Fix a Drooping Marijuana Plant

A dropping marijuana plant

Question: My plants are drooping and the bottom leaves are yellow and dying off. I flushed her out and she popped back up and started looking healthy. But two days later she’s drooping again. The plant is in a 4 foot tall grow box that’s meant for a single plant. Right now the plants is on on 16/6 lighting under two T5s, two 23-watt-CFL’s and three 40-watt-CFL’s I’m using Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Gro nutes and want to put her into flower but I’m not sure it’s worth it given the way the plant looks right now.

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: What it sounds like is that your drooping plant either needs water, she’s root-bound or both. Because if you watered her and she sprouted back up, then two days later she’s drooping again—more than likely she’s root-bound. So you may want to transplant her before you flip her.

Wait until she dries out, pick her up and check her out and see how the roots are doing. You should be able to pull her up out of the container without hurting her. One she out you may as well transplant her into a bigger pot if all looks well.

Once she’s in her new digs let her go for another ten days so she can acclimate herself. At this point you probably want to give her transition nutes for about 10 days and then hit the switch and let her flower out. Just know that once she flips she’s going to stretch. Hopefully you’re growing a strain that’s kind of stout so she won’t outgrow your grow box.

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  1. Mac

    Hey i ended up uprooting my seedling of 4 weeks and after a few minutes the leaves started drooping so i transplanted it back in the soil. How long will it take the leaves to bounce back??

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