Eartheater Gets Naked, Melts into Bed of Weed in New Video

EartheaterWe thought of a few things while watching this video,”Put a Head in a Head” off Eartheater’s new record, Metalepsis. First we thought, wow that’s a lot of weed. Then we thought wait a second maybe there’s something wrong with our browser because this video looks all blurry and fucked up. Doesn’t it kind of remind you of those blocked-out cable porn channels—but with weed? Apparently its all intentional because the video features kinetic editing and visual effects that corrupt the images on purpose.

Speaking of on purpose, Eartheater, aka Alexandra Drewchin, is intentionally laying in 5 pounds of marijuana. Well, that’s what the press release we got from Hausu Mountain says anyhow. Man, that’s a lot of weed to crush without making any hash.

Vice magazine, who apparently premiered the new vid, says either Eartheater is really trying to win over the stoner demographic, or that she really likes pot. What do you think? Oh and what do you think of the song? Let us know in the comments below.

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