The Most Dangerous Marijuana I Never Smoked, and Other Stories Giveaway

shutterstock_128346731-638x393The Most Dangerous Marijuana I Never Smoked, and Other Stories Giveaway

The Most Dangerous Marijuana I Never Smoked, and Other Stories is this week’s giveaway, man. You know you like reading about that kind of stuff. And to enjoy this dope new ebook, we’ll also toss in disposable vape pen from the dudes over at Power Pen. What the hell we’ll also toss in some SSL STICKERS and maybe even a pack of our famous ROLLING PAPERS too.

The Most Dangerous Marijuana I Never Smoked comes from the minds of seven talented writers at their HIGHEST. These dudes all come from—who get about 300 million page views a month. Cracked writers include Adam Tod Brown, Kathy Benjamin, Dan Seitz, Tom Reimann, and Jeff Kell so you know there’s going to be some pretty funny shit inside. That’s not all, though, stand-up comedian Ben Blanchard and Josh Galligaa also contribute content to this entertaining, uncensored exposé of just what can go wrong—or oh-so-scandalously right—when WEED and assorted other drugs take center stage.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.17.13 AMWhat are people saying about this ebook?
“As you would expect from writers, it’s witty as hell, and does everything it says on the label.”

“A very easy and fulfilling read, whether under the influence or not.”

How do you win the ebook?
To win all you’ve got to do is leave a comment below. We’ll pick our favorite comment on Friday January 30th.drugcover

12 Responses to “The Most Dangerous Marijuana I Never Smoked, and Other Stories Giveaway”

  1. tracy tennant

    Im an avid reader and this is my most favourite subject! Id also love a nice vape pipe for my poor wee lungs:-!♡

  2. tracy tennant

    Im an avid reader, especially on this particular subject.let me open my mind! Also a vap pipe would be great for my poor wee lungs!:-!♡

  3. Jason

    I wouldn’t mind reading on some good literature 😀 cheers guys and stay high, I know I will. PEACE!

  4. Dave

    Nothing beats the first smoke of the day; I think its the most intense. A short break of 2-3 days in between sessions also leave you gaga when you spark up again. Being busy enough that you don’t know if you’ll spark up or just go to bed is the best; you’re making money, you’re busy, and you got that good green.

  5. Ramon Rivera Sanchez

    Nice book cover! I love a good piece of stoner literature, definitely need more books like this in my bookshelf.

  6. Nikalyssa Martinez

    This vape pen would be great to have while reading this book

  7. Tom

    The anticipation just might kill me..I can’t wait to read this – twice. Once baked and once not…..then I’ll compare notes…

  8. Theresa Webb

    I would love to sit on the toilet and read this book and rip that vape pen

  9. Jeffery "The MagnetDude" Gauss

    “Toast It, Don’t Roast It!” Love it! Thanks for all the belly laughs.

  10. Cassie

    This would be such a sweet book to win, especially since I’ve read and written so much stuff while high and it never really makes sense, haha. Once my friend wrote an essay while high and wrote three pages of just “just a minute Danny DeVito” and handed it in without knowing.

  11. tracy

    Id read then re read this book while toking and be like’what was that about again?’ha ha # no memory me:-P

  12. Richar Woods

    Cant read the book, im a stoner!

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