Easy Wake and Bake Oven

The Easy Wake and Bake Oven is certainly NOT a toy…it’s a magical invention created by stoners for use in places like dorm rooms, small apartments, or tent trailers…that makes “special” cakes using a 40 watt light bulb and weed. And, blunts. And sprinkles…with a lighter baked in. Brilliant. Oh and, there’s also icing. And, did we mention sprinkles? Fuckin’ delicious. Danks EaZy Spliffarachi for the pic, man.

Not only do we smoke weed eryday, we receive tons of weed pics eryday too. And, we figured instead of just retweeting them, we’d also collect ’em and display ’em here for everyone to enjoy over and over again. Have some weed pics you wanna share? Tweet ’em to us, man.

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