Good Weed, Bad Weed, Dank Weed—Know the Difference

Good Weed and Bad Weed in one pic

Do you have Good Weed, Bad Weed or Dank Weed?

Bad weed. Good weed. Dank weed. You can kind of think of these three terms as “good,” “better,” and “best.” Sure,”bad weed” isn’t good, but it’s better than nothing, right? And of course “good weed” is exactly that; good weed. But according to the internet (and when we mean internet, we mean Google) the most used term for the best weed is “dank weed.” That’s fine, we’ll go with that term for the purpose of this piece. So now that we’ve got all that shit out of the way, how do you know if you’re about to buy or smoke some good weed, bad weed or dank weed? We’ll break it down for ya. In case you’re asking yourself what does weed look like? Study the photos below, man. Hey…we all gotta start somewhere.

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RELATED: Good Weed, Bad Weed, Dank Weed—Know the Difference

Good Weed
At $60 a zip, Legends OG better be some Good Weed

Good Weed

Good weed smells good—especially stuff like Grape Ape weed. There’s no way around it—take a sniff and you should be rewarded with some skunky goodness. You might also get some hints of diesel or jet fuel, maybe some citrus like lemon, grapefruit or orange. Scents like strawberry or blueberry or even grape are commonly found when sniffing a bag of good weed. You won’t notice any off-scents, nothing moldy or grassy.

Good weed also has a lot of visible crystals covering the bud. These crystals contain THC, the stuff that gets ya high, so more crystals means the more high you’ll get. Good weed obviously has a lot of these little jewels covering it. Good weed should be slightly moist and sticky to the touch, not all crumbly and dry.

Bad weed
This is some really bad weed—you don’t see any crystals do you?

Bad Weed

Dude, we’ve seen a lot of bad weed over the years. But hey, at least it’s weed and that’s better than nothing. Bad weed usually smells like fresh cut grass or dusty old hay. It sort of looks and feels those things as well. Bad weed usually isn’t covered in crystals. Bad weed isn’t usually tight or dense. Most of the time when you buy a bag of bad weed you’ll find a ton of leaves, sticks and stems. If you’re lucky you might get some bad weed that’s comprised of the tiny little airy buds at the bottom of the plant rather than some compressed brick of scwhwag.

Bad weed isn’t necessarily imported. We’ve seen some pretty bad weed being sold at local dispensaries. The problem with bad weed is that it not only tastes terrible it takes a lot of it to do get you stoned. And if you don’t want to smoke sticks and stems it takes a ton of time to separate all that stuff from the bud—sometimes it’s not even worth the effort unless you’re really desperate.

Bad Weed & Good Weed
You can tell the difference between Good Weed and Bad Weed just by looking at it

Bad weed can also be unhealthy.  Weed containing mold or bud rot, bug or other contaminants is definitely bad. Sure bugs won’t kill you and smoking them may not be as harmful as smoking mold, but who the hell wants to smoke spider mite poop? Weed that isn’t flushed well could fall into the bad weed category as well. This stuff tastes harsh and metallic and when its burned it leaves behind a thick black ash unlike good weed that’s cured and dried to perfection.

Dank Weed
God’s Pussy—winner of the 1st SF Cannabis Cup—is some seriously Dank Weed

Dank weed

Like we said, the internet deems the best weed, dank weed. One thing we can say for sure about dank weed is that dispensaries and dealers will charge a premium for it. We’ve seen dank weed go for as much as $60 an eighth. Roll that in one of those Shine Papers made out of gold and were talking some super expensive spliffs, man.

Dank weed is the stuff you see in High Times magazine. It’s eye-candy, centerfold weed, coated in tons of sparkling crystals and smells heavenly. We could sit around and smell dank weed all day long—especially if it’s purple weed.

Everybody experiences the effects of good weed differently. So a really heavy Indica might make you sleepy as hell, but it might not have the same effect on your best friend. The only way to find out is by consuming it. But you can easily tell the differences between good weed, bad weed and dank weed just by looking at it and giving it a good old sniff. So the net time you’re ready to buy some weed spend a few minutes examining and sniffing it, you’ll be glad ya did.

How do you determine if you’re about to buy some good weed? Let us know in the comments below…

47 Responses to “Good Weed, Bad Weed, Dank Weed—Know the Difference”

  1. J. Connell

    When you are handed the bag and it feels like a sack of wood chips and smells like a Earth Worm Fart know you have been F’d! Those days are over for me now. Thank 2 Dank! Tell Danko Hi!

  2. Bonnie Demos

    A recent experience as a Mmj patient in Michigan has given me pause to ask some more important questions about my pot, over and above it’s appearance or dankiness. The real questions we need to ask is what toxins have been used to grow my weed. Check out the rampampt use of Plant Growth Regularators, Systematic Chemical Bud Hardeners, heavy and inappropriate use if pesticides and insecticides, not to mention copious amounts of mould, all generating from indoor grows. Indoor grown pot is toxic and will make you sick. Insist on organic weed grown naturally in the sun, anything else is bs and bad for you. Let’s get back to what is real, seriously marijuana is a free and natural spirit, stop the greed, stop the torment of this wonderful gift that nature has given us foolish humans. Let her grow free and wild like she was intended, and you will feel the magic.

  3. SEE Jay

    “We’ve seen dank weed go for as much as $60 an ounce.”

