How Well Do LED Lights Work for Growing Marijuana?

How Well Do LED Lights Work for Growing Marijuana?QUESTION: How Well Do LED Lights Work for Growing Marijuana? I’ve seen a bunch of them on the internet and advertised on sites, but no real test from a source I can trust. What’s your take stoners?

Dru West: How Well Do LED Lights Work for Growing Marijuana? Well, when writing the book we considered mentioning LED lighting but chose to wait. As LEDs are growing in popularity they are also advancing technologically. We want to wait until all the bugs are worked out before making any recommendations to our readers.


One thing I love about the idea of replacing conventional HID lighting with LED lighting is the energy saving potential. Currently Indoor growers account for 1.0% of all the electricity consumed in The USA. As more states adopt medical growing programs, that number will increase dramatically. LEDs could prove very helpful for the environment.

Another great advantage of LEDs over HIDs in the negligible amount of heat they generate. This makes way for the elimination of the venting and supplementary air conditioning needed to cool conventional indoor gardens.


The potential for LEDs is HUGE once they have proven themselves side by side against HIDs. Not just in terms of yield either, also in regard to flavor/odor and most importantly potency. When I see an LED light perform as well as an HID I will gladly make the switch.

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4 Responses to “How Well Do LED Lights Work for Growing Marijuana?”

  1. Campo Cultivator

    Nice article!

    to help the cause I am currently doing a number of LED V HID showdowns. You can follow these by reading … I want to see if these LEDs really do what the manufacturers say they will.

  2. Henry


    I have been using them for over 6 months. Advanced Led, made in america. I went with the diamond series 200w that really only uses around 185 – 190W’s. It’s fresher and in a vape is night and day. My electricity hasn’t gone over $50 a month for my entire grow room. They work and they work great. I’m a local West-coaster, you ever want proof, let me know Dru.

    Henry (from the RC)

  3. Campo Cultivator

    well i ran the trial HID vs LED .. and have to sat that having used HID for 13 years I was rather shocked by the results. (You can read those here: .. so much so that I now use LEDs pretty exclusively & am involved with because it seemed to me that those of us in Europe ought to get the benefits of LEDs too so I’ll do all I can to help the cause. 

    I’m not so sure its the actual power reduction on the LEDs that makes them a win-win solution its the fact that all your other equipment (exhaust fans etc) gets downgraded too. And because there’s less heat they’re safer over here where cops use thermal imaging cameras …

    I’m convinced they work to grow great bud. I’m almost convinced they grow better bud .. 


    Archambault: I actually donot encourage growers that are new to start out right in with hydroponics.

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