Chem Scout Strain Review

Chem Scout StrainMarijuana Strain Name: Chem Scout
This is some of the Harborside’s new “Reserve.” It’s beyond top-shelf. This Reserve stuff comes from a rotating small-batch of connoisseur quality flowers that are expertly cultivated, perfectly cured and meticulously selected and sorted. Talk about stuff stoners like, man.
Score: 9.9/10
From: Harborside Health Center located at 1840 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606 Phone: (888) 994-2726
Type: Indica Dominant
Content: The Chem Scout sample that won First Place at the 2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Nor Cal tested out at 25.8% THC with 0%. The Chem Scout that we scored from the Harborside seems to just as on point.
Sample Size: 3.5 grams (that’s an eighth of weed, yo) and sexy as hell.
Price: $60

harborside reserve strain chem scout
Harborside now offers “RESERVE” strains: HIGH quality, low batches & connoisseur quality

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies crossed Chem 91
Chem Scout was created by Sonoma County California’s Loud Seeds. They claim it’s a perfect blend of both Girl Scout Cookies and Chem 91 with the strength that exceeds both parents. All killer no filler, Chem Scout was made by reversing Chem 91 and pollinating the same Girl Scout Cookie cut­­ that was used to make the legendary Loud Scout.

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Chem Scout
Chem Scout was the First Place winner at the 2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in SF

Appearance: These Chem Scout buds are tight and dense—like a motherfuckin’ Brick House. These buds are stacked, that’s a fact, ain’t holdin’ nothin’ back! They have that familiar ChemDawg sprial look to ‘em. If you stare at ’em too long you’ll get mesmerized. Be careful. What’s most awesome about ’em though is that they are just absolutely covered in crystals. So frosty. It’s almost as if the Harborside gave us a snow globe with weed in it. Seriously the trichomes on these Chem Scout nugs are covered in trichomes. They glisten under the glow of our TV and probably glow in the dark. And each bud is dried and cured to perfection. That’s the key to primo bud, dude.  It’s almost a shame to burn this stuff.

Chem Scout Harborside Reserve
Chem Scout was created by Sonoma County California’s, Loud Seeds

Smell: The smell of this Chem Scout weed is surprisingly subtle. Instead of smelling like a Mother’s Cookies factory the Chem Scout smells very Earthy and musky. It isn’t overpowering or overwhelming. There’s a hint of pine, but it smells a lot more like finely ground spices than freshly chopped herbs. Busting up the nugs brings on even more pleasant spice odor. It also left a ton of crystals on the back of the couch.
Flavor: Chem Scout has a distinctive taste that’s about as exquisite as she looks. It packs a one-two punch. The inhale is warm and spicy with subtle hint of pine and a little bit of dried fruit. Like it’s smell however, Chem Scout’s flavor isn’t overwhelming—it’s subtle and very satisfying. As the smoke expands in your lungs so does its unique flavor profile. All of a sudden on the exhale all the sweetness of that familiar Girl Scout flavor emerges. It’s awesome and definitely unique. We tried little bowls of Chem Scout in a freshly cleaned glass pipe as well as our Jet Bong (from Jet Water Pipes—one of our favorite water pipes)—each hit was awesome, filled with earthy undertones, spice and dried fruit that led to a rich sweet spice. Then we rolled a 1-1/4 sized joint. Damn. It tasted heavenly—cookies, spice, a bit of sweet fruit—and was dripping with resin by the time we smoked it down to the tip.

Chem Scout weed
Want connoisseur quality weed? Harborside Reserve is it, dude.

High: A few hits of the Chem Scout led to instant euphoria. Puff…puff…ahhhh. Sure this is Indica-dominant weed but it delivered a nice mood-altering high. Maybe it’s because we felt like we were part of a secret club of cannabis connoisseurs having such fine weed or making it was just all that fine weed. A few hits and we were stoked not to mention completely relaxed. That’s the thing about Indicas, man, they deliver plenty of body relaxation.
Overall: ChemScout is a very well-rounded and balanced hybrid strain. But finding a sample where the genetics actually reached their full potential ain’t easy. It’s even more difficult to find a sample that’s not only grown to perfection, but dried and cured properly as well.

Chem Scout marijuana
Chem Scout is Definitely Stuff Stoners Like

Too many growers and smokers underestimate the importance of these two steps when it comes to potency and flavor. However these Harorside’s  Reserve strains are on point. Want connoisseur quality weed? This is it, dude. Expertly cultivated, perfectly cured, and meticulously selected and sorted—you can rest assured this is some of the best bud in the world, man.

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Shit…if this Harborside Reserve comes recommended by Rick Pfrommer—one of the world’s foremost weed aficionados—dude’s bought and sampled more weed while working at the Harborside than any other guy on the planet—you know it’s gotta be good.

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  1. critter

    How big will the chem-scout get when planted outside ?

  2. Stoner Stuff

    Depends on how long ya let that thing veg for, man.

  3. Angelo Macias

    Chem Scout from IC Collective is an indica strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.

  4. Joey

    What up!! What was the flowering time for the Chem Scout?

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