Dr Dabber Ghost Pen Review

dr-dabber-ghost-vape pen

Dr Dabber Ghost Pen Review

The Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is the first low-heat vape pen on the market. It’s designed specifically for oils and waxes and utilizes Dr. Dabber’s unique Titanium Technology and low heat high resistance titanium coil. As a result this purpose-built wax pen gently heats its contents gradually until they reach their ideal temperature to vape—preserving the delicate vape flavors of cannabis concentrates.

Vaporizer pen for the jet-setter

The Dr. Dabber vaporizer pen looks sleek and feels really comfortable compared to an average vape pen. It’s heavy enough to feel solid in your hand but won’t weigh down your pocket. Most vape pens look the same, however this one looks markedly different. The blue LED light gives this vapor pen a cool James Bond flair and its smooth and sexy contours feel like something you’d see on a Learjet.

dr dabber ghost pen review

Best vape pen yet?

Unlike other vape pens that burn red hot scorching or charring its contents we noticed that the Dr Dabber vape delivered the tastiest-tasting vape pen hits we’ve tried yet. It might actually be the best vape pen we’ve tried yet. There wasn’t a hint of that electric or battery taste that’s overshadows the flavor you get from a lot of vape pens. The reason? We’re betting it has a lot to do with Dr. Dabbers lower more accurate heating element.

Ghost Vape Starter Kit

Along with the streamlined vape and battery the Ghost vape starter kit comes with a USB Charger that restored the pen to full power in about two hours. We got about 60 to 75 really big hits off the battery before it needed to be charged—which took about as long as it takes to watch four episodes of Family Feud. Our kit also came with a spare atomizer. The original one lasted about a month with some seriously heavy use. It also came with a cool little silicone storage ball, and a dabber aka loading tool.

dr dabber reviewDr. Dabber also sent over for review one of the unique hand-blown percolator attachments. This thing was choice. Not only did it look amazing, it fills with water to further filter and cool the vapor—taking the taste of our concentrates to a whole new level. Plus the pec’ll fit on any battery with a 510 threading. Dr. Dabber also makes a dope li’l globe attachment allowing you to take slightly cooler and larger vapor hits.

Dr Dabber Review Conclusion

If you are a cannabis concentrate connoisseur looking for a stealthy vape pen that doesn’t pervert terp flavors—the sleek Ghost Pen is just what the doctor ordered. For more information or to grab a Ghost vape pen starter kit visit drdabber.com.

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