More Coffee and Weed from Rob Cantrell

rob cantrell

More Coffee and Weed? Yes Indeed

We know this guy that likes 2 things. Good weed and good coffee. He’s also one of the funniest dudes around. He goes by the name Rob Cantrell and he just turned us on to a remix of his hit song, Coffee and Weed. And the fuckin’ timing of this motherfucker couldn’t be any better, yo.

“Washington DC, the city where I was born, a place near and dear to my heart has just Legalized Cannabis. WOW,” Cantrell says.

He also says, “It’s a bit tricky because the DC mayor and a couple senators are debating the legal ramifications of full on legalization of Cannabis in the city.” You can see what he means at the end of the video when he runs across the cops.

“It is a Hot topic right now,” he tells us about the changing weed scene back home in DC.

Know what else is hot? This fuckin’ song with some new lyrics and the help of a super banging DC area LIVE band called LIONIZE. Plus it’s arranged as a Go-Go, yo. If you don’t know, man, the Go-Go sound is like funk with congas and shit. It’s got a Latin flavor, but it’s way more hip-hop than salsa. It’s steeped in blues, was really popular during the mid 60s and mid 70s (now that we think about it for a second, Go-Go music probably backed a lot of 70s porn) and like our bud Rob Cantrell, it originated in Washington DC.

If you’ve never listened to the legendary, “Godfather of Go-Go” singer/geetarist Chuck Brown and his band the Soul Searchers do yourself a favor and go check that shit out right now. Actually wait. Why don’t you check that shit out after you watch Cantrell’s new video.

Anyhow, you might recognize our dude, Rob Cantrell from such hits as appearing on the famous Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like as element #95, or on Last Comic Standing, or appearing on the Colbert Report after Colorado and Washington legalized weed where he literally smoked a bowl outta Colbert’s brown loafer—while the host was still wearing it—that is. It’s fuckin’ funny.

“The video was super fun to shoot in my home town given everything that is happening right now,” Cantrell says about the remix to Coffee and Weed shot in the now more weed-friendly DC. And, we know he ain’t lying because we got stoned and watched his new video—twice—and it looked like he was smoking lotsa good weed, drinking lotsa good coffee and having a ball.

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