Fog City Farms Review

Fog City Farms

Fog City Farms has deep roots in California’s cannabis community and were among the first to recognize the advantages of vertical farming techniques.

The Fog City Farms team has a wealth of experience coming from Central California and it shows int their product. The flavor profiles and terpenes were very strong  as were the effects. I want to note before I go on that I also had the opportunity to try their smalls AKA Foggies. Personally, I like smalls, and these didn’t disappoint. While small they didn’t lack flavor or potency. Each bud was roughly one snap through a glass bong (shout out to Tank Glass here for the equipment). 

However, there were two standouts for me. Let me start with the Blueberry Pancakes.

Pacific Gas Strain from Fog City Farms

Grab your coffee and dig into some wake and bake goodness. It is a perfect strain to start your day. Though it could just be my day. Maybe  try it first? I’m different. Blueberry Pancakes is a cannabis strain known for its sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of blueberry pancakes. This hybrid strain is a cross between two popular strains, Blueberry and The Pancake House, and is known for its balanced effects.

Blueberry Pancakes is a relatively potent strain. I would say the high was both uplifting and euphoric, it would be a great choice for a night out socializing or maybe writing up an article for SSL about some amazing strains. It fires up the synapses nicely. creative activities. Body wise I get a very  feeling relaxed and calm, making it a good choice for unwinding after a long day as well. 

Blueberry Pancakes typically have beautiful dense buds covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The buds are bright green color with orange pistils and a healthy coat of resin. If you can find it go buy it. You can thank me later. 

The second strain is Pacific Gas. Small, leafy/airy nugs that packed a big punch. Had some serious OG smell and taste to it and was strong in terms of the high. A night on the couch strain. If you are looking to sleep. Unwind, forget the day, you get the idea. This is what you’re looking for. I’s a nice compliment to the Blueberry as well. Recommend. 

You can find  Fog City Flowers at Fig and Thistle or Magic flower in San Francisco

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