Frost Pipe Review

frost pipeFrost Pipe Review

Imagine a disposable pipe, made entirely of ice, that delivers frosty cool hits and tastes like purple Kool-Aid. Dope, right? Now you get the idea behind the ingenious Frost Pipe.

When this thing arrived we saw the snowman logo and thought, this must be some cool stoner Xmas product. Then we realized nothing would be cooler than to fill a cooler with beer and Frost Pipes, right? Your friend goes to grab a cool and hits the pipe jackpot!

Speaking of jackpot, here’s what you get when you fork over your hard-earned bread for a Frost Pipe?

  • One Frost Pipe Master Mould
  • One Frost Pipe Drip/Holding Tray
  • One Frost Pipe Stopper
  • Two Screens
  • Two Stickers
  • A Whole Bunch of Love From Your New Frost Pipe Bruhs

Remember that scene in the Christmas story when that kid’s tongue stuck to that fuckin’ frozen pole? Now we know what you’re thinking, dude. Will the Frost Pipe do the same thing? Of course not, man…the Frost Pipe ain’t some fuckin’ frozen flag pole. It’s more like a fuckin’ Otter-Pop that you can smoke weed with. And it comes with a handy plastic holder so your hand won’t die of frostbite or stick to your Frost Pipe like that kid’s fuckin’ tongue stuck to that pole.

frost pipeDoes the Frost Pipe shatter into a million pieces like a really expensive glass piece when it hits the garage floor? Probably, but who the fuck cares because you can just make another Frost Pipe out of water, or orange juice or blood in about as long as it takes to freeze a fuckin’ pork butt. It’s super cost-effective and reusable, man.

Bonus: If you live where it’s really cold outside, like places where it sucks to grow marijuana but rules for playing hockey, then you’re in luck because you can just leave the Frost Pipe outside and let nature make you a Frost Pipe! If you don’t win one (see below) you can buy your very own Frost Pipe at

frost pipe

Frost Pipe Giveaway

We’re giving away a Frost Pipe and all you’ve gotta do to win is leave a comment below and let us know what liquid you’d use to construct a Frost Pipe. We’ll pick a random winner (or maybe our favorite) on Friday January 2, 2015 at 4:20 PST. We’ll toss in a few STUFF STONERS LIKE STICKERS as well and cover shipping if you live in the USA, if you live abroad, shipping’s on you, dude.

73 Responses to “Frost Pipe Review”

  1. revraygreen @revraygreen)

    I will use Mango Juice…

  2. Lynda Lippin

    This is awesome! A great idea for travel and to help cool down hits. I want one!

  3. Rissa

    Blueberry Pomegranate!

  4. Melissa

    Would definitely love one of these..I would use white grape juice!

  5. RJ

    Gotta use a Marley’s Mellow Mood

  6. Dank Raven

    Grape Kool-aid, duh! LOL

  7. Kayleigh

    I’d use baja blast or sweet tea

  8. Curt King

    Clamato? 🙂

  9. Mac Without Devin

    I would attempt to make a Pina Colada pipe.

  10. SK_Dave

    Lime Fanta & Fanta vanilla

  11. Donovan

    Blood orange & mango sobe lifewater

  12. PRK

    I would use coffee because nothing beats the taste of Doobie and coffee together like the first sip and puff of the day all day everyday! More like a little puff of heaven!

  13. snkrfr33k


  14. Jennifer

    Me being a Frost myself, I would LOVE to have a Frost Pipe, not to meantion l live somewhere cold. Double bonus! If I used the Frost pipe with friends & other Frost’s – I know our namesake family would enjoy this Icey pipe. This Older smoker has found a Must Have I’d happily share.

  15. HaleyPrime

    Extra hot Cheetos an Arizona tea

  16. SK_Dave

    Line Fanta and vanilla Fanta

  17. Nadia

    THAI TEA 🙂 this is going to be so amazing to win!

  18. Jenn

    Living in FL, this would be AWESOME on a hot spring or summer day! I’m thinking a pineapple and cranberry juice mix would be rad!

  19. Sedona

    I’d use Vanilla Coke. I just love it so much; combing 2 of my favorite things seems like a winning idea.

  20. Theresa

    I would use pineapple and cranberry juice for sure!

  21. Francisco Puente

    Captain Morgan because captain makes it happen

  22. Melissa

    I’d use frozen lime jello… Melts slower, drips less and still tastes damn good

  23. Zachary Reed

    i would use SONS OF SATIVA CANNA PUNCH “if I could find a bottle”

  24. Brody Pastore

    I think a lemonade frost pipe would be killer! Especially in the summer out on the lake. The frost pipe is a good idea, gotta give it to you guys

  25. Nikki

    I want to make one out of every flavor look aid ever!!!!!

  26. Shelbzz

    Ohh man well…. I’d do a organe strawberry and pinapple juice throw in some real fruit. Also Hot cocoa and also white chocolate mocha fuck yes! Maybe also a swirl… chocolate milk strawberry milk and vanilla!!!

  27. Angie T

    Monster energy drink of course!

  28. Joe Stephenson

    How about pork broth and ham glaze with crushed rosemary? After you get the munchies, you could have it as a snack!

  29. MamaRo

    Orange Cream Soda! aka = dream soda! so i can taste the dream while i’m floatin on cloud 9!

