips from the $ store and will be getting more until it comes back clean. I’ll be back with pre test results and my work drug test results. BTW- it’s been HELL not smoking as its really become my medicine over the last year with my cancer treatment side affects

  113. It's go time

    This method is not sure proof. I did it and passed home tests before and after job test and it came back negative dilute so they wanted me to test again. I had quit smoking to. I didn’t want to risk losing an awesome job so I used synthetic urine on the second time. Was nervous about that to but it worked and I already started working. I suggest the synthetic route now. If you look at the ingredients in the drinks the shops sell the main ones are fruit pecten which is what certo is and creatine. I started creatine loading 4 days before test. And used b complex before test. Hope all works out for you

  114. MissIreland

    Taking a urine test in 14 days. Wf 45 5’7 180 pounds. I haven’t been smoking a lot but the last time I used was oils. I’m concerned because I’m fat and hoping a natural detox with the Certo helps. Started drinking mad water 6 bottles and a dietetic pill otc. Will be taking a home test in 7 days and hopefully will pass.

  115. awesome

    Ok guys update got results today landed a wonderful with the state of Alabama the certo does work if the method is done correctly!

  116. awesome

    Ok guys update got results today landed a wonderful job with the state of Alabama the certo does work if the method is done correctly!

  117. Anon

    So my boyfriend smoked yesterday and he’s a regular smoker like every day 10 times a day so, he is taking his first drug test for probation at 10:30 this morning and so far he’s only drank some water and a bottle of lemonade. I mixed the certo with a gallon of water and plan on him taking a other dose around 8 with the Gatorade. Also taking the b12 vitamins. Any other recommendations? Please help!

  118. LFP5000

    Anon (Sept 1): You’re doing all you can (make sure he pees 3-4 times right before the test), but frankly I’d be amazed if he passed. Heavy smokers really need to stop as early as possible — even a week clean probably would have helped. PLEASE let us know what happens! If the Certo method works for such an extreme case, then there really may be something to it.

  119. NIAPIA

    Okay. So I use to smoke with my man everyday for 4 months. Prior to that I never smoked a day in my life. I smoked and instantly was hooked. I smoked maybe 2 blunts by myself 4 days out of the week.If Bae wasn’t working I’d sit up and bust down 4 by myself…I don’t smoke alone. My job ended up getting sold to another company and In order to move on to the new company i had to submit a drug test. They let us know this a month in advance. I freaked out!! I didn’t know when I had to take the test it could have been any day or week of that month. Obviously I stopped smoking. 28 days later I had to submit my drug test. I took numerous home drug test and I still failed!! I started to freak out even more. You guys I read stuff online about weight and hopw certo is just fiber and people failing and it had me stressed. I did not exercise or anything. I drank 2 packets of liquid certo over 4 hours. Slowly.I mixed it with this green apple Gatorade…Nasty as shit. I took 2 extra strength bc powders and chugged half a gallon of water. I peed 3 times and on the fourth go round peed and prayed to God I’d pass!. You guys I passed. I can’t say my pee was super diluted because it was still medium yellow. I don’t know if it was the certo because I peed almost 7 hours late. I don’t know if the bc really threw the test off because this was sent to a lab. All I will say is I’m gonna give credit to the man upstairs. I got lucky. The worst thing about this whole situation is I’m about to smoke again….smh

  120. Anonymous

    Took 2 packs of Sure-Gel one liquid at 9am,one powder at 12pm nd a 16oz detox drink at 10am first 3 home test read straight positive last 3 had a very faint line took UA at 2:30 will update UA results

  121. iLoveRedBoneszATL

    I PASSEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROLLING UP A FAT ONE TO CELEBRATE NOW! Certo sucked but it worked

  122. johnjohn

    Does anyone know if this works for heroin and speed

  123. LFP5000

    So here’s my story. I’m writing this up in detail to help my fellow stoners subvert the fascist police state/corporatocracy that we now live in. It’s simply outrageous that companies are allowed to test law-abiding potential employees for LEGAL drugs like marijuana (for residents of WA, CO, DC, etc) – especially employees that don’t operate heavy machinery or do other potentially dangerous work, like myself. So much for “probable cause”…

    Anyway, I’m a male, about 6 ft, 190 lbs, beer gut but fairly active. Been smoking 3-4 times/week for about 3 years, then sporadically for the previous 20.

    Here’s what I did, gathered from this site and elsewhere. I avoided herbal “detox” drinks because I just don’t see any potential mechanisms in the body for them to work.


    – Found out that I was required to take a pre-employment drug test (Quest Diagnostics 10-drug screen)
    – Stopped smoking
    – Continued drinking wine and smoking cigs because, hey, I’m only human
    – Tested urine with 2 different THC home kits: positive
    – Said repeatedly to myself: “I’m fucked”


    Evening trial run:
    – 9 pm peed
    – 9:02 drank first certo + 32 oz gatorade
    – 9:13 finished
    – 9:14 began second certo + 32 oz gatorade
    – 10:05 peed
    – 10:30 peed –> home THC test: weakly negative (very light test line)
    – 10:42 finished second gatorade
    – 10:45 began third 32 oz gatorade
    – 10:50 peed –> test: weakly negative, no difference
    – 11:25 peed –> test: weakly negative, no difference
    – 11:57 peed –> test: weakly negative, no difference
    – 12:40 finished third Gatorade; gave up drinking more before I spewed lemon-lime chunks everywhere
    – I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’m not convinced the Certo method did anything. Maybe my body eliminated the THC over the past 5 days on its own?


    – 8:30 am: woke up and peed
    – Decided not to drink so much since I was still nauseous from last night’s gator-binging; surrendered myself to fate
    – 9:00: drank 2 packs certo + creatine + B complex + 32 oz Gatorade
    – 9:15: finished Gatorade, switched to water, vowed never to drink Gatorade again
    – 9:15 to 11:00: drank about 40-50 oz of water, peed 3-4 times
    – Tested at 11:15 am (pee looked a bit light, but not clear)

    That night, I blazed mightily…. To celebrate the end of the ordeal, you know?

    The worst possible result came in the next day: “Negative Dilute”. Now I have to take the goddamn test again! I did the home test today and now there is absolutely NO test line: unquestionably positive.

    Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!

    The moral of the story: Certo may or may not work, and don’t drink too much liquid.

    To be continued…

  124. Anon

    I am a regular user–I’ve been smoking ~an 8th a week for the last 4-5 months and have to take a drug test for an internship in my graduate school program. I stopped smoking 3 days ago and have tried pretty much everything. I drank The Stuff, took Puriclean, taking Niacin, flushing and sweating, and am on day 2 of the Rescue 5 day detox. This afternoon I took a home test around 3:30 pm that was positive. I did the Certo method (I used generic Kroger brand fruit pectin) mixed with Powerade and drank 24 oz of water afterwards. I peed twice and took another home test at 5pm and it was NEGATIVE! I couldn’t believe it. Not sure if I’m actually getting clean or if this method works, but I’m planning to try another trial run before the test on Friday. Woo!

  125. Anonymous

    Update from September 2,2016…………It works I passed and start work on Monday,best wishes to everyone else time to

  126. LitWillieWhite

    I was a heavy smoker, but stopped around August 24th because I moved in search of a good paying job for my family. I have a test at 10am. So, I took 2 B12s last night and started drinking water from a gallon jug. I got sick and couldn’t finish the water, so I started back drinking my water this morning. I took the used one pack of certo with a Powerade. I drank it at 7:30am, because I had already been going back and forth to the bathroom throughout the night. I started back drinking the water right after downing the Certo mix at 7:30, and have peed 3xs so far. I’m going to pee one more time before leaving home, and holding the rest for my test. I took 2 more B12s at 9am. Pray for me, because I really need this job. I’m done as smoking for a while, and I would hate to fail. I have to remember to pee in the toilet first…use the midstream for the test…and put the rest in the toilet. Will keep you guys updated. Here’s to hoping for the best. If I pass, I start work on Monday.

  127. LFP5000

    Follow-up to my Sept 3 post…

    So, my corporate masters said I have to take the test again. This time, I decided to mix it up a bit after hours of sorting through all the BS on the internet, plus given my experience with failing the first test due to over-dilution.

    Here’s what I did:


    – Start loading up on creatine (this is what they test for to determine over-dilution). I took 4-5 teaspoons of the powder each day. It takes 2-3 days for the body to process creatine, so you can’t start taking it the day of the test.
    – drink at least 64 oz of water/juice per day, with multi-vitamin
    – do minimal exercise, to reduce fat metabolism
    – day before test, drink even more creatine, another 1-2 teaspoons (this resulted in nasty diarrhea, so be prepared)

    – 9 am: drank 32 oz Powerade + creatine + crushed B-complex pill (for color)
    – 9 – 11 am: drank another 32 oz Powerade over the course of two hours
    – 10 am: drank 5-hr energy drink (for even more vitamin B)
    – peed 4-5 times through the morning
    – test at 11:30 am
    – By the way, I chatted up the lab tech a bit and she confirmed that creatinine is the key to determine if the urine is over-diluted


    Passed! I got one thing to say: IT’S PARTY TIME!

    Good luck to one and all. Don’t stake your life on this method, but it’s worth a try. Until somebody does a real scientific (placebo-controlled) trial — which will never happen — there’s no way to really know what actually works and what is coincidence. I’m quite confident that creatine plus dilution are key, however. I don’t know about Certo, however…

    Hopefully one day the federal government will realize the inanity and futility of criminalizing a harmless plant.

  128. Shayniki

    Test today for drake classes. Stupid probation is making me take them so if I fail the UA no big deal but I have to pay for more of these classes… So the faster I piss clean the more money for bud But anyways I drank a 32 oz Gatorade with certo at 2pm and I will be drinking another at 4pm in between I drank about a liter of water. Took a vitamin b12 at 2 and I will take 2 more at 4pm and another at 5pm. If they even test me it’ll be at 5:30 or 6 I hope this works. These classes are $75 bucks a session and as of right now I only have two then I’m off probation. Pray to god this works! Wish me luck!

  129. SuperMario127

    So last time i used it i had just finished smoking a fat blunt (roughly 2 grams in a berry fusion) when my paramedic professor called me to give me a heads up on a “surprise drug test” the following day in class (i knew my professor before he was my professor and he also smokes weed). So what did i do? I finished smoking the blunt, got in my car and drove to the nearest supermarket to buy me a box of Certo™. Drank it in a bottle of water about 12 hours before my test. Continued to drink water until i saw my piss come out white. Two hours before my drug test, i took the second packet. It was a blood and urinanalysis test. Cleared it with flying colors. Certo™ works man. Im actually preparing for my second time using it right now. Lmao. (Only side effect is that if they test your kidneys on the same test it may come in out of wack.. But thats normal and should go back to normal levels within two days.)

  130. Daniel

    Here it goes.. I have a drug test in 40 minutes. haven’t smoked in 30 days at least, but I was a very heavy user.. My piss is diluted as fucj from drinking all this water and I’ve been taking niacin b6 and b12. It’s still not neon yellow, which is what I’m worried about. I have a physical and UA so synthetic was out of the option. I did a hone test and git negative so i’m not worried that dilution works, i just want it to be yellow so it doesn’t go to a lab for further testing. I’ll let you all know how it goes

  131. Anonymous

    Smoked night before and just passed using method. Drank a 64 Oz gatorade with a packet of certo about 3hrs before test. Than drank about half gallon of water following certo and gatorade and passed. Pissed like 5 times in between certo and test. GOT THE JOB:)

  132. Tammie

    It is only temporarily sending the thc out the colon. I just tested for Dcf and an hour before I was dirty for thc I drank 28 oz of Gatorade and one packet of sure Jell (fruit pectin) drank about 25 oz of water urinated one time then tested myself came out clean and then took official Dcf test was clean!!! Last time smoke was 30 hours and before that two weeks I’m 110 lbs. Certo/sure jell WORKS!!!!! You don’t need to do it 3 hours before just get previous urine out of bladder! You will get stuck to the toilet after tho so be near a bathroom after taking whatever test:/

  133. disappointed

    That crap doesn’t work!!

  134. disappointed

    That crap doesn’t work!! Don’t depend on the sure gel to get you a clean test!!!

  135. the professional

    hello my name is blank i reside in new mexico and let me tell you i have used this method about 80 times im on probation and i have used it and passed for heroine , meth , cocaine , weed , speed , amphetamines , bartbituates, and benzos the only thing i have failed to come negative on was suboxone aka buprenorphine & naloxone there is j ust no way to pass for subutex or suboxone not even with a same day detox and i swear to you guys dude i have passed for everything ive said i have risked my freedom trying to pass it and was successful in attempting to do the impossible which is now possible with sure jell the yellow box drink 1 gallon of water then drink one box of sure jell the night before take 6 pills niacin , 6 b12 (little yellow pills) and also remember to eat well but normal portions wake up drink half a gallon of water and take 3 more b12 pills and drink one more box of sure jell 2-3 hours before your test piss any where from 2-4 times due to potent piss in the am and you will be fine no matter what and this is a promise but dont be hard headed you must stop using whatever at least a day and a half b4 your test but if not itll still work even a day b4 but yuh must follow the remedy exactly to the tee okay thanks people be safe and remember you have a life saver and it is called SURE JELL ,SURE GEL , CERTO , OR THE PEC PEC ,


  136. S...

    Ok… So i smoked yesterday and woke up this morning for probation at about 8am i started with my first certo cocktail and finished it. Its noe 9:39 and im drinking. My second certo cocktail. Im going to wait to pee at least one good time and kill a 20 oz bottle of water and attempt to piss for P.O. …. Wish me luck if i pass ill post if not well ill catch yall on the flip side ✌

  137. Memphisstoner

    First time trying method scared out of my mind followed instructions to the t and the piss is starting to come. Probation meeting at around 10 something. Hopefully this shit works will let you know results

  138. S...

    I passed……..!!!!! It works and all i did was two certo cocktails and half 20oz bottle water and pissed three times!!!! Do it guys its worth it… I was sceptical reading comments because i didnt know if they were pre ritten but im deff a fan of certo surejell highly recomend it i just smoked last night. Pure awesomness❤❤❤✌

  139. Brock s S

    Just did it and passed an at home drug test, only pissed one time after drinking the sure he’ll mixed with the 32 oz Gatorade. Waited an hour to pre and got the last bit of pee. Pissed bright yellow and tested negative for the! Have a probation piss test tomorrow wish me luck guys will let you guys know how it goes

  140. Vinny

    Did this method to pass a lab test for a Pharmacy Tech job and it worked. Whether it was the sure gell or simple dilution, I dont know, but it worked. And havent seen this yet but get CREATINE POWDER from GNC or anywhere. It keeps the creatine levels up which the labs test if they assume your piss has been diluted or tampered with.

