Chem dawg 4 Review

Chemdog 4

Chem dawg 4 Review

Score: 8/10
From: Harborside Health Center
Type: Unlike the other Chem dawg strains, Chem dawg 4 is Indica dominant
Genetics: Originally from a bag of weed bought by Chem himself at a Dead gig
Price: $440/ounce
Appearance: Chem dawg 4 is hella stunning, lots of crystals, nice amount of orange hairs

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Smell: Very fragrant, sort of citrus-ish with lots of pine,  smells almost as strong as a sink full of  Pinesol
Flavor: A cross between pine, maybe lemons or citrus and jet fuel, but in a really delicious way
High: Straight to the head. Very, smiley…uplifting, heady high
Buzz Length: Instantly soaring…like being launched off the deck of an aircraft carrier
Medical Uses: Chem dawg 4 is great for depression, it’s a highly-focused very happy high.

Chemdog 4

What can be said about the magical Chem/Diesel strains that already hasn’t been said to death…this is some great shit, if you’re a fan of those fuel-tasting Chems out there, then you’ll love Chemdog 4. Chem 4 looks fairly white on the plant, but dries into something that should be reserved for the centerfold of High Times. It’s got an unmistakable sour taste and really happy-heady high. It’s true boutique weed, man. Chemdawg is one of our all-time faves. Good thing we snapped a pic of this shit for posterity…because it’s as over as this review.

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6 Responses to “Chem dawg 4 Review”

  1. Name

    this is not 100% sativa….

  2. Tom

    I think 75% Sativa/ 25% Indica or close to that.

  3. Mark

    This looks like shit! and It’s a mostly Indica,assuming it’s even from the Chem family. You kids havn’t smoked anything! $440??? OMFG! I wouldn’t pay half for this middy garbage

  4. Ray

    Mark – You are sadly mistaken my friend. I am currently smoking on some of this buds hash oil…..77% THC….have you ever even smoked anything with half that THC level?

    Harborside is expensive, but worth every friggin penny. Great go to place for Grams:)

  5. Name

    I make Shit with that high of thc* for the last time

  6. JohnGotti

    Father to Natural Born Killer !
    straight Kill

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