Connecticut to Decriminalize Marijuana

Over the weekend the Connecticut Senate passed, by a really slim margin, a bill that looks to decriminalize the possession of…you guessed it…small amounts of herb.

Like we said, it was close but rookie Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, the presiding officer of the Senate, broke the 18-to-18 tie in overtime with her first exercise of power since taking office in January. Booyah.

Currently, when you get caught with weed in Connecticut you can expect a fat fine, up to $1,000 plus you can expect to have a criminal record beginning with your first offense. But this new bill the Senate approved Saturday night is quite a departure. If this goes into law, your first weed bust would result in only a $150 fine and no criminal record…that is if you’re caught with a half-ounce or less. So if you have more, leave that shit at home. Or give it to us. Subsequent arrest will have fines that will eventually scale up to $500.

If the bill does pass, Connecticut will join an exclusive club of 16 states that have some sort of medical marijuana law on the books all of which have not suffered any increase in crime or traffic accidents, or weed-related health problems, or juvenile delinquency or any other supposed consequences of using a medication that is far safer than many pharmaceuticals or even alcohol. So it goes without saying that those who are into the new legislation see that the new bill will allow folks in law enforcement and people who work in the judicial system to focus on more pressing matters.

“This would free up court time, probation officer time, police time, to focus on the much more serious stuff,” said Malloy’s chief criminal justice adviser, Michael Lawlor.

Next stop the bill, which is backed by Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy, takes on the House before in can be put into law.

“Time’s running short, we have a lot of important matters before us,” House Speaker Christopher Donovan, D-Meriden, has said. “We’re doing a tally to see what the support is… I think there is some support”.

We’ll see and we’ll be certain to let you know ‘bout that tally if we’re not too stoned and forget and stuff. Then you tell us, okay?

4 Responses to “Connecticut to Decriminalize Marijuana”

  1. Monika

    love Love LOVE! We need to get Tennessee on board next!

  2. carla

    It is a state senator called toni (No Braxton), it is more like tonykunt. She furiosly opose the bill and will do the imposible to stop it, and even if pass, the bill sucks.
    No plants in home no more than half an once and if you get cought by the fascists state cops of CT, you better get a good lawyer.
    CT sucks, as well the rest of the country, glad that I’m not there anymore,,,PORTUGAL OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dispensary Reviews

    It’s a start for CT, albeit a small one.

  4. Dave Fuents

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