Girl Scout Cookies StrainGirl Scout Cookies strain review…FINALLY, eh? And check it: this one gets a 10 outta 10. One more thing…We think marijuana should be reviewed by the people who enjoy it the most…STONERS! That’s why we’re paying eryday STONERS just like YOU…to smoke some WEED and write about it.

REVIEW BY: @NYYdevotion
Marijuana Strain: Girl Scout Cookies
Score: 10/10
From: @peaceinmedicine
Type: Hybrid
Genetics: [OG Kush X Durban X GDP] Bay Area rapper/collective owner Berner and The Hemp Center are credited with creating this clone-only cutting known as Thin Mint to its fans. Is this batch REAL Girl Scout Cookies or FORTUNE Cookies? You know what Fortune Cookies are, right? They’re Girl Scout Cookies plants derived from bag seed. Hearing that constant obnoxious question inspired me to write this review. Shame on anybody who boasts only they have the real GSC. Cannabis is meant to be shared, especially within a community of patients attempting to ease pain and suffering. Plain and simple it’s wrong to hoard strains! This “not in your bag” mentality takes a beautiful thing and makes it ugly and negative.
Price: $50 an eighth.
Appearance: This light green purple tinged bud is covered with amber trichomes, giving it an overall orange hue in the right light.
Girl Scout Cookies Strain 2Smell: Sure enough there’s a touch of cookies in there, along with cotton candy, menthol, and fruit. The aroma from Girl Scout Cookies is absolutely mouthwatering in the jar and in the air.
Flavor: At different points I detect pine, lavender, chocolate, mint, and grape. From the first hit it’s obvious how the strain got its name. There’s no wrong way to enjoy the taste of the Girl Scout Cookies weed, but with flowers this divine it’s probably best to solar puff or vaporize for maximum enjoyment.
High: The influence of OG Kush and Durban leave the mind relatively lucid, while the GDP induces heavy eye lids and a stoney body high. Functional for a while, but the sedative effects can create sleepiness if used earlier in the day. It’s recommended for afternoon use, especially when looking for mindful relaxation.
Buzz Length: 4-5 hours.
Medical Uses: Antiemetic, Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Insomnia.


  1. Stoned Savant

    Fantastic review. I totally agree the whole “not in your bag” mentality is very disheartening in a community centered around compassion and good energy.

  2. curiouspatient

    i have no doubt that this is great medicine, but im 99% sure the real GSC genetics are OG KushxDurban PoisonxCherry Pie. Not GDP, not cherry kush, but cherry pie which has different genetics compltely. thoughts??

  3. Mjmama

    Cookies is OG x Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie is Durban x GDP. You’re both right.

  4. Oldtimemoonshine

    $50/ eighth? Holy molly! Around here its much less for better… east coast

  5. Matt Mernagh

    solid review. ima about to sample and review this one too.

  6. Jet

    Where I am it goes for $10/g. Had a sweet smell to me. Will give it a try now, thanks to this recommendation.

  7. Megan H.

    Great G.S.C that taste alot like i was eating raw cookie dough. I got it shipped to me in the midwest. 900 for 112grams or 280 /1oz. and once it was redievied i was happy wen i seen the quality.

  8. Kether

    GSC is in actuality OG Kush x F1 Durban poison. Where is the GDP or cherry kusk coming from? GSC. Not Phantom Cookies

  9. Johnny Green Thumb

    GSC is OG Kush X F1 Durban poison . no GDP or cherry pie

  10. Stankygrams

    You can order online and pay $55.00 for 4grams or $90.00 for 7grams. Very fresh and flavorful. Email:

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