  141. Mamalee

    Someone in one of those posts said that they only drink about 24 ounces of water and feel that if all you have to do is dilute your urine with water than the Sure-Jell is pointless well you have to drink a lot of water with the Sure-Jell Sure-Jell is Viber if you don’t drink enough water you’re going to be constipated the water isn’t necessarily diluting your urine as much as it’s helping you pass your poop. That is why you take a vitamin B2 so your urine doesn’t look diluted.

  142. Mamalee

    Correction…… Sure-Jell is fiber

  143. Jessica

    I did this for Walmart an it worked the only thing I didn’t do is the b-12 an didn’t mix it with anything I drank it straight. Its nasty as hell but it works trust me

  144. Do It Well

    So I was smoking every day, not too heavily but I had been smoking some wax here and there so I am sure there has been a lot of THC being stored in my system since I had STOPPED SMOKING ABOUT 2 or 3 WEEKS AGO. I found out i needed to drop a piss test only a week or so after I had stopped, I instantly psyched myself out and bought niacin, cranberry pills and green tea supplements to try to flush myself clean. Eventually I ended up buying a 5day detox from a head shop that i had been told can be pretty reliable if you take it how it is instructed; the detox had fruit pectin in it so I suspect it was very similar to the certo method. Unfortunately I gave up on the detox and pretty much wasted my cash on it because I was able to buy myself more time before I would need to take this drug test. Be careful with these so-called detoxes, they can be a big waste of time and money. So, about 2 weeks after smoking and taking these supplements I tested myself with an at home drug test and still came up positive despite all my prep for it, I figured I simply needed more time. I haven’t been prudent with drinking lots of water or excersize either but I am fairly thin and would like to think my metabolism is sorta high. So now its been nearly 3 weeks since I even touched weed, so im thinking I should be setting myself up to win with this longer period of time where I haven’t smoked, along with the certo method. I take my test tomorrow, and I am flushing my system with water tonight and pissing as much as I can and taking lots of cranberry and green tea supplements. Ive heard the antioxidants in them could help. I plan to take the test in the morning tomorrow after eating two of the certo packs and I may even buy another at home drug test to see how clean I am now, I will keep you all updated with how this goes. I am going in with confidence. Keep in mind I haven’t smoked in WEEKS and also have taken lots of supplements, I want to be safe and as sure as possible. Maybe I will let you guys know if I even pass the at home test I will take tonight. From what knowledge ive gathered about this method, it is that abstaining from smoking weed and diluting your piss is key. Wish me luck!

  145. Do It Well

    Well I just passed my at home drug test, drank the last of that Everclean detox and drank water because the main ingredient in it is fruit pectin, which is what is in that sure gel/certo. Seems like a sure thing! I will let you guys know how tomorrow goes. I bought some creatine to make it seem to the lab that I am not totally diluting my puss, (which I totally am). I am excited to get this out of the way and clear my conscious. Thanks everybody! Be careful, be smart, and good luck!

  146. Do It Well

    Oh my god get a Gatorade sweeter than the orange flavor. This is disgusting.

  147. jenifer

    Ok. I commented a few weeks back. I did the certo method. I signed off of probation today 9/22/16. So i attempted this method twice. 2 months ago and it absolutely did not work. I also did not quit smoking before hand.
    Here is my second attempt (today). Let me start by saying that i am a 27 year old female. 5 ft f in. 220 lbs. I dont eat healthy and i dont make it a point to exercise. I smoked 5 blunts a day for 3 months. I had to take a drug test to get off of probation. So i quit 72 hours before the day of my test. The morning of my test.
    Woke up 7:00 drank 16 oz of water
    I then put 2 packets of certo sure jell from the blue box into a 48 oz container of apple Gatorade.
    7:51 i drank all 48 oz finished it at 8:03
    I then peed twice.
    I then put 2 more packets of certo sure jell from the blue box into a 48 oz container of blue gatorade.
    8:15 i drank all 48 oz finished at 830.
    I then drank a half gallon of water.
    Peed 4 times
    Took my test at probation at 9:30
    I passed!!
    Now my pee was clear i did not bother taking b12 because i knew she wouldn’t care.

  148. Daniel

    I posted here about two weeks ago. The results are in, I passed! Got a full time job making 2,400$ a month! I owe you guys a big one! Make sure you follow the rules exactly. I added some things in to help I took creatine for 4 days before the test and loaded on that plus gallons of water per day. make sure to be careful when drinking so much water. your kidneys can only filter one liter per gallon. you could die if you drink too fast

  149. Daniel

    oops typo… i meant one liter per hour.
    as you can see I started smoking again after I got my results xP

  150. Lolo

    I’m a heavy smoker…I smoked last night and had to twst today…I’m worried Im not going to pass..I drank 5-16oz waters and certo with Gatorade then drank 4 more bottles of water…also I drank ACV…I read it helps….what do you guys think? Am I good or Nah?

  151. Lolo

    Also I forgot to mention is I drank certo an hour before testing but I PISSED about 4-5 times before I took the actual test

  152. vilanaanon

    I just passed drug tests using this method, im bout 5’10 240, 1st time i smoked right up until the test, 2nd time i stopped smoking for about 18-20 days. 2 packs of certo, 2 32 oz gatorades, 8 bottles of water & B12. Drank it all within 2 hours, urinated 5-6 times before I took the test, went it and the rest is history. Good luck all

  153. Slydog420

    So I did this about a year ago and I chain smoked a couple jays 2-3 days before and did this method without the b2 or b12 vitamins. I mixed my certo with a big bottle of crasberry juice instead and drank quit a bit of water and pissed like 8 times about 3 4 ours before the test and I shit out jell a little bit before the test and went there passed the test. Admitted I smoked days before to my p.o and so they even sent it to the lab and said I passed but I failed since I admitted. So the lesson here guys is to lie till you get the actual results don’t admit even if the results on the cup are a little bit unclear. Also if you do the certo method and feel like you gotta rip one. Don’t do it, you’ll shit your pants not of shit but of gel. It’s weird. So if you have to go poo some gel out.

  154. Slydog420

    Also for the comment I made above. My certo expired in 2012 so that could have been my problem with pooping out gel lol I just remember that. But I might have a UA tomorrow so I’ll use this method and let you guys know what’s up. I’ll be doing this with the b vitamins

  155. Melisa Alonso

    Does it work for meth an other drugs or just thc..?? Cuz I have a drug test tomorrow an need to know if these method well work for me to pass my drug test tomorrow before 4pm.. Need some advice an help to pass my test please..

  156. Slydog420

    Hey Melisa. I don’t want to be the one you trust and end up failing. But I did read this method on a thead to get clean of coke. And when I was reading it said “to clear your system of all drugs”. Something very similar to that. So I’m guessing if people used it to pass for coke I’m sure it should help you pass for your drug drug of choice. If you do more research will probably be helpful if you read that it doesn’t or it’s harder well there’s no harm in doing the certo method because at least with that you have a chance of passing 50/50 instead of not doing the certo and failing. Hope I wasn’t too late with this good luck

  157. Melisa Alonso

    To slydog420 thanks for your email back appreciate your help I’ll try anything at point an no it wasn’t to late I don’t go in till 4pm so I’m going to be drinking lots of water an doing my best to do what I can to get my ass clean an get this product working for me soon so let’s see how it goes.. I’ll let you all know if I pass or fail as soon as I know myself.. wish me luck..

  158. Slydog420

    Alright I shoulda said this earlier. I passed my UA for marijuana. I was also using opiates around the time and passed for everything. But I didn’t use b vitamins or anything. All I had was years expired certo and I mixed it with a load of cranberry juice I pissed about 4 to 8 times and I can’t remember if my pee was clear or not. But it seemed to not have any concern with my po. Although it did come up foggy so she tried getting me to admit. But she sent it to the lab and it passed. So make sure you pee multiple times before the test and when you get the cup go in the toilet first then the cup then the toilet again. If they get suspicious about you going in the toilet first just say you can’t start in the cup it doesn’t feel right. Idk if you have anyone watching you go but I have a meeting with my po today and I’m using the certo method now 2 hours and 30 minutes before we meet. Not sure if I have a UA cuz I haven’t had one for the whole 8 months I lived here but since I’m off in October I feel he’s going to start testing me. Never be too safe good luck melisa hope you pass

  159. Melisa Alonso

    Slydog420 thanks appreciate it.. I wish you luck as well I just hope this works for me.. Just one question how do I mix this or drink this down since it’s a liquid it’s self..?? do I mix it with the Gatorade or cranberry juice an just drink it down an then chase it down by drinking lots of water an then piss my ass off before going in to report at least 2hr before.. If I have to report at 4 I should start around 1200-100 to give me time right..??

  160. Slydog420

    You should mix the drink in the juice or Gatorade and shake it well. If you have any b 2 b 12 vitamins you should take some after you’re done drinking the certo. About 3 or 4 depending on the mg. If you don’t maybe redbull or any other type of energy drink. If you do not have any of this then don’t panic about it I never use the b vitamins and I still passed but if they question you say you keep hydrated especially if it’s very hot there they shouldn’t question that. I usually do it 2 to 4 hours before. I don’t chug it like everybody says they do. I just take in a couple good gulps at a time. If you can’t stand the taste then I wouldn’t see any problem drinking water while you drink the mix. This might upset your stomach if it does the worst part only lasts about an hour or two then it’s kinda just moderate gasses and little bit of pain. Be careful if you get bad gassed if you feel you need to use number 2 do so it might come out as gel if you have a very empty stomach. I read a couple places that this process elimitates the drug out in your feces.

  161. Melisa Alonso

    Slydog420 thanks appreciate it.. I did that an more lol I drank both package one at noon with the cranberry juice an pissed twice than at 230 I drank the other with the Gatorade an chased it with lots of water an pissed twiced again after that so by the time I had to report I was on my fifth piss by then so I hope all should be good with all that I did..

  162. Stuart smith

    Certo works. You have to quit smoking of course and the more time passes the better you will get a clean reading. Drinking a lot of water is the key, but beware the test labs are on to clear urine. They will say negative dilute and usually will make you take it again. So the five hour energy drinks and B12 vitamins will help turn the color to an acceptable level. Do the home test kits to see what works for you. Walmart has the best prices.

  163. Slydog420

    Hey Melisa. Was just wondering if the method worked for you. Let us know what happen hope all ended well 🙂

  164. Slydog420

    Hey Stuart Smith how’s it going. I was wondering if you knew what best time to quit before you feel a UA coming up. I’ve passed it once by 1 to 3 days before smoking before the test but don’t know if I got really lucky or what. It was about 3 jays and a couple bowls. I know it sounds like a stupid question because obviously the more days before the test you quit is the best. But just to see if you had any experience or knowledge about it. All information is very helpful in these types of situations so even if it’s not a for sure thing at least we know what to keep caution

  165. Soccer girl

    Does this work for alcohol? I need a fast response I’ve used this method for marijuana but not alcohol yet? Will I pass a probation urine test with surejell ?

  166. Slydog420

    Alright soccer girl. I’m not too sure. But it doesn’t hurt to be safe. When’s the last time you drank and when do you have a UA? Because I know alcohol is one of the fastest things to clear of your system. The most any will stay for a small use maybe couple days of drinking is a week or less once stopped

  167. Jc

    Took a 12 panel failed for thc,( no certo),following day used my certo took a at home 4 panel test….. PASSED.
    PS gave my body like an HR to actually process and digest the certo before I tested my self.

  168. Slydog420

    Wanna tell us the exact details on what you did there JC?

  169. Jc

    First off, I have not smoked for over 2 weeks. But still tested positive on a 12 panel with no certo or any other detox method for that matter.
    8:45 pm mixed first packet of certo with 32oz Gatorade
    9:30ish finished my first Gatorade with certo. Pissed shortly after.
    Drank a couple glasses of pure organic cranberry juice.(Fucking gross)
    9:40 pm mixed up the second packet of certo with another 32oz Gatorade. Had to piss shortly after I started drinking.
    10:30 pm finished 2ND and final Gatorade with certo. Pissed one last time.
    11:05 took a 4 panel test from Walmart. Passed with no problem. I did not use the b12, but I have a probation UA at 2:30 pm tomorrow will be using the b12 for that test.
    Ultimately, I pissed 3 times before my at home test. And made sure my body had enough time to digest and process the certo (very important). I am roughly 6 foot about 150 pounds and very active. Made sure to drinks lots of water threw out the whole weekend, and I am a land surveyor so I’m constantly exposed to the hot FL sun. So I sweat profusely no stop. Good luck to my fellow pot heads. Certo definitely works you just have to do it correctly. If anybody has any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  170. enterusernamehere

    This definitely works has a lab test done for probation, I literally smoked the day before, but I didn’t wait 3 hours, I waited maybe about an hour to an hour and a half and drank 3-4 glasses of water and took 3 tylenols. The next time I went in they told me I passed and that was that. Hope this helps out with people that are sketched out about doing it.

