EZpiece is Stuff Stoners Like

EZpiece bowlMost kids build go-carts or bird houses and shit with their dads. Not Joshua Guleserian. He and his dad built a new tool to get stoned. It’s called the EZpiece. It’s a keyring/bowl sort of thing that you can jam into shit—likes apples, cans or honey bears—instantly transforming them into pipes. You can even use the EZpiece to make a gravity bong.

“I was the brains behind this particular invention,” Joshua tells us. “And with his 45 years of model making experience in the jewelry business my dad thought it seemed like a good idea—so we agreed on making the masses happy with something easy and unique.”

Our favorite EZpiece has skulls all over it

Our favorite EZpiece has skulls all over it. We also dig the plain Jane version too. Apparently Joshua and his dad have ten other models already made and soon they’ll have one available called “The Big Beefa” which’ll have a huge bowl. What stoner doesn’t like big bowls?

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The EZpiece is great for when you need to get stoned but don’t have the means—no pipe, no papers, nothin’. Like in a hotel room, at the beach or maybe camping. Maybe you want to smoke some weed out of a beer can it the bathroom at work? Work sucks, man. We get that. Or maybe you’re a MacGuyver type who likes smoking weed out of household objects like Pringles cans and shit? We’re not here to judge you, dude. Go right ahead. Or maybe you simply left your trusty glass piece at home (maybe on purpose actually—because your friends drop shit when they’re high). You see the utility in this thing, right?

You a MacGuyver type who likes smoking weed out of household objects? EZpiece is for you.

WTF is the EZpiece made from? Good question. We knew you were going to ask us that shit. So we asked Joshua. He says they’re made out of brass. “The reason which we used this metal was for its ability to withstand heat from a smoke session and still be strong and safe to smoke from,” Joshua tells us. “Many other types of pipes in the past have been made from brass so it seemed to make a perfect fit”

Some people carry bottle openers on their keychains. Not sure ‘bout you dude but we could go a few days without ever cracking open a bottle. We smoke weed all day, eryday. And having an EZpiece around could definitely help facilitate that. Now that’s some stuff stoners like. Visit EZpiece.com for more info.

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