Craigslist Denver Is NOT A Legal Marijuana Marketplace

denver craigslistSelling Weed on Craigslist in Denver

Browse Craigslist Denver and you’d think selling weed through the popular online marketplace is completely legal. Go ahead visit Denver and search for the keywords “420 donation” and you’ll notice a ton of stuff stoners like—ads offering everything from the finest in purple weed, to impressive sheets of shatter, to delicious-looking dank brownies. However individuals can’t sell marijuana legally on Craigslist sites. In fact three Denver dudes were busted last month trying to do just that over on Craigslist.

Craigslist Denver
Purple Weed for Sale on Denver Craigslist

Denver Craigslist bust

An officer found a posting on Craigslist in Denver for marijuana for sale last month, reports the Denver Post. The officer then contacted the seller and agreed to buy 4¼ pounds for $10,000.

The undercover officer met one of the guys at a specified location then they drove to Buddy Boy, a marijuana distributor and retailer at 5050 N. York St. There, they met another guy who said a third person was coming and they “would do the deal.” That’s when the third guy arrived carrying a large, blue backpack full of weed. All three men were arrested on marijuana distribution charges.

A listing for marijuana brownies on Denver

Apparently one of the dudes was an employee at Buddy Boy and was stocking up on herb—buying thousands of dollars worth from his employer legally using his doctor’s recommendation.

Anyhow selling weed on any of the various Craigslist sites is a no-no—especially CraigslistDenver, man. Don’t fool yourself. Sure the ads look legit and the weed looks really awesome, but keep in mind that the only folks that can legally sell weed in Colorado are licensed dispensaries or a caregiver who provides it to a patient in accordance with state rules and regulations.

So if you see some awesome marijuana deals on Denver or any other Craigslist sites in a marijuana friendly state be careful because hey definitely aren’t legal and you never really know who’s behind ‘em—could be the Denver police.

Craigslist in Denver
Dealing Shatter on isn’t even close to legal, man

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  1. Anonymous

    Not the best idea. I also heard the reason lakewood’s only medical now is because some fool was selling meth out the back door. Be careful Colorado. It’s one thing to have this law stamped. But don’t take advantage of something that helps people. Personally if it were up to me I wouldn’t care as long as your not selling it to minors or people out of Colorado. But i don’t do that anyways. It’s risking your own freedom and pissing of bored cops off. It’s funny that cops really do get that bored sometimes.

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