OG KUSH marijuana strainAnyone who’s ever sent to us for FREE STICKERS knows that we just can’t help but fuck with their return envelopes. Send us an envelope with an envelope inside it that’s addressed to you plus a stamp affixed to it and we’ll send it back, after we fill it with FREE STICKERS and maybe a few extra goodies…and hit it with some art.

At first we stared spray-painting ’em with stencils. We had this cool one of Bob Dylan we made from his Blonde on Blonde album cover and we’d hit envelopes with it and a stencil sayin’ “EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED”. Then we decided to use pot leaves as stencils and bomb envelopes. We’ve done a ton of different things. Anyhow, some recipients were HELLA STOKED to see their envelope all hit-up with weed-art and some we’re horrified when they saw the look on their mom’s face as she was holding the mail. That shit actually happened. More than once. Oh and we got some dude in trouble at work too. He sent a bunch of envelopes…and he got a bunch in return…all enblazoned with weed-art. Sorry, ’bout that, dude.

So as to not out anyone, nowadays we just employ Sharpie markers and use the inconspicuous return address of “Stuff”. Although, your returning envelope won’t be screaming, “I’m heading to someone’s house that SMOKES WEED”…it will still definitely stand-out.

One thing, tho…make sure you put the stamp on your return envelope on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE. Oh and DON’T SEAL IT either. How the hell are we supposed to slip in yer FREE STICKERS and Miroslav Satan rookie card?

6 Responses to “FREE STUFF STONERS LIKE STICKERS Heading Out Tomorrow”

  1. CATER

    DUUUUUDE whats crackn homeslice??Uh Um Ok ,,,,O ya Cool Stickers,Haaa I forgot what and who i was writing…No dout I got some KILLER B.C. I know thats strange because its B.C. but it was realy mind forgetfull..but anyways dudes and dudess,Amsterdam has the shit we all used to get and now we dont see anymore…BLACK HASH,,,BLOUND LEBANIZE..INDACA,HAWIAN LIGHT GREEN,TIE STICK.HONEY OIL.AND if you ever make it there dont be like every american that sits down and see’s the wall menu .You go off and get whatever you see that you know the name of you end up having one of them walk you to the door and put you in the car and you puke at your hotel and sleep for 24 hrs.I just fell asleep at the table and they were ok with it and when i woke they handed me TEA that made me SMILE all day at everybody.ALL DAY!!!So what im saying is that your dreams are alive and well someplace just not here anymore…Its not gone its just somewere else…!!O ya i still break out in a smile everyonce in a while for no reason,,,PEACE BE YOUR JOURNEY….. 🙂

  2. nick toney

    I do not now were I could get free sticker I really want some to put up on my car you can message me on Facebook I just want some free stickers man happy smoking thanks


    I had everything you said that was around in the 80’s.…BLACK HASH,,,BLOUND LEBANIZE..INDACA,HAWIAN LIGHT GREEN,TIE STICK.HONEY OIL.—-I remember BLACK HASH,we would get it with the Egypt Sphinx painted on it in gold! and BLOUND SHESH,And OMG TIE STICK – (-u no that stuff tied to a stick) LOL. and HAWIAN was so light green it was almost Floresent,and the TAST!!!,,,,YA you are right i just thought it went away,,,,o man you know how people would say if i could go back in history and buy a car i would get a few corvetts and stash them,Well thats what i would do with the DAB…….o the memory,s u got going,,,,,,,,

  4. 500tv

    Hey! Im a huge fan of your company and products! I was just wondering if you had some time, you could send some stickers to me so I can slap them on my laptop, car and gear to rep your brand! Thanks for your time. my address is
    3637 james ave. Fort worth tx. 76110

  5. Marissa Dorado

    Hey ,
    I was wondering if you would send me some stickers to spread the love! I live at

    1545 Belvedere Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95205

    Thanks so much!
    -Marissa Dorado ♡

  6. moises penuelas

    hi my name is moises and i was wondering if i couled have free stickers to 749 north g st. please and thank you

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