Elvis is Stuff Stoners Don’t Like

Elvis is Stuff Stoners Don't LikeElvis is Stuff Stoners DON’T Like

Why’s Elvis Stuff Stoners Don’t Like? Because the drug-addicted hypocrite volunteered to be a tool of marijuana prohibition during a well-documented meeting with Richard Nixon in December 1970. Nixon’s infamous for launching the war on drugs—particularly marijuana which he placed as a Schedule I drug, meaning it had “no medical value”, under the Controlled Substance Act he enacted as a last “fuck you” to stoners before leaving office.

During this awkward meeting Nixon gave Presley a Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) badge that he liked to show off “while voicing disapproval of the Beatles and other rock groups that were known to use marijuana,” writes Martin A. Lee in his book Smoke Signals, A Social History of Marijuana—Medical, Recreational and Scientific. Why did “The King” hate weed? “Elvis agreed with Nixon that illegal drugs (chiefly marijuana) and the hippie counterculture (that smoked pot) were destroying American society,” writes Lee. Presley offered his services to the president as an anti-drug spokesman who knew how to communicate with a young audience.

Elvis is Stuff Stoners Don't LikePresley’s anti-weed bullshit was ironic given the fact that he was high as fuck when he visited Nixon. He was addicted to a combination of barbiturates, painkillers and amphetamines for most of his adult life and died of an unfortunate multiple-drug overdose in 1977.

“Yet even while he was slowly committing suicide by abusing pharmaceuticals, Presley didn’t think of himself as a drug addict,” writes Lee. “Elvis took a hardline against cannabis, but rationalized his habitual excess because his meds were obtained legally, duly prescribed by several government-licensed doctors.”

Who knows what could have happened had Elvis smoked weed, the dangerous street drugs Nixon vowed to wage war against, rather than relying on a steady diet of banana sandwiches, dangerous pharmaceuticals and government propaganda.

Elvis was a hero to most…so what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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9 Responses to “Elvis is Stuff Stoners Don’t Like”

  1. Angel

    This story reminds me so much of that black dynamite episode with Elvis.

  2. WitchySeattle

    That’s funny because Elvis actually met the Beatles. Wonder what they ( Ringo or Paul ) would say if they knew Elvis held such an opinion about them.

  3. Anonymous

    Elvis presley did Alot more for society than most he gave Donations an his time to help children with cancer an other organazations to help people less fortunate he was a thoughtful man an he Really cared he wasnt a faker an excuse me but i dont want to be on the road with abunch of pot smokin ass holes like the ones who made this useless web site

  4. Jason Presley

    Well I’m a stoner and I love Elvis Presley

  5. bill

    Elvis smoked weed although idk how often, Joe Esposito said as much on Larry king live, as well as Priscilla who told of being ravenously hungry afterwards.

  6. Pamela Gillham

    You know talking about Priscilla, Elvis was actually trapped into marrying Priscilla, she just got real lucky. Ann-Margret on the other hand, I think she’s the one that Elvis should have married. I think Priscilla was wrong from the beginning. I think Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley made the perfect couple they where just right for each other and Colonel Parker forced the issue of Priscilla that’s my opinion if that counts for anything

  7. Pamela Gillham

    Jason Presley, are you related? That would be awesome. And if so, let me say this. The Presley family has my highest respect. I And yes I absolutely love Elvis Presley. Even thou he was 20 years befor my time, doesn’t make any difference. I plan on a second trip to Graceland real soon.

  8. Myron zeffle

    Elvis was a sham as well as a hypocrite. He ripped off the black musicians of his time and was a total stoner.

  9. Gus W

    Elvis in fact was a bit of a stoner. He may have been all law and order but he was a rock star as well and his entourage would bake brownies for him. He was not against pot.

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