Ed Rosenthal Pre Rolled Joint Review—Sativa Blend with Hints of Indica

Ed Rosenthal Pre Rolled Joint Ed Rosenthal Select Sativa Blend Pre Rolled Joint Review

The Ed Rosenthal Select Sativa Blend with Hints of Indica is a new pre rolled joint that’s makin’ waves. Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, is like probably the best-known marijuana growing expert in all the land. Since the 80s he’s taught hundreds of thousands how to grow weed. He’s authored more than a dozen books and had a long-running “Ask Ed” column in High Times magazine. So there’s no wonder why we had to try this thing.

Ed Rosenthal Pre Rolled JointScore: This one goes to 11.

From: You can find an Ed Rosenthal Select pre rolled joint aka “The Eddy” just about anywhere in the Bay Area.

Type: The Ed Rosenthal pre rolled joint is as potent as it is convenient, dude. According to a local insider this thing’s loaded with a gram of Blue Dream and Mango plus it’s laced with some kief and bubble hash made from the same plants.

Blue Dream is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid from California. It’s a legendary cross between a tasty Blueberry Indica and a sizzling-sativa Haze. And Mango with it’s lush tropical goodness has been around since the early 60s. It get it’s name because as it finishes, the plant’s foliage turns an exotic red and purple and wreaks of sweet ripe mangos. Combined, these two strains are a perfect blend of Indy relaxation and Sativa stimulation.

Flavor:  The Ed Rosenthal pre rolled joint tasted hella sweet and fruity—like smoking a ripe mango impregnated with berry Skittles. You know, the ones in the purple bag. And like wasabi on sushi the aromatic bubble hash and pungent kief added a hint of spice—elevating an already stellar joint to the level of cannaseur’s dream jay.


Dude, you can’t go wrong with a pre rolled joint that’s loaded with primo weed, selected by the Guru of Ganja himself. With Blue Dream and Mango topped with tasty kief and bubble, the Ed Rosenthal Select Sativa is hella STUFF STONERS LIKE because it’s potent, portable and because it’s filled with a perfect balance of Sativa and Indica, it’ll get ya as high as it’ll get ya stoned.

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