  171. Slydog420


  172. Jc

    No problem, used the same method AGAIN today for my probation UA… obviously still here hopefully we can but the non believers at rest. Certo is worth it’s weight in gold . Best method I have ever came across. Just have to do it correctly, and obviously STOP SMOKING as soon as possible when you find out you have to take a drug test. As much as I know certo works I still get nervous for my test. I will not be smoking until I am completely off probation. Freedom and family are way more important than getting high. Good luck everybody.

  173. Jc

    Also I have read a bunch of comments on this site, people asking if certo works for other drugs.. I have previously used benzos and opiates in the past and still passed with the certo. 100% did not have enough time for my body to properly flush the bars and oxy out my system. So I absolutely credit my negative tests on the certo. (keep in mind everybody’s body is obviously different). Don’t get me wrong, I love a buzz just like the rest of you, but seeing my kids and wife cry because I’m getting hauled off to jail is not worth it. A month in county and $5,000 to bond out was enough to open my eyes. DONT PUSH YOUR LUCK AND BE SMART GUYS.

  174. Anonymous826

    So I got a job at Best Buy about a week and a half ago, and of course I was nervous about the drug test. About a week after I was offered the job, I had to go to a LabCorp in Tampa to take my test.

    First, a little about my background. I have used the Certo method successfully before, but it was only for a home test that my parents gave me (First Check 12-drug test) and at that point I had only been a daily smoker for a few months, about a semester of college. Since then, it was about 3 and a half years of college that I was burning all the time – sometimes as much as 5 times a day. For the last 5 months I have slowed down due to my unemployment and dwindling funds, but I still have smoked almost ever day at night with my friends.

    So when I found out about the test, I only had about 10 days before I had to take it. At this point I had still been smoking daily, and was intent on stopping until after the test. However, due to my poor will power I ended up smoking daily throughout the final ten days. I told myself I wouldn’t smoke the night before the test, however I was able to use my own logic against myself and ended up smoking the night before. Naturally, I was extremely nervous when it came time for the test, but it’s been five days since the test and I found out I passed. This has convinced me that the Certo method is the tried-and-true solution that I had always heard it was.

    Here’s how I did it:
    9:00am – Woke up, drank a cup of coffee (I’m not a morning person, but I knew I had some stuff to do before my test)
    11:00am – Mixed first pouch of Certo with 32oz. Cool Blue Gatorade, chugged it (I don’t think it’s as gross as people say)
    11:30am – Drank a glass of water (about 16oz.)
    12:00pm – Drank another glass of water
    12:30pm – Mixed second pouch of Certo with 32oz. Orange Gatorade to drink with hawaiian pizza my Dad brought home (I ate 3 slices)
    1:00pm – Took 5 B-Complex vitamins to re-color pee, drank a glass of water
    1:30pm – Drank final glass of water
    2:00pm – Went to LabCorp, peed in cup

    In total I drank 64oz. of Certo/Gatorade and 64oz. of water, which equals a gallon of liquid total. I realize dilution probably had a part in my passing, but I think the Certo must have worked at least a bit because I did not get a “negative dilute” result. I peed 7 times in total before the test, and by pee #5 my pee was completely clear. Pee #6 was post-vitamins, but still pretty clear. Pee #7 was slightly more cloudy, but still mostly clear. When I took the test I was nervous my pee would still be clear, but it came out a pretty normal shade of green-yellow.

    It’s great because I didn’t even have to stop smoking, but I’m not saying you should do what I did. Of course, everyone is different and every test contains a number of variables that lead to a passing result. I’m just saying this is what worked for me. In the future I would probably just used Terminader Gold 60 because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, but I couldn’t afford it this time so I’m just glad everything worked out. I’ve cautiously recommended it to friends who hadn’t heard of it and they went from skeptical to intrigued when they found out I passed.

    Just be smart and happy toking!

  175. MC1212

    I just took my new job UA and followed this method. I hope I pass!

    Stopped medicating 8 days ago, ran, yoga drank a ton of water for that time period. 6’2 220lbs. Started hitting light creatine 3-4 days before. Woke up this am before the test took 2 certos in 2 32oz Gatorade and 3/4 gallon of water over a 3.5 hr period. Also took a bcomplex and multi vitamin 1 hour prior(my pee was still clear and not yellow?) Plan on going to a concert tonight and getting baked so wish me luck. I’ll report back my results!!!!

  176. mc1213

    Update on my post above: passed the test! Certo method for life!

  177. Dillond420

    I have a test for probation tomorrow at 8am. Haven’t smoked in about 2 weeks, been slamming a gallon of water or more everyday, I’m 5’7 and 160lbs, work landscaping in lovely TN heat. Also been taking quite a bit of niacin daily and already getting a faint line(barely passing) on multiple home DTs. Some where $ store test strips and 2 lab grade tests from the local head shop. (Both kinds of tests are showing the same, therefor I say the dollar store strips are fairly reliable). Had a buddy who always did the sure gel method for basic training and he always passed and we would smoke hella blunts the night before. He always did one before bed and one first thing in the morning. Gonna give it a shot just to try to get a better passing result since I’m already technically passing. Just don’t want my PO asking any questions. I hope it works

  178. Arrozconpollo2

    So my mom is coming up to visit me at college and beforehand shes already suspected me on smoking and being a dealer, which she’s not wrong at all. The situation right now is she’s coming up to leave her car and most likely going to drug test me, I smoked like 2 nights ago and my mother is coming up in 3 days so I’m not going to pass that test unless I do this method. Wish me Goodluck guys, I’ll follow up if this does work.

  179. Meggan the pot head

    Hey everyone my names Meggan I’m a big smoker I get drops for court and always take certo jel and passed them all. At first I would stop smoking for like 15 days then it became less and less my last test I stopped 2days befor and passed my drop! I think people are forgetting to mention you need the certo JEL !! Not the powder form in the little box!! It come in a tall blue box I buy mine at Walmart and I will mix the jel with water or Gatorade or any drink but taste best with the yellow Gatorade easier to drink! The box comes with 2 packs of Jel!! I’ll drink one pack the nite before my drug test and the other pack the morning of! I don’t even drink a gallon of water I’ll just drink a bottle of water on my way to court. Even though this method has worked for me every time I still get scared shitless before and during court because if I fail I’m going straight to jail! So for the ppl failing don’t use the little yellow and blue box of certo (powder) get the tall box with the (JEL PACKS) in them !!’ Hope I helped

  180. Dillond420

    I just did this last night with the powder form and it didn’t work, I’ll have to try this out with the certo jell. I got lucky and didn’t get tested by my PO. Thanks a lot meggan

  181. JimmyExplosion

    Will need to take a test within the next month, possibly as soon as next week. Stopping smoking today, will post results!

  182. Meggan the lot head

    Well guys just got back from court and passed my drop once again today is wed, I smoked 2 blunts monday nite !!! Drank to packs of certo one last nite and one this morning and PASSED!! I always pass doing this it’s only a 6 panel easy drug test they give us in court !! I’m still shaking from how nervous I was !!! But certo works every time for me !!

  183. Nicholas

    So it works for sure i smoke every day lol

  184. Joshuwa Ellis

    So I am trying the certo method. I have a test next Monday. If I fail I am going to jail. I have one pack of certo a day until Monday and I am drinking two packs Monday morning. I take my drug screen for parole at 8 am so hopefully it’s works. Seen a lot of positive about this. I bought b12 and aspirin. Please wish me luck!!!!!!!!

  185. Blakman

    For the test today

  186. Blakman

    I just smoked last night around 9 got a test today around 12:30 or 1 is the certificate still going work I been smoking for higher thc level will kit work still wit one package

  187. Kitty

    I used the liquid certo w 32 oz Gatorade today around 12 pm. I chugged it and drunk about 3 liters of water also. Made sure I pissed 3-4 times before the actually test which I took exactly at 4:20 (the irony right). Plus i just smoked the night before. I’m glad to say I passed bitch !!!!. This isn’t the 1st time I used this method, but before I used the powder form surejell. The liquid certo tastes better really. I’ve been smoking almost everyday for 11 years now so this shid really works !!!! I tried smoking the day of a drug screening before, then did the certo and failed horribly. Just stop a day before just to be sure.

  188. Brian

    The best way to make sure you pass is to use 4 packets. 2 packets per a 32 0z Gatorade. It’s 100% fail proof and really works. Think about it going above and beyond the recommended use. I do this ALLLLLLLLLL the time…. If u have questions just ask me.

  189. Joshuwa

    Today is the day of my test it’s 5:26 am and UA is at 8am drank one certo pack and about to drink another. I have drank about half a gallon of water and I am ready for this 🙂 if you guys don’t hear back from me it’s cause I’m in jail….wish me luck

  190. Brian

    Good luck Josh !!! Let us know how it goes!!!!

  191. Joshuwa

    Well I failed my screen but they didn’t put me in jail. Not even a faint line. And now I feel like I am shitting jello

    But it’s all good I tried and maybe I did it wrong I don’t know. But we will see if I get a call about going to jail. Didn’t seem like they cared but we will see!

  192. Anonymous

    I have been reading all the comments and there are a lot more successful stories than failures. I have to go in randomly and see my PO today and I’m sure he will drug test me. I drank one packet of liquid certo in a lemon-lime 28oz Gatorade at 12:00 pm and finished it about 12:30. Took my prenatal vitamins. Drank a bottle of water. Mixed another pack of liquid certo in a blue Gatorade at 1. Finished it about 1:30. Took another parental vitamin. And now on my second bottle of smart water. I just took an at home test and it’s still positive for THC. Is there anything I could or should do differently? I waited to test my urine on the fourth piss. Has it not been long enough? What is wrong?

  193. Dee

    Heavy smoker! I mean heavy, just started drinking certo+Gatorade bout 15 mins ago. Gotta test at 12:30 today. Hope I pass

  194. Brandy

    I was up all night and all this morning freaking out thinking that the Certo would not work. It did, I passed. I smoke just about everyday either from my bong or bowl. I haven’t since Friday though since I knew I had my interview. Everyone said to do this, so I got the red box with two packets, a red Gatorade and a gallon of water. At 6am (4 hours before) I mixed BOTH in my Gatorade and drank that, but drink it fast. I was told drink the whole gallon of water , no you don’t even have to. I drank maybe less than half of it. Now I got my job!!

  195. Denise

    I took search so at 3 o’clock don’t have to go in for testing until 7 I drink 2 64 ounce of water what iPad what do I need to drink more I only peed once

  196. Denise

    Certo mybad

  197. Denise

    I took Certo at 3 o’clock in a gatorade bottle I drink two 64 ounce of water I only peed once I do have a home test but I don’t go in until 7 or 6 would I pass because I did it the first time and Pass but the last two times I fail but when they sent it into the lab it said it was undetectable so therefore I was good need advice cuz I have to go in today

  198. Alv

    Well this shit didn’t work. Ive had 2 certo mixes for the last past 3 days with a b12 pill daily. I had 2 mixes before the test & still failed. I hate to say it guys but the best thing to do is quit smoking. Its hard i know but you dont want to lose a big opportunity like I just did. I could have been making 1k a week & i threw it away bc im a fucking stoner. I was kicked off the job site so im walking home right now bc i rode with a buddy. I have a lot of thinking to do when i get home but first im going to get crazy stupid high bc why not.

  199. H420

    If you smoke loud it does not work thc levels are to high used this method for years till the medical weed came out

  200. H420

    I have used sure jell for years I have smoked the night before and passed. I tried it this morning on a home test and failed l believe it because of the medical weed having higher thc levels or the loud does anyone know anything about using loud how long to clean out system

  201. Joshuwa

    I think that was my problem. I smoked good weed not that dirt weed. I drank two packs the day of and a pack a day for three days up until the test. It is very possible that the more potent your green is the more likely your going to fail. I thought I was going to jail Monday. But I just had to stop smoking. Just not worth going to jail for but I am all for smoking weed!!!! Just can’t find a good way to mask it before a test. Good luck to all y’all!!!!

  202. Anonymous

    Drank sure jell last night with Gatorade before bed tested around 10 am also drank another pack at 7 am and filled up the Gatorade Boyle twice with water too 3 b12 just got the call to start. Definitely works

  203. Meee

    Has anyone ever used certo in conjunction with a detox drink? would this be a bad idea??

  204. Julian

    Listen to me, seriously, this shit works. My ass was on the line. I’m on Parole. It doesn’t matter what kind of drug it is, coke, weed, whatever. Do this: The night before the test dump two packets of sure-jell into a gallon of water. Shake vigorously. Drink concoction at a regular pace. Piss frequently. The day of the test drink water up until 2 to 3 hours before test. 2 to 3 hours before test make same concoction of 2 packs of sure-jell into a gallon of water. Drink over course of an hour. Not too fast. After finishing concoction, piss frequently. After an hour you are ready to pass any drug test. I was loaded with all kinds of shit. Trust me it works. Get home test kit to know for yourself before taking test. Peace

  205. Joshuwa

    Well I get tested again today!!!! Looks like my parole officer is trying to test me every week until I am clean again so it’s been over a
    Month and I am still dirty. I haven’t tested myself but but drinking water and coffee but not doing certo only because I drank so much it made me sick But with any luck I will show a faint line or something. Wish me luck guys. And if I don’t post it’s because I am in jail!!! Prayers and wishes please

  206. Keisha B

    Okay guys! I am going to test for probation at 12 today. Last night I drank a bottle of Gatorade and one pack sure jell right before bed. Pissed once. This morning at 9 I drank another bottle of Gatorade +Sure jell. I am now drinking two 32oz bottles of water up until test time..I’m not taking b12/b2 pills instead I will drink a monster energy drink. I’ll let you guys know how this goes as soon as I’m all done!!!!!

