Earthdance and Deep Green Genetics on Tour with Dub Legend Mad Professor

Mad Professor on tour with Deep Green Genetics and Earthdance

Our good buds over at Deep Green Genetics—a collaboration network of multi-generation craft cannabis farmers and breeders from all over the world. And Earthdance Global had a really cool recent announcement. They’re working with the United Kingdom Dub Legend Mad Professor, who kicked off his United States Tour this week. 

George Floyd Memorial

What is Earthdance

Earthdance is an annual music and dance festival that takes place around the world. It promotes peace, sustainability, and social activism. The festival was first held in 1997. It has since grown to become a global movement. It brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate music, art, and community.

At Earthdance events, participants gather to dance, listen to music, and engage in workshops. They also engage in discussions on topics such as environmentalism, social justice, and spirituality. The festival emphasizes the importance of global unity and social activism. A portion of proceeds from ticket sales going towards various charitable causes.

Earthdance events are often held over the course of a weekend. They feature a diverse lineup of musical acts. They include live bands, DJs, and performers from a variety of genres such as world music, electronic dance music, and live instrumentation. In addition to music and dance, many Earthdance events include activities such as yoga, meditation, art installations, and interactive workshops.

Earthdance is a non-profit organization that operates with the support of volunteers and community members. The festival has a strong focus on environmental sustainability. It also strives to minimize its ecological impact by using renewable energy sources, promoting recycling and waste reduction, and educating attendees on sustainable living practices.

Overall, Earthdance is a unique and inspiring festival. It encourages participants to come together in celebration of music, art, and social activism, while promoting a message of global unity and peace.

Mad Professor is back

It’s the Professor’s first USA tour in six years and kicked off with his first show recently in Buffalo, New York. The made their way to George Floyd Plaza for an event to honor George and his family and the impact his murder had on changing the world.

“It’s great to be back on tour in the U.S. The fans have been awesome and it’s great to be performing live,” said Mad Professor.

Who is Mad Professor

Mad Professor, also known as Neil Fraser, is a Jamaican-born British musician and producer who is best known for his work in the dub and reggae genres. He was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1955, but moved to London, England as a child.

Mad Professor began his career in the late 1970s, working as a sound engineer at Ariwa Studios in London. He quickly developed a reputation for his innovative and experimental approach to dub music, which involves remixing and manipulating existing recordings to create a new sound.

Over the years, Mad Professor has worked with many notable musicians and producers, including Lee “Scratch” Perry, Sly and Robbie, and Massive Attack. He has released over 40 albums under his own name, as well as numerous collaborations and remixes.

Mad Professor’s music is known for its heavy use of effects and unconventional production techniques, which often involve creating complex and otherworldly sonic landscapes. His work has been influential in shaping the sound of dub and electronic music, and he is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the genre.

More than just a music maker

In addition to his music career, Mad Professor is also an educator and activist who is involved in various community projects. He has been a vocal advocate for social justice and has used his music to raise awareness about issues such as poverty and inequality.

Mad Professor with Angela Floyd, George's aunt
Mad Professor with Angela Floyd, George’s aunt

Mad Professor has several stops on the East Coast and then will continue his tour on the West Coast later in the month. Tour dates can be found here and you can also check out a recent interview that Mad Professor recently did in Philadelphia. 

Mad Professor is a self-taught electronic technician. His title was first given by friends at school, who were amazed by the experiments he carried out as a youth and his passion for all things electrical. 

His Ariwa record label is one of the longest-running reggae labels. To celebrate four decades as a label and 40 years of Dub, a 5 part series was launched last year, as well as posthumous releases from the 3 Godfathers of the label, Yabby You, U Roy, and Lee Scratch Perry.

Word Peace

What is Deep Green Genetics

Deep Green Genetics is a cannabis seed company that specializes in breeding and producing unique and high-quality cannabis strains. The company was founded in 2015 by a group of experienced cannabis breeders and growers. They’re all dedicated to developing new and innovative genetics.

Deep Green Genetics is known producing stable and reliable strains with a wide range of desirable characteristics. The company’s breeding program involves meticulous selection and testing of parent plants. This ensures that the resulting offspring have consistent traits such as potency, flavor, and yield.

Some of Deep Green Genetics’ most popular strains include strains like “Chocolate Lava”, “Blueberry Tart”, and “Pink Cadillac”. These strains are known for their distinctive flavors, aromas, and effects. And they are highly sought after by cannabis enthusiasts and growers alike.

Deep Green Genetics also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical business practices. The company uses organic growing methods. And strives to minimize its environmental impact by using renewable energy sources and reducing waste.

Overall, Deep Green Genetics is a respected and trusted name in the cannabis industry. It’s known for its commitment to producing top-quality genetics and promoting sustainable and ethical business practices.

Other Earthdance Happenings
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