Looking for a dispensary near me?

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Weedmaps is the world’s largest online cannabis finder. The company was started in 2007 by a guy named Justin Hartfield—a search engine optimization marketer who “allegedly” thought of the idea of creating an online weedmap system while trying to score some pot in Southern California. The Weedmap app’s pretty cool and all but the problem with Weedmaps is that most stoners don’t want to give up their location while looking for a “dispensary near me.” That’s because most stoners already know where they are, they just need to know where to score weed. So why not just supply ‘em with a simple list of dispensaries so they can find marijuana?

Looking for a dispensary near me? Or a dispensary near me open late? How about a place that sells recreational marijuana? We’ve got you covered. That’s why we created our marijuana dispensary list so you can easily FIND MARIJUANA near you. It’s an easy-to-use, alphabetical listing of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries by city and state. If you’re on the go, the address and phone number of each weed dispensary will automatically pop up on your phone or tablet, you can either tap to give the dispensary a call or find it on your map app.

Weedmaps mobile and the Weedmaps app both utilize a Google Maps interface that pinpoints your location. Enter Weedmaps San Diego, Weedmaps Denver or even Colorado Dispensaries and the Weedmaps app will display a cluster fuck of little icons. It’s hard to tell which represent medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana dispensaries and delivery services and it’s takes quite a while to work. Click California on our site and you can easily and quickly scroll through an alphabetical list of dispensaries and delivery services selling medical marijuana or recreational marijuana in your area.

Sure you can consult Weedmaps for marijuana reviews of strains like Sour Diesel, Green Crack or Khalifa Kush, but the weed dispensary reviews on Weedmaps com for places like California’s Apothecary dispensary, Medicine Man Denver or Helping Hands Caregivers in Phoenix, Arizona have been criticized, like Yelp, for being disingenuous. “All the dispensary has to do is complain, and they get the review removed,” commented John Smith on an East Bay Express article.

Weedmaps isn’t for stoners anyhow. It’s founder Justin Hartfield told the East Bay Express that his company, which grosses about $1.5 million per month, wasn’t too worried about abandoning its stoner aesthetic with an update to its brand’s identity that’s much less 420 Friendly so as to attract the mainstream and it’s money.

weed maps logo
The old WeedMaps logo made sense, the new one? Not so much.

“Our branding was so in-your-face,” he said. “It was a product of 2007, when dispensaries were a rebellious act. It was still very much a Cheech & Chong stoner culture. Now that it’s moved from pot culture to pop culture, we wanted to represent that.”

The old WeedMaps icon was a bud leaf under a magnifying glass. It made a lot of sense. The new one, just the letters WM placed above a curved line, looks like it has nothing to do with weed and doesn’t make much sense—much like Weedmaps distancing itself from the people and the culture that made it successful in the first place. Know what also doesn’t make much sense either? Weed maps that give up the goods on your location.

Still “looking for a dispensary near me?” try our marijuana finder.

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  1. Tyrone c.

    I need to know where ever I am

  2. Leonard Albritton

    Hello we came to 7000 Palmetto Park Rd boca raton fl and don’t know what suite # to go to. Please help. We are here now

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