Looking For Dispensaries Near Me That Sell Medical Marijuana?

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Looking for a dispensaries near me that sell medical marijuana? How about dispensaries near me open late? We’ve got you covered. That’s why we created our dispensary list so you can quickly find marijuana wherever you are. Our list is an easy-to-use, alphabetical listing of medical marijuana dispensaries as well as delivery services listed by city and state. It also includes recreational marijuana stores. If you’re on the go, the address and phone number of each medical marijuana or recreational shop will automatically pop up on your phone or tablet—you can either tap to give them a call or find it on your map app.

dispensaries near me and medical marijuana
Looking dispensaries near me and medical marijuana? We’ve got you covered with our list!

Door-to-door medical marijuana

Stop searching for dispensaries near me and have your medical marijuana come to you, dude. Most medical marijuana delivery services have a ton of delivery dudes but not a lot of variety. We know stoners want to select from an array of weed strains and concentrates like BHO, wax, shatter, rosin, etc. Don’t Google for a dispensary near me they can search by dispensaries they already know, and medical marijuana products that they’ve already purchased. So they get exactly what they expect delivered right to them—every time. That’s what made us want to partner with these dudes over the other medical marijuana delivery startups here in California. Green Rush focuses on what matters—actual products. They’re not offering promises of drone delivery or questionable curations. Instead these dudes have created an online portal so people looking for pot get exactly what they want when they want it.

“I use a food analogy for it,” Founder and CEO Paul Warshaw told TechChrunch. “When you go to GrubHub or Seamless to order a burrito, you wouldn’t want GrubHub or Seamless to choose which burrito you get. We’re applying that depth of control to the medical marijuana space.”

GreenRush partners with dispensaries that have their own delivery people, allowing them to sign up for free and start listing their medical marijuana products. Once users are verified they can place orders from various dispensaries complete with the same order/reorder process you’d see on a GrubHub or Seamless. Dispensaries can sign up and list products for free and are charged between 5 percent and 10 percent for each transaction made through the platform.

Dispensaries near me no more

Don’t forget that you can use our list to find medical marijuana or even recreational weed if you’re on a road trip. The name and phone number of the places will pop right up on your phone so you can map ‘em or give them a call.

Have you had any success scoring weed using a medical marijuana delivery service? Let us know in the comments below…

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