First Marijuana Farmers Markets in LA Kick Off

First Marijuana Farmers Markets in LA Kick OffLos Angeles’ first marijuana farmer’s markets sprouted up yesterday allowing patients to put a li’l green in their red white and blue 4th of July festivities.

“The idea is obviously to get quality medicine as cheaply as possible…We have sample jars that people can actually touch and feel and smell,” retired Army veteran Jamie Brown told ABC 7 news about the the California Heritage Market, organized by the West Coast Collective marijuana dispensary. The event featured about 50 vendors selling weed and other marijuana products at wholesale prices.

Adam Henry, the general manager of the market, said that the open-air event was a chance for patients to not only buy weed at competitive prices but also learn from the growers. Patients were able to score a gram of weed for as little as seven bucks, compared to $20 in dispensaries. “We cut down the price of overhead and middle man,” Henry told ABC news. “You need guards at dispensaries. You need employees. Rent is expensive. That drivers up costs.”

At the indoor farmer’s market In Boyle Heights LA, patients waited up to an hour and a half to for access to medical weed at wholesale prices. And by mid-afternoon, about a thousand people were standing in a line that stretched around the block reports LA’s KPCC. After waiting an hour in the hot sun and not even half way to the entrance, John Arnt, an LA patient, told the station, “I’m willing to wait all day.”

Inside the Boyle Heights market there were about 25 to 30 vendors selling weed, pipes, edibles and even marijuana-infused sunscreen. And like the CA Heritage Market, organizers of this event hope their farmers market will be a permanent fixture in the future.

Would you like an opportunity to legally buy weed directly from growers at a farmers market? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. RobBob

    A great way to market MMJ. How can I get this started in the Bay Area?

  2. stoner_stuff

    Brilliant idea, man…we’ve been wondering the same thing. We’ve also been toying with the idea of starting a free plant or cutting exchange as well…what do ya think?

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