Frost Pipe Mold Giveaway

frost pipeWin a Frost Pipe Mold


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  2. Leave a comment below telling us what liquid you’d use to make a Frost Pipe and that’s it. You’re done.

Our buds over at gave us a Frost Pipe mold to kick down to one lucky stoner. We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Friday Jan 1, 2016. We’ll also send you some STUFF STONERS LIKE slaps. USA residents, we’ll pay for shipping—if you live outside the US, shipping is on you, dude. Oh yeah, you must be at least 18-years-old to enter.


  • One Frost Pipe Mold
  • One Frost Pipe Drip/Holding Tray
  • One Frost Pipe Stopper
  • Two Screens
  • Two Frost Pipe Stickers
frost pipe
Win a Frost Pipe and keep yer weed hella chill at the next backyard BBQ

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About the Frost Pipe

Imagine a pipe made entirely of ice. That’s a Frost Pipe. How fucking cool is that? We’re not talking about boring old ice water. No. No. You can make a Frost Pipe out of any liquid you want, man—from orange juice, to Sunny D, to purple drink. We even made one with beer. And it delivers frosty cool hits that taste like whatever liquid you choose. Dope, right?

frost pipe
You can use just about any liquid to make a Frost Pipe

Does the Frost Pipe shatter into a million pieces like a really expensive glass piece when it hits the garage floor? Probably, dude. But who fuckin’ cares because you can just make another one in about as long as it takes to freeze a pork butt. Good luck winning a Frost Pipe, dude.

21 Responses to “Frost Pipe Mold Giveaway”

  1. Alexandria

    I’d totally use some juice or h20 for a super smooth, chill hit!! Would love to win this. Thank you for the opportunity. Much love

  2. Sara Adams

    i think i would make it using sprite

  3. Jason

    I would either use Apple juice or grape Gatorade so I can have a tasty hit 😀 or possible any flavor koolaid hahaha

  4. Jason

    I would either use Apple juice or grape Gatorade so I can have a tasty hit 😀 or possible any flavor kool aid haha

  5. Mikey A

    Polly just h2o, or some lemonade if I’m feeling frisky 😉

  6. Jack Moreland

    Definitely use blue Powerade, and when I was done toking, I would just eat the pipe

  7. Erin Garcia

    i think lemonade would be interesting

  8. Jacky Pace

    I would have to try a Frost Pipe made of Cherry 7-Up with a hint of lime. 🙂

  9. Cameron Pavlisin

    well, i would put fruit punch, or some pepsi, mtn dew, monster, red bull, sunny d, water, snow, gatoraid, lemon aid. id use it with just aboout any liquid

  10. erin adams

    i would totally use some coffee

  11. Marissa Cuccaro

    For the Frost Pipe, I would probably use mango flavored vodka

  12. Taylor

    I think it’d be pretty cool to make a pipe out of Baja Blast Mountain dew while enjoying some Taco Bell, yum!

  13. Kate

    Ole English 800

  14. Ashonis

    I would use a mango juice concentrate would be amazing. Or half mango half strawberry

  15. Marvin

    i would take some watermelon-juice and smoke out off it 😀

  16. Mr Omneo

    If you’re not using Dr Pepper to make your frost pipe you’re doing it wrong!

  17. Stoner Stuff


  18. RyanTDowney3

    Import monster and orange juice

  19. Catherine

    Coconut water.

  20. Cballewgirl

    Any flavor minute maid grape and fruit punch juice

  21. Chelsea

    I would try to jell o first and if Jell-O didn’t work I would try the strawberry and banana like a smoothie kind of thing or maybe some chopped cucumbers in the water frozen maybe any kind of fruit I could try to make a jolly rancher one I have so many ideas

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