  207. Sativa Blue

    I’m 5’3 130lbs female and a heavy smoker… At least once a day… The most three a day. I’ve tried the certo method before with success but had already gone roughly a month without smoking. This go round I had my interview Friday (I smoked half a mini cigarillo after) and was told I was hired pending my test results. Saturday afternoon I had the other half. I know… Shameful, but it was the last I had so I wanted to get rid of it lol. Anyway. Today is Sunday and between yesterday and now (6:30am) I’ve had 16oz of water and 32oz of unsweetened brewed cranberry green tea. I’m going to drink one pack of certo later today as directed and another tomorrow morning with a b2 to get the yellow back because right now it’s clear…. Wish me luck!

  208. Anx13ty

    So, I go tomorrow at 2pm to pee for probation. I’ve never used the Certo method but I’m trying it now. I don’t smoke, I’m concerned about opiates and cocaine. I haven’t used cocaine since last night, and I did one bag this morning. BOTH of these drugs are only in our system for 3 to 5 days so I’m sure I stopped early enough. This is what I’m doing.

    I already mixed one packet of Certo with 32 Oz of gatorade, at about 2 pm.
    I am drinking only water
    At 10pm I will do this again- one packet certo woth a 32oz Gatorade.

    I will continue drinking only water.

    Tomorrow morning I plan to do one packet with gatorade when I wake up, then again at 1230-100pm.

    I refuse to drink anything other than water. And I also have b12 which I will start tonight. I will take 2of the b12 pills at about 1230pm tomorrow afternoon as soon as I finish my Gatorade/certo combination.

    Hopefully this works for me. I have a full time job, and I can’t afford to go to jail. I know I should’ve stopped sooner but that shit really gets ahold of me.
    I’ll hopefully be back to post something good tomorrow.

  209. Minnie

    Does this work if u smoked a day before

  210. Joan the scammer

    I was wondering has anyone tried this method and passed the follicle test?

  211. MaryJane

    I was wondering has anyone tried this method and passed a hair follicle test?

  212. Anx13ty

    Well, update. I wound up not even doing a urine for probation. However, a friend of mine failed her lab test using both certo and a detox drink. I didn’t think it would work for lab testing, but I can’t validate the probation dipstick test since I didn’t receive one.

  213. Mee

    I used the method to a tee with and without a detox drink. Both times were positive. I used 2 certos each time with 32ox gataorade followed by gallon of water. And like i said, i did it both with and without a detox drink. Failure.

  214. Timothy

    ive been on this forum for a little over a year and guess what i never took my test. reason being if ur on misdemeanor paper u can leave the state ur in and never go back. felony theyll bring u back

  215. gr1m3

    Today is Friday, and I have a pre employment urine test on Monday so I bought some certo. I smoke about a j or 2 a day, I’m 6’2” 180 lbs. I’m so nervous, and the pay is not even all that great. I can’t decide whether to look for a job that doesn’t test, or try to dilute. This is extremely nerve wracking. I once passed a lab urine test by refraining from smoking for about two weeks, and diluting my urine that day with gatorade, water, vitamins, and redbull, didn’t need certo. I’ll post whether I followed through with the test, and if I did, the results.

  216. AnonFLdude

    Ok I had a random UA thrown at me yesterday at felony probation, I told them I couldn’t piss so my PO told me to come back first thing in the morning. I used cocaine 3 days ago and smoked a roach 2 days ago. Last night I drank one certo pack with 32oz blue cherry Gatorade (didn’t taste it at all btw) at 8.50pm, finished it by 9.12pm, 1st piss at 9.29pm, 2nd at 9.52. By this time I was pissing totally clear but couldn’t afford an at home test. I have my test today at 8am so I drank my certo pack with 32oz Gatorade again at 5.50am, first piss at 6.32am then another at 6.52am, my piss was still a little yellow but I have also drank one 16oz bottle of water by this time. Will try to drink one more water bottle before I go to test…wish me luck and if I don’t go to jail I will post results!!

  217. AnonFLdude

    Well I failed for cocaine but luckily I wasn’t arrested although this will definitely fuck me because I’m doing PTI program for first time offenders and which gets my charges dropped so I will probably be convicted of my charge. Really sucks ass, not worth doing the coke at all lesson learned I guess so the certo did not work for the coke

  218. molizabeth

    Have to comment on this method- FOR THE HEAVY SMOKER WITH LESS THAN 24 HOURS. worth reading!
    I have been on probation for poss. of the green, and have been drug tested two times. The first time, I tried the megaboost drink. As I am a 5″4 120lb. female, it was too much for my body to handle and threw up a good amount of it even though i followed directions, also flooded myself with water. I popped dirty on my test.
    The second time she was going to test me, I rescheduled the meeting because I tried a different cleansing drink and threw that up. I took an at home test after and even though my pee was green from the drink, I still came back dirty for thc.
    Today, is my success story, the rescheduled appointment. I was turned onto certo surejell from a friend. Sounded crazy, but I tested it a few days before. Mind you in-between these tests I had at least 12 days clean but am a HEAVY smoker. Anyways, I tried two certo packets in a Gatorade. Took an at home tests, dirty. Flooded myself with water, and took one more packet in a Gatorade. Waited while drinking water and then took another test, it came back VERY faintly negative….so I drank another two bottles of water and took another test and it was slightly more negative. Then I added two more certo packets this morning of my test, drank 2.2 liters of water in two hours, peed a lot. I felt sick and I hardly left the toilet. Took an at home test, and it was almost very negative. (I understand how the line quality works, but the second line would become more and more visible each test). I went to my probo and passed my piss test. This is the only way I have EVER been able to pass any 1-3 panel thc test ever.
    My story is for the heavy smoker that thinks nothing will work and has less than 24 hours to hide A LOTTT of thc.

  219. Diesel 1Hunnit

    Shit works I’ve used it 5 times. It’s worked every time besides when I used it to try to pass benzos and coke. But I only pissed once before test. Do I don’t know if it works on anything else but bud definitely does

  220. Diesel 1Hunnit

    Almost positive it doesn’t work on anything else other than bud passed a test yesterday, off probation, yahooooo!!!

  221. Mee

    molizabeth – it was kind of hard to follow what you were saying. So in total, how many certos did you drink the day of your test?

  222. Cindy

    So, I’ve been clean going on 3 weeks now. I was a very heavy smoker. I’m talking about at least 4 joints a day, but since I knew I was going to start job hunting I immediately quit smoking.I’m 5’6 and weigh about 220. I didn’t really eat any different, but I did cardio, took niacin, fiber, and even went the distance to sit in a dry sauna for 30 minutes daily. Oh yeah,I’ve been drinking water nonstop, but I’m still testing positive with my at home test. I quit working out yesterday so the thc will stop being released into my body, and now I’m going to try this method to test it out. My drug test is sometime next week, the appointment still hasn’t been made. *fingers crossed* I’ll give my update as soon as I get the results. 5

  223. Cindy

    YAS! I just did the at home drug test, and passed!!! I took one yesterday and totally failed it, so this just proves that it works! I’ll still update my drug screening for my job.

  224. Cindy

    Status update! I got the job! I passed the drug screening, but keep in mind, I was clean for 3 weeks, BUT I tested myself on Sunday, and it showed up positive. I tested myself before I went in to get he drug screening after I used the certo method, and it showed up negative. This is definitely a go to method if you’ve been clean for a couple weeks and still testing positive. For everyone who is saying they actually were smoking the day before, well I don’t know about all that! Maybe I’ll test it out one day!

  225. Amanda

    Will this work for xanax? If not sonu have any suggestions

  226. 420CHK

    Well I stopped smoking November 5 (heavy smoker) took two hits November 19… I’m freaking the fuck out. I’ve never done certo so I’m trying it right now. Dropped a pack into gaterade last night and currently up finishing the second pack followed by water . I have a UA with my PO and failed last time. I hope this works . Pray for ya girl

  227. Brian

    Guys!!!! I keep telling everyone use 2 ( both packs) of certo per one 32 ounce Gatorade. It’s double the strength and you will for sure pass. Remember drink lots of water first ( 1 gallon) yea I said it one whole gallon. It’s your freedom you can do it. Drink it about 4 hours prior seeing it may take u a hour to two hours to drink it. Also gives time for the water to run through your body. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!! Listen to me people. Drink that certo 2 hours no later than a hour and a half. Fill that same Gatorade bottle up with water and drink it too.

  228. Chainz

    Okay everyone. I read this thread last night because I had a drug test today at 1:15. I’m on probation for a DWI. I used to be a heavy smoker. Lately, I don’t smoke nearly as much as I used to. Nowhere near close. I’m 5 feet 7 inches and weigh 140 lbs. I smoked 15 days ago. What I have been doing is taking cranberry pills about 10 days prior to my test (I don’t count how many, I just pop them like skittles.) and I drink a lot of water, A TON of water!! If you want to pass a test STOP SMOKING!! Anyways, I work out a good amount but due to thanksgiving I didn’t get the chance to. About 4-5 days prior to my test I DRANK A CRAP TON OF WATER!! FORCE IT!! I do have SURE gel but I was skeptical of using it, so I didn’t. The night prior to the test I DRANK A CRAP TON OF WATER!! I MEAN LIKE 12-14 16oz water. Just keep drinking and drinking even if you can’t anymore. Keep peeing!! I used a detox cleanse called HIGH VOLTAGE DOUBLE FLUSH. Ok.. so I drank water prior. At 10:20am I followed the instructions on the bottle. Eat all the pills and drink another water bottle… at 10:50 I drank the detox juice. DOWN THAT SUCKER! and then drunk two more waters after that. PEE AT LEAST 3-4 times!! I had to pee bad!!! Ok, so at about 12:15 I had peed a couple times.. make sure you don’t pee too much, you don’t want to fail cuz of dilution. At 12:45 I took a $1 THC test at Dollar Tree and I passed just to make sure.. I met with my PO at 1:15 and I took a urinalysis and I PASSED!!

    I REPEAT, I DID NOT TAKE CERTO AND THE METHOD THIS THREAD PROVIDED. I used the detox drink!! This worked for me. I was trippin balls panicking I would fail, but here I am sharing my testimony. Good luck!!

  229. D334

    I had drug test today for lab I last smoked two days ago I drank lots of water used one pack the night before and the other day of…. also took a first check THC and passed so I’ll update you guys in 48hrs I think I’m good tho

  230. House Arrest

    I’ve been on house arrest since April ’16 and all my UA I have passed bc I was waiting to smoke after I drop every month after like 2 or 3 days hitting blunts here and there I would stop completely until the next month I take a test again. Oct ’16 after I took my 7th UA I got out of control and start smoking not heavy but hitting blunts too much like 3 or 4x a day a few days clean then do it again. So, Nov ’16 I took my 8th UA drunk a detox and drink plenty of water popping Niacin and cranberry pills and my drop was diluted. My caseworker told me not to drink so much water the next go round bc I told him I drink too much pop at work to stay up bc I work 3rd and I felt a UTI coming on and I was cramping really bad smh I tried to stop smoking but I’ve got accustomed to it and just can’t shake it smh so I go to do my 9th UA tomorrow morn at 9am. I am going to take 2 certo jell packs around 6:30am drink plenty of water up until then & take B12 pills before I go and maybe a 5hr energy drink to make sure my pee is of color. I will also continue to take my niacin and cranberry pills and see what luck I have in the morn…. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!

  231. Jason

    I smoked just about every day all summer, quit for three months after being arrested, was clean for a while and was passing drug tests weekly. I did dabs 12 days ago and im getting tested tomorrow morning, i only did a small dab so i should be clean but im doing certo the night before and early morning before my test, also drinking a shit ton of water and the test is being sent to a lab. Pray for me. Ill follow up tomorrow

  232. Chevy

    I’m 5″10 220lbs…smoked Reggie for month
    Then smoked 3 grams of kush..stopped for 8 days while drinking lots of water n failed a home test (20ng)4 days ago I smoked 1 blunt..for 3 days I ran 3miles each day and drank palo Azul n cranberry juice..did this certo thing today n passed (50ng)test

  233. Devin

    Just took the certo right now at 10:00 am. Going to test myself in a few hours will let you guys know.

  234. Devin

    Didn’t take vitamins because it was just an at home test for myself to see if it works. Piss was clear as all hell but I passed.

  235. Mike

    Just tried it today, litterally smoked 2 days ago and i passed today woth flying colors, i was reading these reviews the same way you are now reading mine and trust me it works drink the certo mixed with gatoroade about 2 hours before and drink about 5 or 6 bottles of water within the period before you go in try and piss about 5 to 6 times before and youll be golden.

  236. Devin

    Tried it again today to help the anxiety. Tested before certo and was positive. Did all the steps and this time I incorporated the vitamins. Pee was a normal yellow color and I passed again! Went to Walmart and bought the 5,000 mcg (5mg) B12 and took two. Good luck to all of you.

  237. J.D.

    This stuff works no doubt… i literally smoke the gas daily… otw to see my po as i type.. i have tested myself more than once today already.. fuck stinger.. that shit dont work!!!!

  238. Anon

    I used this method, following the instructions to the T, and I still failed my drug test. Therefore not getting the job. This is not a flawless method, I have heard it works for some people but it didn’t work for me

  239. HottestMixtapesBroham

    Every time I’ve done this method I pass. The world stays turning as we stay burning. Live your life for new learnings cuz you can’t take all your earning

  240. Anon

    Help!!! Take 2 oxy 20MG a day, just got called for job I had no idea they did drug test for. I have to do a UA by 4:30, did one packet of sure gel at 11 & gonna do another at 3 cuz I only had one at home & this stupid stores don’t have so picking up on my way. Will this work for me??

  241. Stephen

    Regular smoker… got a surprise drug test yesterday.
    PASSED. He said I was showing signs of thc in my UA. I reminded him “signs” don’t make you dirty. W00t

  242. soccer17

    I have been clean for about 3 days now and i have my drug test for a new job tomorrow morning. i have been a heavy smoker, boiut a blunt a day for the last 6-7 months. I havent smoked since saturday night and it is now tuesday. drug test wednedsay AM. I am a 5’2 female about 118 lbs i dotn workout much at all and my diet is okay. I am going to test mysrlf tonight using 2 packs of suregel, vitmans b2, lots and lots of water and creatine powder. Can anyone give me any extra advice or reassurance? I want to know my chances of passing

  243. Anna

    So I just drank the Sure jell two packs in one Gatorade I’m on my 2nd bottle of water I’m feeling nausea I’m wondering if I throw up will it still work my test is in an hour. The more I drink the more u want to hurl. I was thinking maybe I drunk it too fast. I drank it in about 12 mins.

