Chris Christie: I Will Crack Down And Not Permit Legal Marijuana As President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to crack down on recreational marijuana
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to crack down on recreational marijuana

When it comes to weed, New Jersey Governor and possible Presidential hopeful Chris Christie is completely out of touch with most Americans. While a majority of voters in the states favor legalizing marijuana, Governor Chrisite boasted the other day that if he were President he’d crack down on recreational marijuana in the states that allow it.

When asked by Hugh Hewit of the “The Hugh Hewitt Show” if he would enforce federal drug laws in those states that have legalized and regulated cannabis, Christie responded unequivocally. “Absolutely,” Christie said. “I will crack down and not permit it.”

The Huff Post says that citing an “enormous addiction problem” in the U.S., Christie, who has not yet announced a presidential run but has launched a political action committee, said that a very clear message needs to be sent “from the White House on down through federal law enforcement. States should not be permitted to sell it and profit.”

Huff Post also says that opposition to marijuana reforms is nothing new from Christie: As governor of New Jersey, he has been a vocal critic, calling medical marijuana programs that 23 states have already enacted a “front” for full recreational legalization. On the prospects for legalizing recreational marijuana in his own state, Christie has said, “Not on my watch.” Last year, when asked how a President Christie would treat states that have legalized marijuana, he said, “Probably not well.”

“This is not only bad policy but is incredibly bad politics,” Angell told the Huff Post. “If Christie wants to block sensible marijuana reforms in his own state of New Jersey, that’s one thing. But it’s especially unacceptable — and not very conservative, I’d add — for him to say he’d use federal resources to overturn the will of voters in a growing number of other states that are moving beyond prohibition. Maybe he forgot that Colorado is an important swing state in presidential elections.”

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