Feminized Seeds Explained

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When it comes to marijuana seeds they come in male, female and feminized seed. So what’s the big difference?

Feminized cannabis seeds are created to contain no male chromosomes. So you can rest assured knowing that feminized seeds will result in female plants and of course a crop of trichome laden female flowers. In fact there’s little difference in aroma, flavor, resin production, THC or CBD amounts between regular and feminized cannabis seeds. But what exactly are feminized seeds anyway? And how are feminized cannabis seeds created. In this post we get to the bottom of feminized seeds. Plus we explain the difference between feminized seeds and female marijuana seeds and why ganja growers might opt to give feminized marijuana seeds a try.

Feminized seeds what are they?

Like we said feminized seeds are marijuana seeds that have been genetically modified to produce only female marijuana plants. A natural marijuana seed has an equal chance to grow into either a male or female marijuana plant. There’s no way of knowing which just by looking at them. So when you buy marijuana seeds you never really know how many of each sex you’re getting until you grow them out.

Feminized cannabis seeds? Why?

Because there’s no way of telling which marijuana seed will grow into a female plant and produce resinous buds most growers traditionally would germinate twice as many marijuana seeds as they intended to grow. This would allow for the removal of male plants. They’d then have to identify the males early during the flowering state, if they lag too long they’ll fertilize the females. Pregnant pot plants lead to bud that’s seeded, less bountiful and less potent. Plus just a single male marijuana plant is capable of fertilizing a large number of females. However with feminized, or ‘fem’, seeds that doesn’t happen. Plant feminized cannabis seeds and you’ll get female cannabis plants every time.
How are feminized cannabis seeds created?

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To survive marijuana plants have the innate ability to grow the reproductive organs of the opposite sex. This ability isn’t just unique to cannabis plants. Lots of plants and even some animals like frogs can do it as well. It’s this ability however that has allowed marijuana to adapt and proliferate in climates all around the world—even in the most hostile conditions like a newbies indoor garden.

Feminized seeds are created by forcing a female plant to produce pollen and then using that pollen to fertilize another female pot plant. Because those seeds lack male chromosomes when grown out each plant will produce female flowers and growth characteristics.

Back in the day breeders used plants that had a genetic predisposition to hermaphroditism. These plats were easier to force into producing male pollen. However they’d often times pass on the hermaphroditism train to its progeny. The science behind creating feminized marijuana seeds has advanced and breeders are able to use gibberellic acid to transform female plants into hermaphrodites—forcing them to produce male pollen making it possible to produce seeds with only female chromosomes. Nowadays breeders can coax even the most reluctantly hermaphroditic cannabis plant into creating pollen to then in turn create feminized seeds.

Feminized marijuana seed vs female marijuana seed

Because female weed seeds have a  full complement of genetics and feminized seeds only have female chromosomes they’re obviously different—at least by definition. There’s little difference between the way the two plants grow and the bud they produce. Pro tip—don’t use a female plant grown from a feminized seeds as a mother plant. Sure the science has improved but regular female pot plants are more resilient to the stressful conditions of being a mom—prolonged life cycle, constant cutting, etc.

Buy marijuana seeds online?

Be careful when you buy marijuana seeds—especially when you buy marijuana seeds online. Some seed banks claim that they sell ‘100% female’ seeds. Like we said above, there’s no way of telling the difference between male and female marajuana seeds short of growing them out. What they’re selling are feminized seeds under a scientifically inaccurate and misleading marketing ploy. Check out our post Ten Tips for Buying Weed Seeds Online for some great information if you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds on the interwebs.

Have any tips on using feminized seeds or marijuana seeds in general? Share ‘em in the comments below, man.

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