  244. Stephen

    Do not eat. Make sure you get up early. Pee as much as you can on 1st pee of the morning. Drop 2 b12. I pre mix my sure gel then add to gator aid. Then drink it and start jamming watrr.
    Pee 3 or 4 times b4 the test and then go take test.
    Gl and remember… showing signs of THC don’t make you dirty. If they do, tell them to send it to the lab.

  245. Soccer17

    Thank you! I’m nervous as hell bc I really need this job! I will be doing this tonight and in the morning and will be testing myself tonight with a home test. If it comes back positive I will post the steps I took with the sure gel and have you guys let me know what I can or should do differently. If it comes back negative I will proceed to do the same thing tomorrow morning and I will let you all know my results from my drug test tomorrow!! Also does anyone know if this works for blood tests? I’m pretty sure my test will be a UA but just to be safe does anyone know if sure gel method will work for a blood test?

  246. StarIV

    Tried this many times and it has never worked.. I’m 6’0″ 145 lbs high metabolism and still does not work.. urine was crystal clear, so guys if you have a ua coming up just stop

  247. Stephen

    Wrong… I’ve been on probation for 6 years for cannabis been tested alot and I’ve passed all mine on sure gel except 1 time.

  248. TheDude

    Everyone here that has claimed to pass from this method was tested at a 50 ng/l or greater threshold. That is why some of you did not pass. Any idiot can pass a dipstick test with a variety of methods but once the tolerance of the test goes below 50 you are much more likely to fail. A GCMS test is set at 30 ng/l and I can assure you that you will not pass with this method. Make sure you know the parameters of the test. I usually just substitute someone with someone elses sample. It’s a little more complicated but it has always worked.

  249. Stephen

    Hello. From what I see when I go take a test is a 5 or 6 panel small bottle but I will say this much. I trust sure gel lol. I’ve had too many passed tests and I’m 190 6ft.

  250. Chuck

    @the dude, I don’t believe your statement is accurate. I was on probation for a year, smoked the whole time, and had to take a pee test for probation once a month and a pee test for drug counseling place I was made to go to. I would take a test at the beginning of the month for probation, and middle of the month for counseling. Most of the time I smoked till the day before. I just mixed one packet of certo brand gel in a 44 oz gas station big gulp cup filled with lemonade. I would start drinking it one to two hours before the test and pee 3-4 and sometimes 6-8 times before I got there. It worked every time, 2 different tests a month for a year. Their threshold was 15ng , however @the dude, 50ng is the standard threshold, and whoever is requesting the test can set a lower threshold than 50. But for probation (at least the state and county I was in) 15ng (nano grams) was their threshold. And a different state was the counseling also set at the minimum tolerance for 15ng. My conclusion is different people have different metabolism, and are effected differently with how their body reacts to things. There are many factors to consider, weight, metabolism, frequency and volume of use, etc. But it also has to due with your health and diet. If you consume a healthy diet and exercise, you will eliminate toxins much faster than someone who sits around all day eating cheese burgers, regardless of weight and size. I am a small framed person that performs hard physical labor daily, and works out often. I also easy a very healthy diet with a lot of fiber. I’m no scientist, and I honestly don’t know how Certo works, considering the writer of the article has no citations to prove his hypnosis on why it works, I don’t entirely believe him. All I know is Certo worked for me, and I have suggested to it many friends and I’ve never had any of my friends fail while using Certo. And I never drank water after Certo, or took any vitamins. Just a huge cup of lemonade (since Certo has a sour citrus taste I figured lemonade would be a good mixer) and a packet of Certo, slam it down at least an hour before your test and m pee at least 3-4 times before you get there. Which shouldn’t be a problem. Every time I’ve taken Certo writhing 15-30 min I’ve got pee like I’ve been holding it ALL day. And about every 5-15 min I gotta pee again with the same urgency, and this usually continues for many hours after taking it. I hope my experience being shared helps some people out there. Even though I smoked till the day before, I’d suggest at least a few days of abstinence prior to test date if possible, and work out and sweat your ass off from the time you stop till the day before. Don’t workout within 8 hours of the test! As you burn fat (which deposits metabolites into your excrement) the toxins will start deposing of themselves through pee poo and sweat. You don’t want all those metabolites trying to pass through urine the day of your test. Fyi I don’t suggest this, but I have passed high on weed a couple times. I found that if your clean, and you smoke, it takes 2-5 hours for it to metabolize and show in urine. Well anyway, that’s my two cents take it or leave it. But the only sure guaranteed way to pass every time is to stop! But if you get blind sided and not enough time (30-60 days for heavy use) to clean up naturally, and know the test will be supervised, Certo is, in my opinion, your best change at passing. Oh and to the people wanting to hide pot but show their medication, I’d suggest Certo but start it several hours before then take your meds an hour or so before you go. If they are hard pills, I’d suggest half a dose an hour before and half dose very shortly before you go, and if you can break the pills so they get into your system faster might help. Once again I’m no doctor or scientist, but it would make sense that if you take the meds you want them to see, after you’ve cleaned yourself out, but with enough time for it to metabolize into your pee, you should be good. Good luck with your wiz quiz everyone!

  251. LizzKelley

    I just downed the Gatorade with the pectin.. I’ve peed about two times already. I’m gonna continue to drink water, then take an at home test around 3:30. I took a home test before I drank the pectin Surgel and it came back positive.

  252. Anon

    I repeat
    I do not know the specific reasoning, but you will completely ruin this method if you EAT AT ALL anytime between waking up and taking your drug UA, you will contaminate your urine with THC even if you have eaten a shitload of fruit pectin.

    Follow the instruction as closely as you can and you should do great. Coming from someone who has used this method 5 times successfully both after have not smoked for weeks and after smoking heavily without so much as a 2 hour break.

  253. Anon

    Haven’t smoked in 3 weeks tried this method and still failed

  254. foxy

    I mite have to take a UA for my refill of Oxycodone. Iv been drinking a “tea” and it comes up as morphine (i failed my first UA because of my tea) iv done certo once at the lab for weed (1 bowl 5 days before) and passed.
    I go back in at 10am this Wednesday and ill report back and with how i did my certo method.

  255. Stephen

    Timing is everything….

  256. Mr420

    I’m a heavy smoker just downed certo Gatorade bout half an hour ago with 2 b12’s
    Test in a about 1 hour! Btw it’s for probation let y’all know how it goes

  257. Smokepotscott

    Worked for me!!!!! Stopped smokin dro 8 days ago, was smokin all day for three months.

  258. Stoner Stuff

    Awesome! Danks for letting us know!

  259. The curious one

    If I stopped smoking a week prior to my test and drank 2 gallons of water, 2 gallons of cranberry just would I pass my test tomorrow

  260. Bane

    I just passed using Certo, first time I use Certo I failed my test, because I didn’t drink enough water and didn’t take enough Certo. My drug test was at 8. First I stop smoking for 5 days am a heavy smoker. I work out using a suana bag for 4 days clearing out toxins I cut back on food and drink mainly water. On the last day I woke up at 4am took two pouches of Certo first time I only used 1. After that I took 6 low dose aspirin and drink a gallon of water. Water is the key. Then at 6 I took one more pouch is Certo and some vitamins to give my pee some color, I countiue to drink on the gallon of water until test. Took test and passed

  261. Stephen

    ps I’m due for another test too and Ima pass it again w00t.

  262. Irish guy

    I have a liquid version of Certo, its 6 oz. Should I still use a 32 oz Gatorade or should I get a bigger size?

  263. Rick Gonzalez

    I’m 183lbs 5’9 and I workout everyday . I was sober for a week and had my urine test yesterday at 12:00pm . I followed all the instructions. I will post the results in three days . Let’s see if this is for real.

  264. Andrea

    So here’s my experience with this. I hadn’t smoked for 60 days but for some odd reason I was still pissing dirty for two at home marijuana drugs tests. So Saturday morning I woke up at 11 to start my regimen because my test was as 2. If they let you schedule the test I would do it so you can have a good time frame of when to start the regimen. I woke up at 11 and ate half of a donut. You’re supposed to do it on an empty stomach but my multivitamins requires to be taken with food or you’ll get sick. Okay anyways, I drank half a bottle of water and then the big 32 oz lemon lime Gatorade with the certo. At this point I already took my multivitamin and a b12 vitamin. Over the next 3 hours I continued to drink 4 more bottles of water and with each bottle of water I took more vitamins because I was peeing really clear so obviously I needed to take more vitamins, about an hour before my drug test I drank a Red Bull along with some more vitamins. At this point between 11-2 I already pissed 4 TIMES and on the 5th one is what I used for my test. The 5th piss came out yellow so it did not look diluted at all, and I just got my results today. I passed!!!!

  265. Falisha

    If I’ve smoked regularly for about 5 weeks and then have been clean for 10 days and do this method what are the odds I pass? Also to mention I was 100% clean before starting those 5 weeks.

  266. Armando

    I took the certo in the morning at 9am..i started drinking water…my urine came out clear but with a touch of yellow…so from that point on i ate some pizza…like 4 slices. And dranked another bottle of gatorade. And when i took my drug test my urine was yellow. I smoke 3 days before test….i doubt ima pass…but ill let yall know.

  267. Rick

    It works !!!

  268. gabbiiii

    So last time I smoked was Wednesday & I gotta pass a drug test Monday or Tuesday morning and I did surejell and everything today and drank way more than a gallon of water today cuz I thought I was taking it today, so how long will my pee be good?

  269. Hippychic in the sunshine state

    Needs some quick advice! I used this method and passed a pre-employment dt. Only problem is the lab said my pee was too diluted so they didn’t pass me. Found out last night I have to take a test again today. Any suggestion on how to not be too clean?

  270. Soccer17

    Normally 4-5 hours depending on the person but you want to try to take it within 2-3 hours of drinking the mixture

  271. Soccer17

    Also about how not to be too clean!! Use any riboflavin vitamin. Look up a list online I want to say it is vitamin B-2. You wan to take that but not too much just one right before you do everything and one 30 minutes before your drug testing. If you eat EAT LIGHT. Do NOT eat heavy! And also CREATINE. They definitely test for creatine in the urine. Go buy pre workout and drink it then night before and the morning of. It might make you feel itchy but it will be worth it in the end. Good luck!

  272. Soccer17

    Also riboflavin / vitamin B2 because it will make your per yellow again instead of it being super clear

  273. Hippychic in the sunshine state

    Thanks S17. Must be the creatine you mentioned. Lab doctor said she didn’t understand why my pee was yellow but diluted at the same time.

  274. Soccer17

    No problem just don’t over do it! A serving and a half of pre workout with creatine the night before and then a serving the morning of and eat very light

  275. Abe

    hey man well i’ve been clean for almost a month now and i got a drug test tmrw morning , i wanted to know if the certo will help me pass the test , following up all the instructions?

  276. BabyCakes88

    Certo sure jell works I buy a big gaterade doesn’t matter the flavor (I find it tastes better with grape) and 1 certo packet and then I dump the certo in the gaterade drink it. I pee twice before I drop 3rd pee is the charm for my PO and I always pass no matter what!!! don’t listen to all these Debbie Downers it works %100 garunteed I could smoke right before I take certo and still pass my test for my PO as long as it’s a urine test. Remember gaterade doesn’t matter the flavor certo sure gel I use the box with the liquid not the powder and drink it and pee twice then i save my third pee for probation hell I even eat and drink some coffee afterwards works Everytime I put that on everything I swear by certo sure gel but I’ve only used the certo sure gel liquid u can buy at krogers.. good luck everyone if u follow my instructions u will pass everytime😁 420 for life!!!

  277. Cat

    How long does the sure gel last in your urine

  278. BabyCakes88

    Cat I’m not sure how long it last in ur urine but I can tell u I do this method about a hour and a half before I go to drop so I know it at least lasts up to two hours

  279. Soccer17

    Usually 3-5 hours depending on the person you. In want to test usually within 2-3 hours to be safe though!

  280. PotHeadVet

    Certo method works 100%! Tried it last week and it worked for urine & blood. Here’s my story:

    Got out of the Army 7 months ago, started smoking daily for 6 months. 2 or 3 times a day. I’m 5’7, 192, football player build, I workout daily. Love to get high, then go work out…AMAZING! Anyway, stopped smoking on Dec 28, 2016. Landed a nice job Jan 26th and had to take a UA. I understand that THC metabolites remain detectable in urine for months in some cases after cessation of marijuana use. However the chemical THC itself has a half life of a few hours before it’s metabolized, meaning it’s only detectable in the blood for a small window, 12-24 hours after use, longer depending on frequency. I drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet and workout, so I figured I might be clean. Wrong. Took a dollar store piss test, failed on 2nd void of the day. I knew how to pass UAs in the past by dilution, but this one was going to LabCorp. So I discovered the Certo method. I tried it with the powder & water the first time and chugged a gallon of water. Took another at home piss test and passed. Went to LabCorp on a Friday(Jan 27) and got my results the following Tuesday(Jan 31). DILUTED. Was given a second attempt. This time I did it with Gatorade and liquid Certo. Let me mention, I pulled a dumb move & smoked on Monday (Jan 30) & Tues (Jan 31) first time since Dec 28th. Took a UA Feb 1st & a blood test Feb 2nd…Here’s what I did and hope it works for you:

    1 pack of liquid Certo (comes with 2 packets)
    3 32oz Lemon Gatorade
    48 oz of water(day of for UA)

    Day before retest (UA) Jan 31st around 10:30pm
    Poured entire certo package into first Gatorade. Shook it up. Drank it. Had about 24 oz of water and went to bed.

