Golden Globes Realize Showtime’s Weeds is Stuff Stoners DON’T Like

Weeds - Season 2 -  Key ArtWe’ve been saying all along Showtime’s Weeds is the EPITOME of Stuff Stoners DON’T Like with their harmful portrayal of the “dangerous world of drug dealing” during our nation’s greatest fight to end the ignorance and all-out Reefer Madness surrounding marijuana. Now the rest of the world is finally catching on!

Yep, we’re very proud to report for the first time since the show’s inception back in 2005 the Golden Globes realized Weeds is unworthy of any recognition and completely snubbed the show! Weeds did not get a single nomination in ANY category. Looks like four-time Best Actress nominee Mary-Louise Parker’s MILF-ness is wearing a little thin. Now what?

Why do we HATE Weeds even though we’ve never even watched it? Because Weeds is about drug dealing. And, just like FOX News they lump marijuana in with all other harmful drugs. This mentality reinforces the negative stereotypes of cannabis and it has done so for the past 70 years! In fact, misinformation, lies, and stereotypes are what lead to a ban on marijuana in the first place! As activists groups across the globe work to put an end to the lies, the rhetoric, the hurtful stereotypes, and the sensationalism of marijuana it’s TV shows like Weeds that are NOT helping!

So we’re extremely happy to learn the Golden Globes don’t give a shit about Weeds any longer. Now that marijuana prohibition is on its last breath…it’s great to see Weeds is too!

5 Responses to “Golden Globes Realize Showtime’s Weeds is Stuff Stoners DON’T Like”

  1. Brad

    But Weeds doesn’t lump marijuana with other drugs. Mary Louise-Parker’s character refuses to be involved with heroine. The show has actually made weed seem rather harmless and not as bad as its “Reefer Madness” reputation. If you had actually watched Weeds, you may have known this information.

  2. Eric

    Why don’t you actually watch the show before you critcize it the way you did. The show is really good and it does not show marijuana in a bad light at all. You a misinformed jack@ss who should do a little research before writing this garbage.

  3. Lena

    Weeds was shut out because the season 5 plot was a little weaker than previous seasons and the Golden Globe voters wanted to make room for newer shows. NOT because the voters are a bunch of stoners who think the show reinforces negative stereotypes about marijuana. Get real.

  4. krystal marie

    I love Weeds and can’t wait for the 6th season.

  5. Name

    Fuck weeds

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