  30. ShainasStoned

    I would use one of those Jolly Rancher sodas, preferably the Watermelon flavored one and maybe some glitter because who doesnt love glitter?! But I seriously need this in my life. (:

  31. Anthony

    Double boiled water, the clearest ice for the coolest pipe!

  32. Joel

    It would definitely be Fruit Punch Gatorade

  33. Henry

    I will def make a pipe out skittle vodka

  34. Ace

    I would use dr pepper or vanilla coke

  35. tijo12

    Looks like a super sweet product! Id make a fancy snob approved ice pipe out of my favourite pinot noir red wine!! 🙂

  36. Connie Godin


  37. Deathdomain

    I would buy some everclear and trick my friends into thinking it’s made of water

  38. ImBaked626

    Apple juice

  39. vanessa

    I’d use strawberry lemonade and if I can I’ll throw some strawberry chunks in that thanggg!

  40. Emma Bond

    I would use peach lemonade!

  41. Stonerbabe

    Strawberry lemonade would be amazing for a Frost Pipe!

  42. Phisher0420

    Brandy slush

  43. King Midas

    I will use ejaculate frozen ejaculate.

  44. coleen stoike

    I would try Pepsi &Ice tea, and would definitely use some food coloring to make some cool ones with colored water!

  45. andy skye

    I would use fresh spring water + lemon juice 🙂 maybe add some hand picked blueberries

  46. Anonymous

    Definitely a personal pipe don’t share that’s nasty

  47. Chad

    I would do a root beer float. Half ice cream and half root beer. Gonna have the munchies. Mind as we’ll make a snack out of it.

  48. Puff Norris

    I gotta have one of these. Probably the most creative piece of engineering since the wheel. Works great for those summer nights when your mouth feels like a desert. And you can smoke all the tropical flavors you want. Wake and bake? Freeze some coffee. Sick? Smoke some chicken soup.

  49. BrettHarrison

    Mountain Dew or Arnold Palmer all day

  50. matt

    Red bull

  51. Hailey

    Orange juice!! Is that even a question? Smoking weed and drinking orange juice is golden itself but smoking out of an orange juice frost pipe …. Dopeeeee

  52. JG

    HAWAIIN PUNCH DOGGY!!! Either that or a raspberry, lemon-lime concoction. Probably the neatest way to get ripped since throwing flavored ice cubes in the bong.

  53. sinfulbuns

    Any Fanta! mainly, cream soda!

  54. Maire

    Ide use some mango strawberry juice and it taste bomb leaving you wanting to munch down your Popsicle after which would be great because you can and it’s healthy
    On the other hand I would also use just water and strawberry chunks once that bowl started to melt you could just toss it in my bong with a ice catcher and finish your session man I hope I win this you guys have the dopest stuff I’ve never seen this piece around where I live so evreybody will be wondering where I got it

  55. Cimber

    Dr. Pepper 🙂

  56. Taylor

    Id make it out of jack and coke 😉 love this idea!

  57. Alyssa Clark

    Ayy my mo fuckin bruhs! I’m out here in oregon, and I would make a god damn jack Daniels frost pipe, cuz nothin goes better with a fat rip than a tasty drink of ice cold jack! Not to mention I would love to trick a homie and make a bong water frost pipe hahahah:) happy holidays and thanks for the chance to win!!

  58. Lynda Lippin

    Fresh lemonade!

  59. Lynda Lippin

    Fresh squeezed orange juice. Mmmm.

  60. Austin Greene

    I would use red bull! It’d give me wings, but I’d already be flying 😉

  61. Maire

    I wish I could freeze alchol so I could use that and I wish soda would not bubble and fill it with small holes but I think fruit juice or water would be the best option

  62. jose

    I will use it to make different types of flavor pipes and post them in your page

  63. Jennifer Arellano

    I’d probably get really creative with it and try to make like some sort of alcohol infused popsicle. something fruity like strawberry melonade

  64. Ashley

    Coconut water would be delicious and refreshing! 🙂

  65. Cannabis Seeds

    Love the idea, I’ve seen a bong one of these recently that looked just as good

  66. Crystal

    Red Bull; with its mix of super carbonation and tanginess, I think your smoke would taste amazing!

  67. Stoner Bitch420

    For all who say some type of alcohol…well good luck lol obviously never put your booze in the freezer…damn rookies. Any way I’d use fresh squeezed fruit juice mainly mango and strawberry. Also has anyone has experience with this pipe? Does the tray stop it from becoming a wet mess as it melts or is it simply meant to stop your hand from freezing?

  68. Landon

    PINEAPPLE JUICE FOOLS! Bc we all hear that makes yer MOJO JUICE from yo dick taste good for the ladies haha! I would make it from pineapple juice so I could smoke and get sucked upon!

  69. Charles

    I was thinking of Lucy the wonderful girl that got her name in the flowering stage because of the pretty orange hairs,so my thought is to collect all the leaves and unworthy nugs and put them into my nutribullet juice it up, freeze it then smoke it!

  70. Christina

    Mint with limeade!

  71. Christina

    Oooo strawberry lemonade with real strawberry chunks at the mouth piece so I can eat them at the same time as the ice slowly melts lol yumm

  72. Andrea

    Yogurt.! Peach yogurt. Fuck yea

  73. Chad

    I’d make a strawberry lemon lime pipe!

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