    Day of test Feb 1st (UA) 7:00am
    Poured 2nd package into Gatorade. Shook it up. Drank it. Then 24 oz of water. Drank another 24 oz or water then had 2nd Gatorade an hour before test.

    Voided at least 5 times.

    Bought a good home test from Wal-Mart. Tested approximately 10:44am, checked results at 10:49am, NEGATIVE!
    Headed to LabCorp around 11:20. Voided once before i left. Sipped on water til I got to lab. Voided again, before I went upstairs to lab. Checked in at 11:40. Tested at 12:15pm.

    Feb 2nd (Blood Test)
    Followed same procedure as before with 2nd Certo package. Although I know blood tests only check for THC, which again is only detectable for a small window, I still did it as insurance.

    Got the email today that I passed and confirmed to start Feb 13, 2017! Thanks Certo, stoner for life!

    *if you know you have a test coming up, eat red meat about 2 or 3 days straight before being tested. This is a natural way to keep creatanine levels up before using this method. I didn’t know I would have to restest, just so happened to BBQ the weekend before retest day and ate burgers and beef sausage for 3 days before retest. Creatanine levels is one way the labs test for dilution

  281. Noodle

    PLEASE READ – this method DOES NOT WORK if your intake is serious, or if you have been smoking for more than 1 year everyday!

    Me- 27, 179lbs, 6′ 1″, very active but not a ‘workout’ person. I smoke before work, and all day after until bedtime, I hate drinking and have not had so much as a beer in 3 years.

    I decided to give this and a few other methods a try as I will be looking for another job in the summer, might as well start dealing with the 420 issues now, before pissing dirty and looking like a fool.

    I purchased 25 of the dollar tree mj tests, I tried the sure-jell tricks and monitored the results over 3 days using this method, none of the tests were passed, even when my piss was CRYSTAL CLEAR! Thinking the tests may be defective, I used my non-smoking brother to give me a clean sample and he passed, instantly…

    Why is this?

    Very simple, the postings here (and other sites) are mostly by teens who think that smoking an 1/8th inside of two months is a lot of weed, it ain’t little baby stoners, that’s nothing….

    “But I smoked a joint yesterday and passed!” 😂😂

    Serious smokers like myself who consume actual amounts of weed (and don’t lie about how much they smoke to seem cool…..) simply have too much of it built up inside for this method to have ANY chance.

    I smoke a personal ounce every 3 weeks, no blunts, just bowls and have done so for the last 5+ years. My tolerance for weed is sky high (lol), and I have not been able to get ‘stoned’ in 3 years. This is not shared weed either, meaning the GF and friends are not dipping into this, when I am out I will smoke even more that is not being counted into the figure. When most people say they ‘smoked a joint last night’ it usually involves themselves and a friend or two, making the claims inaccurate and misleading.

    The only thing I can currently do is stop smoking entirely, and by my guess it will take 3+ months to be able to get clear. The little $1 test strips will tell you the entire story friends.

    Am I saying that all of the positive posts here are lies?
    No, but most of the claims are from lightweight smokers who are judging the high they get instead of the actual amount consumed……

    This method is not effective for heavy, habitual users.
    If you think it will work, PLEASE take the time to use yourself, and wallet, as a guinea pig and prove me wrong, but if you smoke less than a 1/3rd of seriously potent shit every week for the last 5 years, don’t even bother coming at me.

    Not trying to piss anyone off, but reality and claims from random tokers on the net are very different.

    Clean up to get the job folks, sucks to hear, sucks to say..

  282. Noodle

    Clarification needed:

    “when I am out I will smoke even more”

    Meaning when I am out with friends/socializing, not an empty bag scenario..

  283. PotHeadVet

    I’m not sure where that leaves me then, lol. I’m 33, started smoking at 14. Paused at 25 to join the Army. Would toke while on leave over 8 years. Started back smoking religiously (3 or 4 times daily) about 7 months ago, when I got out. Paused on Dec 28, 2016, took home UA on Jan 26, 2017, pre certo. Failed. Did certo method twice for lab UA. First was too diluted, 2nd was perfect. Passed UA & got a nice new job. I can say 100% Certo worked for me.

  284. BabyCakes88

    Lmao noodle I grow through a ounce a week and the method works for me I’m also not a teenager I’m 35 female.. I smoke from the time I wake up to the time I close my eyes idk maybe u are doing something wrong or ur metabolism rejects it.

  285. MiscellaneousTheif

    I passed!!
    So here’s my story:
    I’m a 20 year old, ~210 lbs girl. My husband and I usually share 5-6 bowls a night, and have smoked (with the exception of brief tolerance breaks) everyday for almost 2 years. On Wednday night, I smoked a few bowls in the evening and called it good. On Thurday morning, I had a job interview for a job that I REALLY needed. Everything went well I’m the interview and I was offered the job. They told that all I had to do was take a drug test by 4:45 pm the next day (Friday). Uh oh.
    Cue panic time. As soon as I got home, I started researching all kinds of things that claimed to hide the old THC. So here’s what I ended up doing. All throughout both days, I casually drank a few cups of water. I know a forums (this one included) tell you to chug water, but that’s so dangerous on so many levels. Water poisoning is very real, kiddos. If you start to feel nauseous or shaky after drinking a lot of water, then stop because those are early signs.
    Besides drinking water, I also made myself a cup of Yogi brand detox tea to help clear out my system. It has dandelion root in it, which I’ve read helps with drug tests. I did this right before I went to sleep, because your body dumps most of its waste into your bladder while you sleep. This is why your first pee of the morning is so dark.
    Wake up, it’s go day! So I decided before hand that I was going to go in for drug test around 3 pm. Around 11 am, I took 3 Bayer asprins and one women’s multivitamin (which contained b12) with a glass of water. I had some slices of pepperoni and 2 cheese sticks to eat, nothing else. From 12:30-1, I drank the Gatorade cocktail using liquid certo. Again, not chugging it. I peed many times after this. Then, from 1:30-1:45ish, I enjoyed a can of Dr. Pepper with the hopes that it would put some more color back in my pee. At 2 pm, I took 2 more multivitamins and made another Gatorade cocktail. I sipped this right up until the test.
    I arrive, I pee (which, btw, it’s really hard to pee in a cup when you’re a girl) and they tested it. They only did a standard strip test. My pee was a little on the pale side of yellow, but that didn’t say anything. A minute later, they tell me I’m good. Party time!!!!!!
    I’m not claiming that that any of the one methods I used are what helped me pass. I’m also not going to claim that what I did would work for you. That would be a fallacy. There’s all kinds f things that could have factored into why I passed. Every human body is different, so there’s no way to truly tell without scientific data. I would suggest that, if you have the time, research as many forums like this as you can, and formulate a plan for yourself based on what you find. It’s what I did, and it worked out for me. Just remember to play it safe out there. Good luck, and happy smoking.

  286. Katedawg

    So January 26th I got the call that I was accepted and hired on for me dreammmm job! I had applied to it LAST SUMMER and had gotten called into an interview the second week of January. Since it has taken them two weeks to let me know I was hired I had continued smoking. I quit the day I got the call and began a strict regime of a vitamin b, super b complex, acai, biotin, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and creatine. I wasn’t taking any chances. I’d say I’m a moderate smoker. I share a blunt a day with my boyfriend, a couple packed bongs, and maybe a bowl. Our weed isn’t Reggie but it’s probably not top of the line either. Anyways this Monday February 6th I took an at home test to see where I was. And I was clearly still failing. I got stressed and went to two gallons of water a day sweating a decent amount and barely eating. Hitting the point of desperation I went to Walmart Friday evening to search for some detox teas and other things that may help. While in the supplement isle a sketchy gentleman sparked up a conversation with my boyfriend and I and I eventually told him I situation. He immediately ran me to the canning isle and showed me the surgel and ran away. It was weird but I had nothing to lose so I grab a powder pack and went home and found this page. Waited until last night, and two more failed home tests later to try it. And guess what y’all? I PASSED THAT BITCH. Barely, I mean my pass line was SOOOOOOO faint you had to be searching for it, but there it was. I’ve got until the 15th to take my drug screening so I’m continuing all my vitamins, and the day of I’ll be doing two packets of surgel and two gatorades. Hopefully that’ll give me the darker pass line I so desperately want. If nothing else I’m sure I’ll be diluted enough to get a second chance and buy myself another week. If you’re almost hopeless this method is what I’d try. Will post again after Wednesday to update

  287. Katedawg

    So January 26th I got the call that I was accepted and hired on for me dreammmm job! I had applied to it LAST SUMMER and had gotten called into an interview the second week of January. Since it has taken them two weeks to let me know I was hired I had continued smoking. I quit the day I got the call and began a strict regime of a vitamin b, super b complex, acai, biotin, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and creatine. I wasn’t taking any chances. I’d say I’m a moderate smoker. I share a blunt a day with my boyfriend, a couple packed bongs, and maybe a bowl. Our weed isn’t Reggie but it’s probably not top of the line either. Anyways this Monday February 6th I took an at home test to see where I was. And I was clearly still failing. I got stressed and went to two gallons of water a day sweating a decent amount and barely eating. Hitting the point of desperation I went to Walmart Friday evening to search for some detox teas and other things that may help. While in the supplement isle a sketchy gentleman sparked up a conversation with my boyfriend and I and I eventually told him I situation. He immediately ran me to the canning isle and showed me the surgel and ran away. It was weird but I had nothing to lose so I grab a powder pack and went home and found this page. Waited until last night, and two more failed home tests later to try it. And guess what y’all? I PASSED THAT BITCH. Barely, I mean my pass line was SOOOOOOO faint you had to be searching for it, but there it was. I’ve got until the 15th to take my drug screening so I’m continuing all my vitamins, and the day of I’ll be doing two packets of surgel and two gatorades. Hopefully that’ll give me the darker pass line I so desperately want. If nothing else I’m sure I’ll be diluted enough to get a second chance and buy myself another week. If you’re almost hopeless this method is what I’d try. Will post again after Wednesday to update..

  288. Benjamin flores

    I am currently waiting in Walmart for my interview. It is 9:40 and it starts at 10. I drank my first pack of certo last night and was pissing like no tomorrow. In the morning I drank another bottle of certo at 7:00 in the morning and here I am now. I will come back if it works. I’m hoping to god I don’t fail I really need this job. I peed 3 times before coming and I have a bladder full of clear pee lol . Wish me luck

  289. Panicgirl

    I also just landed a job I’d never dreamt of getting, but it’s an amazing opportunity. I’m a heavy smoker. Got the job offer today and I’m in panic mode. Read about Certo and went for it. Test is next week so I need a few days to figure out what will work. Hate buying extra tests because they’re so expensive! I figure the $1 ones aren’t reliable. Are they? I drank Certo w 32 oz Gatorade Fruit punch from 3:20- 3:28. Took a few minutes. Bleh! I’m going to be at 64 ounces of water drank by 6:20. I’m timing things… I’m so nervous!!!! Fingers crossed!! I’ve never tried to detox, so…

  290. Anonymous

    Background: tried this method twice and I’m 1/2 (failed the second time because I got cocky and smoked 3 blunts the day before my test; I believe this method works, but not if you smoke everyday leading up to the test)

    I recently got a DWI (rolled tractor trailer, big mess, thank god no one got hurt… please don’t ever drink and drive) and so now I have to get a drug an alcohol evaluation tomorrow before my court date. They are going to urine test me for the usual, but the only ‘drug’ I do on a regular basis is pot. It will be 6 days of abstaining and taking about 750-1000 mg of niacin leading up to it. Gonna take the certo the morning of and hope it works. I smoke at least a gram a day typically, so if I pass that will be a good sign for all you guys. I will let you know how it went when I get my results.

  291. oddly confused

    Im on probation and had to take piss tests. I am a heavy daily smoke.r Im 6ft 2 190 lbs and lanky. Ive had mixed success with certo. On my first attempt to pass with the certo method. iactually got lucky to spend the previous 3 daysd in jail drinking as much water as i could. I had cut back but i had smoked 4 or 5 days before test. I was also taking niacin( 1000 mgs a day) a few days before that I drank the certo with 1 packet in 32oz gatore and i had 2 of those I drank them back to back about 2-3 hours before test. I drank a shit ton of water after that as well as before. I peed 5-6 times before i took the test and passed it. I got a surprise test the next 1 and had smoked the day before. I drank a ton of water again and drank the certo in the same way and failed with high levels( got violated). So it seems at least for me it only works when i cut out the smoking in the days before

  292. Marshall

    Do I need to warm up my Gatorade/Powerade? Mine wouldn’t dissolve all the way when I shook the shit out of it for five minutes. Had to just go with it and chugged down the clumps with the last couple swigs. Quit smoking for two weeks but hit a Doobie of Sour Diesel four times on the 9th. Do you think that will affect me for this trial run tonight

  293. Chris

    This stuff works, I stopped smoking for 1 next I drank the certo and Gatorade the night before the test. Pissed a few times and then took an at home test and failed. Did the same thing the next morning and passed! Went to the lab and took the test there and passed with flying colors!!

  294. Marshall

    Just passed my in home test after doing the sure jell method. I failed the one I took earlier today before searching this method!!! Hell’s Yes!!!

  295. Marshall

    And here I was worried because it wouldn’t dissolve all the way

  296. Brian

    I’m still peeing clear can I drink Mountain Dew to make a yellow

  297. Alex

    When am I allowed to start peeing ? Can I pee whenever I have to or do I have to wait until I finish the Gatorade ?

  298. jesse salyers

    Should I use the liquid or powder sure gel or will both work.

  299. MiscellaneousTheif

    @jesse salyers
    I’d go with liquid, as it dissolves into the Gatorade easier

  300. brandon

    do i have to drink it with gatorade? i have a test at 9 am tomorrow should i take it tnight or in the morning?

