Colorado Coalition Challenges Sessions Weed-Hating Ways

Colorado Coalition Challenges SessinsA national coalition has begun in Colorado and our least favorite, herb hating Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being tested. In response to Sessions’ removal of the Cole Memo, elected officials in Colorado and a group of state politicians are asking Sessions to create a task force to align federal and state cannabis laws.

The united group of politicians are calling their coalition the Leaders for Reform and they sent a not so nice letter to herb hating Sessions on Wednesday. The group is looking for guidance and clarity and is fed up with the chaos created by the AG.

The Leaders for Reform letter says Session’s removal of the Cole Memo, eliminated safeguards “put in place to protect public safety,” while spinning confusion and chaos in states with marijuana laws.

“We, at the local levels and state levels, we don’t like to work in chaos, we don’t thrive in chaos,” Pueblo County, Colo., Commissioner Sal Pace said Wednesday during a press conference call.

Commissioner Pace added the intent of the coalition is to open, “healthy dialogue” and the letter said, “we would request that the Department of Justice not initiate new enforcement actions in situations where operators are following state and local (cannabis) regulations. This would provide certainty to the basic operation of local governments across the country.”

Leaders for Reform are comprised of members from 11 states, but Colorado politicians dominant the group with 80 of the 109 signatories. The newly formed coalition is intent on voicing their position and putting pressure on the feds. The plan is to take the message to the National Association of Counties’ 2018 Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Letter below for your reading pleasure is an important step for state rights. However, bringing and end to the chaos that is state marijuana legalization is going to take more than a letter and 11 states coming together. We need Jeff Sessions to just go away and we need a new federal stand for the people it represents and their medicine of choice. Read the entire letter here:

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