Ex-DEA Admins Urge Obama to Sue if CA Legalizes WEED

Nobody, not even Californians, medical marijuana patients, activists, stoners and especially nine former administrators of the DEA can agree on Proposition 19, the Tax and Regulate Cannabis Initiative that’ll appear on California ballots on November 2nd, 2010 that looks to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and up.

The DEA has a solid plan to make a vote to legalize weed…null and void. And to make this happen, nine former administrators of the Drug Enforcement Administration have issued a preemptive cock block to President Obama and the White House saying if California does legalize weed in the fall…then the President should sue California, according to a letter ex-DEA dicks wrote and mailed to Attorney General Eric Holder on August 24. It said the potential legalization of marijuana would challenge federal authority and merit a lawsuit against the state – much like the one Mr. Obama has filed in protest of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, which the administration say contradicts national policy.

“We would expect the Department of Justice to act just as swiftly and for the same reason,” the DEA administrators said of the potential passage of Proposition 19.

So far, the Obama administration has not yet issued a response. But keep in mind what happened recently here in California with gay marriage. The people voted for a ban…the courts lifted it going against the popular vote. The very same thing can and most-likely will happen here in CA if Californians vote yes on marijuana.

4 Responses to “Ex-DEA Admins Urge Obama to Sue if CA Legalizes WEED”

  1. XXXX

    I believe that if California fully legalizes MJ then it will take a bite out of the crime coming in from Mexico.

    I was at a HempFest and someone said that if California does this it will take the bottom out of the market and put it into local citizens.

    I am not anti-Mexican but I am anti-violence and it is the money that makes it dangerous, not the herb itself.

    It is time to rethink our drug policy and work towards something that is better for the people.

  2. Hope

    Im a Californian and disabled with all kinds of probs from 20 years of diabetes and I really believe for medicinal purpose it at least should be legal.. For recreation Im not that sure of honestly. Im also a recovering alcholic and if they could trade off the booze for it great!

  3. camion usati

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  4. Anon

    Booze and cigarettes are killing hundreds of people daily, no one dies from weed. If you think it shouldnt be recreational well then you should be first in line to take away booze and tobacco.

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