  301. Nurds

    Here is my on probation for selling green..Anyways my P.O came to my house and found my roommates stash and gave me a hell of a screaming..didnt drug test me but told me to come in sure they will test me..Im not worried about the green but ive been doing the yay yo once a week or less small amounts..last use was Sunday and it wanst much but i drank a bunch of beer which i herd makes it stay in your system longer..I have 2 paks of Certo Jell and a Heavy Detox Drink with two at home test..I already failed a test with the detox drinks as they dont work well if you smoke heavy or the night before..But have passed tons of times for weed using the drinks. Thursday is my test and ill be 3 1/2 days clean..been working out and drinking tons and tons of water. Eating less and fruit shakes..Im going to try the Certo method and detox drink and test myself before i go..3 hours before ill start or maybe 4 (i wonder how long it last). I will keep you guys updated. I herd it works and i tried it once and it did but i also used the detox..

  302. Anonymous

    Okay so I have a friend trying to pass a drug test for a job he smoked like 3-4 days ago only took like 8 hits, and before then he hasn’t smoked in like 3-4 months he’s not a heavy everyday user, he had his drug test today but he told me he drank 2 and a half gallons of water and took sure jell like 30 minutes before he went and took the test is he gonna pass??

  303. Stephen-420

    Read up… follow the instructions to perfection. Don’t eat anything fatty. Jam water like no other….
    I just had my last test last week. I was 15 days clean. Aka still dirty. PASSED
    Good luck

  304. Jason

    I just smoked two hits off of a joint last night and I have to take a piss text at 3:30 ever since last night I been drinking gallons of water I drank two gal so far I have been drinking suregel all morning and i don’t know if I’ll be clean so my question is, will I pass?

  305. Stephen-420

    Read up… follow the instructions. I’m 8 wins out of 10 using surgel.

  306. Jason

    How much suregel do you need to drink before the test? I am using the powder

  307. Stephen-420

    1… pre mix it

  308. Jason

    I just need to pass this one last piss test and I’ll be off probation I need tips im probably gonna get tested today at 3:30

  309. Stephen-420

    I just got set free after 5 year for a cannabis charge… read up. Look for my name up there. Timing is of the most importance… crush 2 b12 now.

  310. Jason1

    One whole gallon Stephen?

  311. Stephen-420

    Read up brother… about a gallon yes.

  312. Boobobo

    Hey I drink the sure at around 12 1 I done drank a gallon of water my test is at 545 I could go early the question is how long dose this keep you clean also I got a home kit their is a very bright pink line and a very faint pink line it says negative if their are two pink lines butt like I said one is faint should I still pass

  313. Stephen-420

    If you are pissing clean now then go take test now… you have about a 3 hour window.

  314. Jason1

    If your still unsure about it drink a little bit of pickle juice and it’ll keep you clean for awhile

  315. Jason1

    But it doesn’t work nearly as good as suregel

  316. Anonymous

    Been smoking every day multiple times a day since November. Had to take a pee test for work. Got caught with cold pee so they let me come back the next day and take it again. I went two days without smoking. Drunk two gallons of water that evening used certo with Gatorade that same night then the next morning woke up about two hours before test and drunk a certo packet mixed with cranberry juice, drunk some water, took some b12 vitamins to add a little color to the urine. They sent it to the lab and I got the job! Hope it works for you guys

  317. Stephen-420

    TOLD YOU !!!!! Stuff works like a champ!

  318. Jay

    Took 5 at home tests from the dollar tree and passed.
    The B-12 didn’t turn my pee yellow though so at the clinic it was almost clear.

    I took one test right before I left for the clinic and I passed and Its now the 3rd day and still haven’t heard anything.

    How long after the test did you get the results?

  319. Jay

    So I took a test at the clinic on Monday got a call Thursday that I had to retest due to suspicion of subbing with something other than urine. Im thinking maybe because it was too diluted.
    I went to the dollar tree bought some more home tests passed them the same way I did before took the test at the clinic my urine was still clear.

    Got a call Friday morning I passed and start Monday.

  320. Stephen-420

    Badass man. Congrats 🙂

  321. Jason1

    I just drank another whole gallon of water and surejel mixed my p.o is coming out to my house soon, he should be here any minute but I think i have to take a drug test I just smoked about 3 or 4 days ago and if I pass I’ll update you soon

  322. Alex

    I took ceryo at 945am and took the test at 1pm is that still good my dude???

  323. Reggie J.

    I’ve been drinking CERTO & Gatorade for 3 days. I’ve gone thru 12 test strips (50 nu) without 1 negative result. Why isn’t this working for me !? I’ve followed the instructions to the letter. I used 2 pouches @ 1 o’clock, 4 500mg. b-12 , (went from clear to yellow tint ) It’s 3:30 now, but still positive. I stopped smoking about a week ago trying to prepare. I’ll probably be observed. (they did last time, reason why I’m going thru this now) The test is @ 3:00 tomorrow ! What are my options now ? Any @ all advice would be deeply appreciated.

  324. PotHeadVet

    You have to drink lots of water as well, dilution is a part of the process. That seems to be what you’re missing. Drink a certo/gatorade the night before, right before you go to bed. Wake up next morning, drink another mix. From that point, you need to be drinking water and gatorade. Water for dilution, gatorade for the weight of your urine, in case it goes to a lab. Pissing as much as you can up til it’s time to test. If you haven’t smoked for a week, you should pass easily. I passed doing this and I smoked the day before.

  325. Ash

    I have a drug test tomorrow @9 am. I smoked on 4/20. I’ve taken three drug test they come up positive! I’ve been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice which I just found out doesn’t work to pass a drug test. But I need help will the surejell help me????

  326. Mel

    Drugs test today 1st time user hopefully it works.

  327. Sam

    My pee test will be sent off to the lab and I was wondering if I have methadone in my system will it work but I will be sent off to lab as well

  328. Natalee

    It’s been an hour & I’m following the instructions to the T.
    There were still some clumps in the Gatorade bottle so it isn’t wasn’t fully dissolved, as hard as I could, I wasn’t able to get it fully dissolved!
    On my second bottle of water, I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple hours. I’m doing this around the same time (like hours & minutes) as my actual drug test. Dunno if that’ll really affect anything but it makes me feel better about it.
    *I’ve bought two at home urine Marijuana tests, because that’s all I’m worried about. My B12 vitamins are 1500mcg fast dissolve tablets. Today is Sunday & my drug test is on Friday, smoked some awesome fuckin dabs yesterday. Gunna try to be as informative as possible for those who might be looking here (like myself before trying this) for some quick help.*

  329. SammiSam

    Out of curiousity, say i have a week before my test… If i do this everyday leading up to it is it possible it could actually clean out my system? The way i read it was it will basically make you poop it out of your system right? I did this today and took a dollar store test and it still came out positive so im skeptical of it but at the same time it was a dollar store test. Please get back to me i would really appreciate your input

  330. Freaked out

    Ok I haven’t smoked in what will be 45 days 2mor but was an everyday user prior I have a p.o. appt 2mor at 10 I decided this past thurs to give myself a test and I was positive I’ve drank a gallon of water or more everyday since and im still testing positive I bought the certo for n the morn i added both pkts to it and it’s still not like jelly as these instructions said im observed and it goes to a lab am i gonna be ok??? plz plz some1 get back to me tonight

  331. Sir andrew

    Can you use juice as substitute for Gatorade

  332. vaughn c

    i have noticed that not many people come back with n update after taking the drug test while using this method . i am a heavy weed smoker .. although my weight is 130 and my height is 5’6 . i smoke alot . the prior drug test i took using this method back in february actually came back negative. i passed and got my job , with only a three hour prep window . the only negative i will say about the method is maybe using only 1 b12 vitamin withhin the hour before i went to take my test .. was not enough time. i felt like i needed 2 to put the yellow color back into my pee (which i will do this time ) .
    I see alot of people saying this method doesnt work howver .. i got my job and passed my test the last time .
    and whether i pass again or not i will be back to update this within the next 2 weeks when i find the results .. i will also repreat this same method . also a couple last minute things …. I maybe peed about 100 times before i took my test .. and i couldnt hold my bladder about time i made it to the building to take my test . so i had to pee outside . and then whwen it was time to take my test . i sat for 20 minutes .. and then took it .. also noting i did not piss directly into the cup the first time . i let some of the flow out ( for safe measure ) and then i peed into the cup .

    this has horrible gramattical structure … howvevr i nevr meant to comment . just tryna help the next person …
    feel free to email

  333. Bunnie

    You guys think I will pass using the certo method I weigh 132 and I’m 5″0 even light smoker I drank the certo at 845 this morning pissed a few times drank another packet and peed once more before I took my test did not use B12 though and I peed mid stream in the cup the pee had a slight yellow tint but for the most part was clear this test is being sent to a lab opinions please??

  334. FuckaPO

    This worked after smoking about 5 times a week previous.

  335. Anonymous

    Does this work for a mouth swab test?

  336. AJ

    @ Anonymous Mouth swab tests are only able to test within the last 12 hrs or so. Just don’t smoke weed, you’ll be fine.

  337. J

    When you are actually taking the test the lab tech will show you a line on the cup that you have to at least pee up to. you want fill up the entire cup.

  338. J

    Would it help to drink one packet of certo drink a lot of water and then drink the second pack of certo that comes with it? I feel like it might be a 2nd line of defense in helping all the metabolites leave in my stool

  339. Justin

    It does work has only not worked for me twice and one time I think it was Bc i fell asleep after drinking it and the second time I think it was Bc I didn’t drink enough water

  340. Justa greengirl

    I use this method, and have used it for years. It WORKS! I can smoke the morning of a test, test positive at home, use the method, and pretest 2 hours later…and come back clean every time. Been doing it for years, and it hasn’t failed me yet. I slam the Certo Gator mix, drink another Gator bottle of water, and another Gator on the way. Piss three times before testing, and you’re golden for about 3 hours. It gives ya the runs, so just be sure ya don’t dookie in the cup. But yeah, I thoroughly researched this method at home, and it’s the best way so far that I have found. Good luck, fellow blazers! And good greens!

  341. Anonymous

    Hello, I wanted to leave my feedback on this very helpful, yet successful method. I had quit my job recently and have undergone 3 piss tests in the past 3 days for another job. I have PASSED all of them. Slam the mix, drink about half a gallon to a gallon of water, piss 3-4 times and you are solid. I had to take more than one B12 pill to turn my pee a decent color but nonetheless, this method works like magic.

  342. Brandon Bennett

    Going to try this the day after tomorrow. I hope it works aswell. I got the Gatorade and certo on stand by. But i will be going to prison for weed if i fail. Trump is president. And irma came down my street. Im real not a “LEO”. I will let you know if the “method” works. If you dont here from me then you can probably guess why. I will post on here on Wednesday after 4:20pm lmfao funny time for a piss test huh.

  343. Anastasia

    I have not smoked in 25 days with out trying anything i tested my self on day 23 still positive with at home test.

    Day 25 test positive with first void stated sur-gel directions to the letter with b12 taken early this morning and at lunch still coming out positive… i have been peeing all day … test at lab at 6:00 pm

    Purchased a detox drink that said it works best in 60-90 min after 3-4 times peeing … in process

    Help me any suggestions

  344. Bre

    Does It Work If You Take It A Day Before A Drug Test?

  345. Shonta Everett

    It really works you guys. No joke. I used it today and passed my drug test. Very satisfied

  346. jessica

    i did this and passed a drug test but to turn my owe yellow i actually drank coffee right before i left 😂 i would recommend the b12 pills over coffee but coffee works too lmao

  347. Me

    It worked for me. Just did it and I didn’t even drink the entire gallon of water. I am on day three of not smoking greens also. Also another recoimmended option is doing a 2 week colon cleanse prior to your test. It gets all the toxins out in your system and that’s how you discard the thc is through your stool. With that said before I did the certo my drug test was already negative most likely from the 2 week cleanse but had a very faint line and with the certo it was a solid two lines. Highly recommend this if you want to save your money.

  348. Black ranger

    It works but you have to follow step for step and the 2 most important steps are drinking at least a half gallon to a gallon and make sure you pee 3-4 times

  349. Mr420

    Update ; did not work just got out of jail fuck probation failed on 3 different occasions most people on here saying it worked I’m sure don’t smoke heavy DONT TRY THIS SHIT ITS NASTY AS FUCK , FUCKS YOUR STOMACH UP ALL DAY AND HAS YOU PISSING LIKE A RACE HORSE

  350. Trey Hightower

    Does it only work for weed?

  351. MilliRock

    I’ve been bud free for 10 days. I have to take a piss test and if I fail, I Iose my job. Not a regular smoker. When I do smoke, it’s only 2 grams at a time. I’m a 5’3 female that weighs 180 lbs. I drink a lot of water. Took a home test and failed. Does this flush you permanently? So, if I do it today and take the test tomorrow will I be okay?

  352. Shareef

    I tried this method it really works I did everything step by step first I went to Walmart got the Certo for 4 dollars and some change, then I grabbed a Powerade you can use Gatorade or Powerade, then the same day of my test I opened up the Certo pack drunk a lil of Powerade from the bottle, put all the Certo inside, then shook it up, next I drunk it all under 30 seconds , then I refilled the bottle 4 times and my piss was the color of water them went to my probation officer and took my test and passed I heard depending on your body weight you might have to take two and try not to smoke in 24 hrs before you do the Certo method

  353. Shareef

    Oh yeah it’s not permently it only last 4 hrs

  354. Lilone

    I work 8-4 tomorrow. Gotta drop by 6pm. I’m about 4 10 and 110 lbs…i got a detox drink but want to just do both methods. Testing is at a P.O. office and will be supervised. How should I do the suregel while at work???? Please help!!!

  355. Dk

    I am on paper and wanted to know if I could occasionally smoke after being a every day guy. I read around and this is the best thing I have found. I plan on testing it three times. I did it once already and passed an at home. I’m doing the second right now.

