Confessions of a Pot Mom (Video)

Confessions of a Pot MomConfessions of a Pot Mom (Video)

“You probably don’t expect the nice mom next door to be getting high,” starts a recent report on ABC. Actually we do expect the nice mom next door to be getting high. Marijuana is probably why that mom’s so nice in the first place, man. Life, kids, marriage and jobs are all fuckin’ stressful and a vape pen in the purse can be a god-send. Today’s woman isn’t looking for Calgon to take her away, she’s reaching for cannabis, man, and you better believe it.

That mom next door might also be happy because she’s less prone to domestic violence. It’s true, we recently reported that husbands who smoke weed are less likely to be violent towards their wives. It’s okay to smoke weed and be a woman or a mom. That’s why we put together 10 Reasons Why Stay at Home Moms Should Use Marijuana Without Guilt and 5 Really, Really Good Reasons Couples Should Smoke Pot...because no adult should feel shame for taking care of their mental or physical health—male or female, with or without kids, single or not.

Anyhow ABC’s over-the-top segment, that recently landed on the Cannabist’s site, looked into the lives of the online rag’s pot-and-parenting columnist Brittany Driver as well as ganjapreneur Amy Dannemiller, who does her marijuana business under the name Jane West. These gals are part of a group of Denver-rooted women who partake with impunity.

From the Cannabist: The piece talks about the prevalence of women in the marijuana industry, and it also pays a visit to the Women Grow networking organization started by Dannemiller, who lost her dayjob in early-March after her employer saw her vaporizing on an NBC News report. Women’s ever-developing role in the weed industry was the subject of this May story in The Denver Post. The “Nightline” piece also revisited Driver’s January column on talking with Child Protective Services about the risks facing parents who use marijuana.

Confessions of a Pot Mom“Consumers of cannabis shouldn’t be criticized any more than consumers of alcohol,” Dannemiller told “Nightline’s” Juju Chang, one of multiple answers that compared pot to alcohol.

Sure it’s nice to see some stoners on TV particularly moms, but why not cut the sensationalism bullshit? Women have been smoking weed about as long as they’ve been having babies. And it’s as normal for women to medicate with cannabis as it is to breastfeed. In fact ganja use by mothers during pregnancy, and by their children after birth, might actually be good for children. In a study of Jamaican babies children of moms who smoked weed had better organization and modulation of sleeping and waking, and they were less prone to stress-related anxiety. Researchers continued to evaluate the children from the study up to 5 years old. The results showed no negative impact on the children, on the contrary they seemed to excel. So enough with treating stoners as circus freaks whether they have vaginas, or kids, or up-and-coming careers in the cannabis industry.

Are you tired of the lamestream media reporting on stoners like they’re some kind of spectacle?


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