Breaking News–Drug Enforcement Team Victim Of CA Budget Crisis

US-DRUG ENFORCEMENT-DEA-LABCalifornia’s budget woes could cut a third of the agents from the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement! Attorney General Jerry Brown estimates the cuts will lead to the layoffs of nearly a third of its 187 agents.

The Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement was created during Prohibition, in 1927, predating the current U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration by nearly half a century. In recent years, its primary focus has been on stamping out large-scale marijuana operations, busting dispensaries, terrifying cannabis patients, etc.

Perhaps the decision to lay-off some enforcers was made less because of financial concerns and more because of the public’s current favorable view of marijuana and the recent surge in popularity of the idea of legalizing and taxing cannabis.

medical_marijuana_dea_raid6Once marijuana does become legal, those drug enforcement jobs will be unnecessary.  The state faces a projected $24.3 billion budget deficit and already is making billions of dollars in cuts to education, health care, welfare and other social programs so it’s about time out-dated, useless jobs go away instead.

Look on the bright side Narc dudes…with the rise of dispensaries springing up all over the state of California there’ll be lots of need for security goons like yourselves.

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  2. Newby Cultivator

    Great!!! The dumb ass cops aren’t any brighter than dirt in my opinion. You can’t trust any DEA cop, not a one!

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