Compton Grinders Review & Giveaway

Compton Grinders ReviewCompton Grinders Review & Giveaway

Smoking weed is awesome. Busting it up? Not so much. That’s where grinders come in. Sure they might seem like an investment for something you can do with scissors or fingers, but nothing breaks down weed as simply and quickly as a grinder. Plus grinding up bud unlocks all of it’s wonderful hidden aromas. And using a grinder always results in consistently-sized pieces—providing a nice even burn or vape every time.

Skip the plastic and wood grinders because they wear out fast, can break and make you look like a rookie. Keep your eye out for aluminum or titanium grinders—you know something that won’t bend or warp after you get stoned and drop it on the garage floor a few times.

When it comes to grinders, less is more, dude. That’s why we prefer the two-piece grinder over a three or four piece model. Two-piece grinders aren’t only more sleek they’re more mobile and more fool-proof. Grinders with more compartments are just plain bulky. Yes they do have that added ability to collect and store different sizes of kief. So if you like saving kief for a rainy day or watching months worth of it spill all over the floor because you accidentally fumbled your grinder then you’d probably dig a four-piece unit.

Compton Grinders ReviewUsing a two-piece grinder is cake, man. Drop in some bud and try to avoid placing it dead center because it has a tendency to get stuck there. Twist the grinder in both directions say five or six times, gently shake or tap while the grinder’s still closed and you’re done, son. If some weed’s stuck inside, twist in both directions again, open and tap the pieces together to dislodge any stubborn weed  bits.

Our favorite grinders are from Compton Grinders. Not only are these things heavy-duty-Judy—made from aircraft grade aluminum—and built in the USA, but to ensure they don’t pop open in use or transit they contain the strongest magnet on the market. Plus these things are filled with perfectly-spaced, razor-sharp, diamond teeth backed by a lifetime warranty. And they’ve got an anodized finished, available in hella colors, that not only makes the grinders look super cool but more durable and corrosion resistant.

How’d the 2-piece Compton Grinder perform under our testing conditions? Like a boss—we got that perfect West Coast cut each and every time. Is it Stuff Stoners Like? Definitely. For more information or to score your own Compton Grinder visit:

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  1. Mrs. Nice Guy

    Sharing is caring and I need a new grinder.

  2. Patrick

    Well I didn’t win the roll a bowl maybe ill win this one. Haha

  3. Jason

    Would love to win this to go along side my vape pen and papers I just won from you guys 🙂 cheers everyone stay Stoney and I wish everyone the best in winning. PEACE!!

  4. Brandon Mcollum

    Sweet anodized simplicity, grind well bud.

  5. Oscar camaño

    Ready abd waiting!!!! 420 is the way!!! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Done forgot say that ….lol

  7. Chris

    That grinder will look great with some granddaddy purp inside

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