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frost pipeWin a Frost Pipe


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  2. Leave a comment below telling us what liquid you’d use to make a Frost Pipe and that’s it. You’re done.

Summertime and the living is stoney—Our buds over at gave us a Frost Pipe kit to kick down to one lucky stoner. We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Friday July 10. USA residents, we’ll pay for shipping—if you live outside the US, shipping is on you, dude. Oh yeah, you must be at least 18-years-old to enter.


  • One Frost Pipe Master Mould
  • One Frost Pipe Drip/Holding Tray
  • One Frost Pipe Stopper
  • Two Screens
  • Two Frost Pipe Stickers
frost pipe
Win a Frost Pipe and keep yer weed hella chill at the next backyard BBQ

We’ll even include some STUFF STONERS LIKE slaps and a Sploofy—take a hit from your new Frost Pipe and exhale through this shatter-proof polycarbonate sploof and not a single hater will smell ya.

About the Frost Pipe
Imagine a pipe made entirely of ice. That’s a Frost Pipe. How fucking cool is that? We’re not talking about boring old ice water. No. No. You can make a Frost Pipe out of any liquid you want, man—from orange juice, to Sunny D, to purple drink. We even made one with beer. And it delivers frosty cool hits that taste like whatever liquid you choose. Dope, right?

frost pipe
You can use just about any liquid to make a Frost Pipe

Does the Frost Pipe shatter into a million pieces like a really expensive glass piece when it hits the garage floor? Probably, dude. But who fuckin’ cares because you can just make another one in about as long as it takes to freeze a pork butt.

Good luck winning a Frost Pipe, dude. Just imagine showing up to the next summer BBQ with a cooler of beer and Frost Pipes! You’d be like the coolest dude there, man.

40 Responses to “Win a Frost Pipe”

  1. Tim Groves

    I think I would use just plain old h2one so I wouldn’t waste any of my favorite drinks.

  2. Marcel Walk

    PATRON’…..Nuff said…don’t steal my idea or my frost pipe lol

  3. Diane Christiana

    How cool is this ! I must have one , I will be the envy of all My “BuDdies”

  4. Andrew Vlad

    Blue Gatorade to have a blue frost pipe. I won? Thanks

  5. SitChinkAlot

    Mountain Dew Kick Start!

  6. SexyMedicalJane

    I would make one with lime jello, vodka, & strawberries because it should look way cool as it smokes, the jello should keep it from defrosting as quick and hello, booze!

  7. Jason

    A frozen pipe o.O now that’s a new thing haha well hope the best for everyone 😀

  8. Jason

    Oh btw I’d use just water or gaterade

  9. LaCrisha Leins

    AMAZING idea…. it would be gratefully put to use

  10. SerotoninStorm

    I think water would be my go to Frost Pipe. However, feeling adventurous, I might try Ramune (Marble Pop). A frozen grapefruit juice Frost pipe would be a creative idea. My girlfriend likes lemon water in the morning, so I’d freeze her up one for her morning bowl. She can use the Frost pipe as an ice cube for her water when shes done getting medicated. Thanx for the opportunity to win!

  11. Erin Adams

    I think I would try using cherry coke would be really interesting

  12. Mikey Alcala

    Well thinking of the latest strains I have smoked, I would go with kool aid. Flavor, fruit punch or one of those mystery flavors if I’m feeling frisky! Haha! This pipe idea is so rad!! Want!!

  13. Kev Benton

    Fresh pineapple juice dude!!

  14. Stephen Dossin

    Strawberry Lemonade…enough said. XD

  15. Tony

    I would just use water so it wont be a sticky mess afterwards

  16. Cheryl Cook

    I’d use grape kool-aid! What else?

  17. I'm the Dude man

    This is way cool. For a flavor, I think I would use a piña colada or a grape. This would really be good for a cure for cotton mouth, or if you’re in a jam and need to ditch your piece. Kudos to the awesome person who created this! He’ll yeah. I can’t wait for more kick ass stuff to come out.

  18. MuryJ

    I’d use moonshine…cause I like to party!

  19. chris

    Blue coolaid, hands down.

  20. gary cater

    you all are so cold,,,its because you use frost pipe,hhhuuuuu dorky hu ,,i never win nutn

  21. William

    I would like to win it to put it with my glass collection. But of course I would use it first before it goes to the collection shelf with all my other glass bombs. And for most of all, its cool.

  22. Tee Brown

    I think I would use Kiwi juice!

  23. Essedik

    Molly water

  24. James

    I’d use water and Cannalixir sour apple so I can eat the pipe after. Frost Pipecicle edible. Talk about chill, dude.

  25. June Ebinger


  26. byn barilla

    Lemonade, cherry koolaid,and I’d have to try my frost cherry Gatorade. 😉 and well being a good southern girl I’d have to try sweet tea 😉

  27. Danielle H

    Yes please

  28. Silver J

    I would use the mt dew voltage. Used bottle before as bong and had some still in it. Gave it great taste.

  29. Larry Venable

    I’d love to have this!!! I’d use tropical punch kool-aid all day

  30. Linda Treadwell

    I would use Boone’s Farm wine. I don’t even know if they still make it, but it would bring back a lot of good memories… least from what I can remember! Lol

  31. Daniella Duncan

    Original ☆ROCKSTAR☆

  32. David Smith

    Whoa duuude! Like whatever I wanna use to make it! I’m gonna make mucho flavors. This be like cool tokin’ !!!

  33. Wendy Burns

    I would love to make one with lemon-aid, or some fruit punch type flavors would be epic cool to smoke and flavor cool the bowl! what a great idea this pipe is! thank you for sharing!

  34. Ashley R.

    I would definitely use sprite!! Maybe throw some weed gummies in there 🙂

  35. Jade

    Fiji water.

  36. Daniella Duncan

    Who won today?

  37. Dawn B

    Cran-Apple Juice or cream soda

  38. Stoner Stuff


  39. Miranda Jimenez

    Grey goose cherry

  40. Tonia picardi

    Kool aid flavors blue raspberry ohh yeah

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