Dixie Elixirs Peach Iced Tea Review

Dixie Elixirs THC BeverageDixie Elixirs Peach Iced Tea

Score: 8.5/10
From: Harborside Health Center and available at both locations:
Harborside Oakland:
1840 Embarcadero Oakland, CA 94606. Phone: 888-994-2726
Harborside San Jose: 1365 N 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112. Phone: 888-994-2726
Producer: Dixie Elixirs
The Denver-based company produces and distributes products infused with weed like sparkling beverages, chocolate truffles, crispy rice treats, fruit lozenges, capsules and droplets.
Type: Peach Ice tea THC—laced beverage
Dixie infuses their peach iced tea with 200 mg of THC. They say that their elixirs contain no artificial coloring, brighter flavors and less sugar than traditional soda and they’re packaged in Dixie’s exclusive child resistant bottle. The bottle comes with a cap that you can use to get proper dosage. Fill it all the way to the top and you’ll be drinking 23.5 mg of THC or one serving.
Sample Size: 8.5 fluid ounces about 8.5 servings per container

Dixie Elixirs Peach Iced Tea
Dixie Elixirs Peach Iced Tea Dosing Guidelines

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Genetics: The type of weed used to create the THC oil in the peach ice tea wasn’t listed on the packaging.
Appearance: The Dixie Elixirs peach ice tea looks a bit like ordinary peach iced tea, but it’s darker in color. You’d probably find a liquid that looks like this stuff in a martini glass rather than a tall glass.
Smell: The sell is a nice blend of what seems to be like cannabis terpenes and sweet ripe peach. It has a fresh somewhat fruity aroma—definitely enticing.
Flavor: The flavor of the THC oil is pretty pronounced in the Dixie Elixir peach iced tea. Which is a good thing. We want to taste the weed stuff and don’t want any weird synthetic flavors. There’s also some peach and fruit flavors in there as well. The drink doesn’t quite taste like alcohol, but it does taste a bit more like a long island ice tea than an Arizona tea. It contains glycerin which is probably a bit responsible for that flavor. The tea also contains black tea, of course, and natural peach flavors.
High: This stuff is definitely potent. A shot of the 200 mg Dixie Elixirs peach iced tea contains 23.5 milligrams of THC so you can easily drink as much or as little as you need. Like most edibles this took about 30 to 45 minutes to kick in, but once it did it delivered a nice mellow high that lasted for several hours. It was a great mood-enhancer that lowered our anxiety and day-to-day stress. It would be great for anyone with anxiety or sleep issues or just wants something that’ll sooth those sore, aching muscles.
Overall: When it comes to edibles and eating weed not everybody has time for a special brownie or wants something sweet to eat. That’s why this Dixie Elixirs ice tea is such a great option. It’s easy to dose and easy to down quickly. And it works well at delivering a stress free, smile-inducing high for a better part of the day.

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