  356. Dk

    Passed the second one. The water is important. Test at three hours and drink all the water. Even do another Gatorade. Let yourself pee alot

  357. Bre

    How would your creatine levels react to this method? Should I take extra creatine so I don’t fail?

  358. A dude who knows

    I’m a guy who is on current felony parole and I was skeptical to hear about this Suregell trick when I had first gotten out it’s kind of a hit or miss but the success rate is at least 80% from what I’ve heard from others, mine is 100%. I’ve never failed a drug test using this method. Do this 3 hours before test. NOTE: When you buy the Surjell has to be jelly kind not the powder. As stated above take a 32 ounce Gatorade whatever flavor you like and take about two drinks out of it just to get a Nuff a little air pocket in there after you squeezing the gel in the bottle. You shake the piss out of it for about a good minute. And then you slam that entire bottle filled back up with halfway with water shake it up to get any remnants left inside the bottle slam that down and continue drinking water like you’re never going to have anymore in your life. Or if he really have balls just open the packet and slam down the Jill as is and then follow it with a Gatorade or some kiss or a drink. HINT: it will be very disgusting this way. A good gallon and half will do. You’re going to want to Pee at least 3 to 4 times before you go in for your test. I’ve never had any problems with them tell me about my piece to clear so I don’t worry about the vitamin B 12. On the fifth piss i use, and I’m clean as a whistle pass it every time. You cannot smoke weed for at least 24 hours the more time you don’t smoke before the test the higher your chances will be if you know your drug test is coming up simply stop smoking that’s the best advice I can offer you. It is kind of gross but do you really want to pass a test or not?

  359. Coco

    I used this method when I had to report passed with flying colors … It does work..thanks for the help

  360. Cll

    I know for a fact it works, I have pass 3 for drugtest by during certo

  361. Dave

    I used this for probation and it worked. However I would not rely on this solely for a probation drug test considering they are sent to a lab and can measure the percentage of thc in your piss. I smoked for two and a half weeks (3-5 blunts a day) and then stopped a week before my test. But for that week I stopped I drank heavily everyday and apparently that slows down your bodies ability to get thc out of your system. So I drank a gallon of water the day before my test and then the day of my test followed the instructions on here and passed

  362. Miz OG

    This shit really works! I’m on parole and probation and been reading all about it, dreading my next test, so I tried it and it worked! I drank one packet of CERTO Suregell with one 32oz bottle of Gatorade then I drank another 32oz of Gatorade a lot slower. You wanna get that first bottle down as quick as possible cause it tastes pretty bad but it shouldn’t be very thick. After that I drank probably a half gallon of water. I was peeing the whole time, I’d say 6 or 7 times but I suggest you pee 8 to 10 times to make sure to avoid a dilute. Make sure you take a multivitamin to get that color right. I started the process at 11:30 and peed round 2:00. That’s it guys n gals, it works. Just follow the directions and you’ll be golden. I’ll never use any other method again.

  363. Miz OG

    Also it only works for the day of your test

  364. Amanda smith

    Will Sure-Jell show up on a lab test

  365. Tammy Hampton

    Will it work if the urine is being sent off to a lab?

  366. M

    Does this method work for cocaine smoked about 12 hrs ago

  367. Sanaa

    I did this..took two home test and passed. Today took the test but right away she said was dilute and will have to send it to the lab for further testing. Will follow up.

  368. Mimi83

    Not a heavy smoker. Smoked dabs Friday night. Was offered a great job yesterday (Monday) contingent on me passing a drug test this morning. After the interview yesterday, I picked up a FirstCheck home test and came back dirty. Did HOURS of internet searching while chugging water and decided to try Cerro Method since the drug test would be observed. Test scheduled at 8:30 this morning.
    Here’s how my night/morning-before-test went…
    Set alarm to finish waters. Was drinking about 32 oz. of water hourly before bed, finishing at midnight. Woke up at 4:30 am and drank one packet liquid Certo straight and chased with 2 large glasses of water. Tasted absolutely awful. Also took 2 multivitamins and a biotin supplement. An hour later, another glass of water. Peed multiple times.
    At 7 am, drank 2nd packet of Certo mixed into 32 oz. Gatorade. Drank as quickly as possible and taste wasn’t so bad. Took another multivitamin, as at this point, urine was super clear. Also started feeling queasy. Refilled Gatorade bottle twice with water.
    At 8 am, another glass of water and a 12 oz. blueberry Red Bull on my way to the lab. There was a wait time and actual sample was done around 8:40. Sample was taken midstream and very close to clear with just hint of yellow.
    Got excited when lab tech stuck the little test strip in but he turned with the results and simply said “We’ll send an email to the company with results.”
    I have no idea what is happening next. Not sure if I was a quick pass or if it came back dirty instantly. This clinic will share results directly to the potential employer within 24-72 hours.
    Now it is just a matter of waiting. I keep thinking I have a bad feeling but I am really hopeful, as this is an incredible job opportunity. Now it is out of my hands so we will see. Just wanted to post and will absolutely follow up with results since searching for results from posters kept me up all night lol.

  369. Mimi83

    Just heard back and guys… I passed!
    So without much scientific data, I can tell you that I read positive for thc on my home test on Monday night and that, doing Certo as I did, I passed Tuesday morning!
    Got the job. Feeling surprised and stoked!

  370. Ray93

    Mimi83 you think if I smoked a Friday, and didn’t smoke Saturday or Sunday I can pass a test drug test Monday? It’ll be an unsupervised piss test

  371. Ray93

    Need some advice just tested myself after smoking last night of course i failed wanted to test my luck with the certo I started to drink the Gatorade mixed certo about 11:55a.m drank it by 12:15pm peed about 4 times it is now 1:48 and I took test and failed should I of waited longer i haven’t smoked today and I will not smoke tomorrow because of having to take drug test Monday, what can ya suggest? Please your response will be helpful

  372. Alexus

    First time trying this. I haven’t smoked in 9 days I just gulped down certo+orange sunny d hopefully this works keep me in y’all prayers!

  373. march282018

    IT WORKS!!! I started it around 11am this morning just to see if it works. I did only one package of gel. The line was faint on the test strip but this weekend I’ll do two pouches of gel. I’m 5 11 180lbs, constant smoker for the past 3 years, a bowl a day, the strong stuff, sometimes the pollen that collects at the bottom of the grinder, stopped smoking 3 weeks ago. Mind you, I did a test strip earlier this morning and it was sooooo positive. I didn’t douse myself with water either and took a multivitamin right after drinking the gel/Gatorade. Use the PECTIN GEL LIQUID PACKS, not the powder. Can’t stress this enough.

    I’ve completely stopped smoking weed since 3 weeks ago. I do no other anything (alcohol, cigarettes or any other drugs, medication). The only thing medical I’ve done in the past couple of weeks is Tylenol for a headache.


    8am: drank some regular coffee and milk
    11am: 1 pouch of gel into an orange Gatorade drink. Drank all of it within 15 mins and took a multivitamin afterwards. The gel just adds a slight tartness to it, not too bad at all. Note: it DOESN’T turn into a jelly because you would need heat to activate it for it to gel up.
    11:30am: Refilled the Gatorade bottle with water and drank it like normal.
    12:00noon: drank some coffee like normal and ate a few bits of candy
    2pm: took a piss test with the strip and there was a slight tinge in the red line.

    Now, I had someone else take the test who doesn’t smoke and the light was red like the control line about 2 weeks ago. I took the test that same day and mine was positive! Mind you, I drank water water water that day and pissed in a glass mid piss/stream and like I said, it was positive. So as far as today to sum it up: 7am first piss this morning: positive. 8am – 2pm did the sequence: slight negative. Will do it again this weekend and will give you all an update.

    Its just a matter of NO smoking weed at all!!! Not even a little bit. If it’s in your fat cells, you can get a residual high just by working out because burning off that little bit of fat in your system releases it. Stay clean throughout. I put my stash way in the back of my closet, in a jar, in a Ziploc, away away away; out of sight, out of mind. I was smoking it regularly because it reduces my anxiety and my restless leg syndrome and PTSD from past domestic abuse.

  374. march282018

    So I’m trying this again. I took a strip test this morning and it was 100% positive. I haven’t smoked since March 6th so its still in my system, even after some working out, plenty of water daily, fatty foods, etc. I’m 5’11”, 180lbs, and fairly fit.

    7:30 am: I’m now trying with two pouches of goo, no Gatorade, but using the Gatorade bottle I’ve been using with only half full of water, and a scoop of fruit punch Creatine powder mix. Was tangy as usual. Will have my regular morning coffee, milk, sugar, and will drink some water as normal, not an exuberant amount, just a glass here or there. Will take a vitamin at 9:00 am and then after an hour, do the strip test. Will report back in a couple of hours.

  375. CertoPass

    I had to take a preemployment Quest Diagnostics 35105N SAP 5-50 w/NIT urine test. I am 41 and weigh 240 lbs and smoke daily. I only abstained for 32 hours. This was all done on an empty stomach. I didn’t know if this method would work, so I was skeptical, but kept an open mind. I saw both positive and negative reviews, and after I did my research, I figured that dilution would be my best bet. I spent about $40 in total for all of the stuff I needed to pass the test with the exception of the 40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate which I had on hand.

    After my abstinence window, I woke up and started my 8 hour test prep. I skipped breakfast and drank the bottle of Aqua Hydrate with additional electrolytes. About an hour later I had a cup of green tea. After a short while, I had to urinate and continued to drink green tea until I started the Certo protocol. At 11:30 I took a couple of sips out of the Gatorade bottle and emptied the entire packet into the Gatorade. I shook the bottle and downed the concoction. A little sour, but not as bad a some people online make it, and it was definitely tolerable. I did feel a little full yet I would not say that I was uncomfortable. At this point, I had to urinate regularly because my body was starting to flush the water from my system.

    After about an hour, I downed the next bottle of Gatorade over the span of 15 minutes. Definitely feeling a little uncomfortable, but only a little. More urination takes place and at 12:30 I start to drink the last bottle of liquid and do it over time right up until the test. At this point, I am urinating every 10 to 15 minutes and it was very clear. An hour before the test, I took my supplements and got on the road. Since the appointment was about an hour away, I had to stop to urinate twice before I got there. I checked in, did my test without the worry of having to hide a bottle of synthetic urine on my person or having to deal with all of the variables. When I handed it to the person administering the test, it was pale yellow and at temperature. Got a call 2 days later notifying me that I passed the exam. I can’t guarantee that you will be successful. I passed and will use this method in the future.

    8:00 AM (Hour 1)
    Aqua Hydrate Water (elevated alkaline and electrolyte water) 33.oz
    2 Teaspoons of 40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate – Not needed but helpful to avoid water poisoning and for urine specific gravity.

    9:00 AM (Hour 2)
    8oz. of green tea (Extra liquid, phytochemicals, and caffine to act as diuretic.)

    10:00 AM (Hour 3)
    8oz. of green tea (Extra liquid, phytochemicals, and caffine to act as diuretic.)

    11:00 AM (Hour 4)
    8oz. of green tea (Extra liquid, phytochemicals, and caffine to act as diuretic.)

    11:30 AM
    1 Pouch of Certo mixed into 32oz. bottle of orange Gatorade.

    12:00 PM (Hour 5)
    1 32oz. bottle of orange Gatorade.

    12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
    Aqua Hydrate Water (elevated alkaline and electrolyte water) 33.oz
    2 Teaspoons of 40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate – Not needed but helpful to avoid water poisoning and for urine specific gravity.

    1:00 PM continued drinking last of water (Hour 6)

    1:30 PM
    3500 mg Creatine
    500 mg of Vitamin C
    2,000 mcg of Vitamin B-12
    Asprin 325 mg X2

    2:00 PM continued drinking last of water (Hour 7)
    2:30 PM Took my test and passed

  376. Sanaa

    Told ya will get back. Pee sent to lab, passed!

  377. Mya

    If throwing up after doing the certo will it still work

  378. JD

    No kidding! This works! Last smoked a fair amount on Sat night/Sun morning. It’s Thurs, passed and I start my job Monday. I followed the 2 hr detox instructions and home tested 1st.

  379. JD

    Oops It was the 1 hr detox, and I had to wait 2.5 hrs till I took the test

  380. Smith

    So I have been clean 15 days and I’m tiny 4’11 75 lbs…I am still peeing positive I test tomorrow and I am really nervous about this working I am gonna do a trial run tonight…my fear is I drop for drug counseling and I am so afraid that either won’t I won’t be able to drink that much water that quick or two if I do manage to stomach everything I will pee dilute which for me is a fail.. also I already have a chronic diarrhea issue so what happens if I poop before I go will it still work, any suggestions are appreciated

  381. Anonymous

    Here is my story

  382. Anonymous

    I had a UA coming up for employment haven’t smoked in 2 weeks but wal mart test we’re coming out positive. So I tried the certo method.

    Night before test

    Certo method trial run
    Mix one liquid sure jell in 32 oz gat pound that shit

    Didn’t want to drink to much water because the next morning I was gonna do it again so I drank half a gallon to be safe.

    Pissed 4 times in about 2 hours
    Took the wal mart test and pass !!

    Game day !

    6 o clock
    Wake up and go to work

    7 o’clock drink 1 certo mixed into 32oz Gatorade the faster you drink it the less you taste it . Pop some vitamins .Start drinking water drank 64 oz in about 2 hrs

    9o clock drink another certo and Gatorade mix and continue drinking water. Drank another 64 oz in 2 hrs

    11 o’clock pop another b12

    1130 showed up to my test and pissed in the cup . Split samples got sent to quest lab. Will update on results

    This job also requires a physical

    I show up to the doctor
    And surprise !! Another piss test !! I wait in lobby another hour. I am still pounding water to keep my piss as diluted as possible.

    0130 pm
    I piss and pass the dipstick !!

    I will update my lab results later

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