    I call BS…. Where is this place they give away ounces for next to nothing?

  4. bluntman

    It says $60 an eighth, not an ounce SEE Jay

  5. fgg

    brown weed is sometimes good quality.

  6. Anonymous

    Eat ass

  7. eric

    california has the best weed 250 an oz Our home grown is awsome sometime’s prefered’ but sometime’s home grown is awful weed brown, harsh no smell bad taste

  8. Brian

    I love how people geek out if the weed is purple, like that instantly makes it good, smh

  9. jaydude

    Homegrown is bad ass if you know how to grow like a pro fools

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    So the bad weed as you keep calling it,is just old weed that probably started out good. When 10,000 bricks get stacked in a basement in Texas and they only sell about 7,000-8,000 before getting more them few bottom layers could sit there getting old and nasty for a couple decades then finally get sold. Then it gets to MI where it only costs $200 a lb.

  12. Ron Godlewski

    Weed will make you stupid, fat, and lazy and if you’re a girl you act like a whore.


    Bad weed = lacks smell, taste, and beauty

    Beasty weed that is still bad = has beauty, lacks taste and smell

    O.K. Weed = weed that has any 2 out of the 3 qualities

    Bomb Chron/prescription medication/dankiest of the dank, dankies = All 3 qualities

    I have never seen a bad sample of cannabis that had all 3 of those qualities…no matter strain, what it is used for, indica or sativa….never seen 100% ruderal bud up close but idc I don’t see how it would be any different.

  14. Katie

    “Weed makes you stupid, fat, and lazy and if you’re a girl you act like a whore”
    Okay so I’ve been smoking weed since I was 11 and I have straight A’s, I weigh 120 lbs, I go for a run everyday, and I’ve been with the same guy for over a year. When is all that negative shit going to actually happen? All my friends seem to be the same way too and we all smoke a fuck ton.

  15. JohnB

    I found this article by searching for old heads, like myself, who frankly MISS the good old earthy brown weed of the 60s and 70s.
    Today’s “connoisseurs” can decry that smoke all they want, but I simply think the good tasting, still-manageable-buzz cannabis of that time period is now and always will be my preference.
    The problem is, it’s no longer possible to find.
    In fact, greedy growers have pretty much made extinct any pure Sativas.
    Even the most “pure” sativa seeds offered by the best seed companies in the world today are in fact varieties that have been exposed at some point to indicas.
    Here’s something to consider kiddies: Black Sabbath would NEVER have written the song “Sweetleaf” about any cannabis that smells skunky.
    Here’s something else to consider: Good cigars are NOT green; they are aged, cured, dried slowly into nutty earthy goodness.
    All that green weed just tastes like nasty homegrown TO ME, harsh, chlorophyllic, and cough-inducing.
    I left off smoking about 1980 and only came back to it about four years ago, when I turned fifty.
    I have to say that while today’s cannabis can certainly incapacitate you, the overall experience is simply lacking, compared to back-in-the-day.
    I welcome any comments, and especially any leads to try to find some heirloom, true hierloom, as in laying-in-a-drawer-for fourty-years, seeds.

  16. DoomPussy

    JohnB – I feel the same way. I’m 58 and I started back using about 3 years ago I quit back in 79. I do agree that the weed now days doesn’t hold a candle to what we used to get in the 70s. The psychedelic highs we got from that south american and Thai weed was the talk of the neighborhood back then. Super powerful sativa that stuff would knock our socks off so damn bad especially the Panama gold. Can’t find that now days. Or I don’t know where to look.

  17. Anonymous

    I’m horny

  18. Anonymous

    I’M HORNE to

  19. Anonu

    I love what weed has become. I stay with 6 or 7 different buds mostly indica. That old school regular weed of the 70s was pure garbage compared to now. I’m sure it was OK in that period where nobody gave a shit about anything. Hands down Obama Kush is my favorite right now.

  20. Zach t

    that’s 60$ an eighth not a zip . A zip is an oz

  21. Anonymous

    I get the best stuff for the best prices in Dallas tx. 230 oz 125 half o and its always legit. Beautiful purple OG to blue dream to lemon kush. And the names are legit not some homemade bs people gave the bud to give it appeal.

  22. Lucas


  23. Alaskan Dank Toker

    I tried some og kush, girl scout scookies, kosher kush, white fire og, all those cross-breeded modern-day popular strains. I used to think all kush was the best strains when scout cookies first came out. They were alright strains, buyable, still got high, but the taste was different. I found a new connect and i couldn’t believe the Pure Dank strains i get like back in the 90’s/early 2000 days. Original Blueberry, white widow, clemintine, strawberry cough, blue dream, the top 5 Dank and Pure marijuana i’ve ever smoked and got paranoid and Classic stoned. 10 years ago, i didn’t know anything about strain names and quality. 10 years ago i used to get the same Dank and Pure marijuana. I finally found the connect for the same strains as the old days! We can easily tell the taste and smell difference between organically fertilized and synthetic fertilized grown marijuana, organically grown is the best, synthetic grown smells like chemicals, taste like chemicals, and the ashes are nasty tasting and turns to black sticky resin instead of white normal ashes like organially grown grass. Also, weed isn’t a gateway to hard drugs, Synthetically fertilized grown marijuana is a gateway to hard drugs, doesn’t matter the strain. My small town gets all Synthetic grown shit of all strains, smells and looks awful and bad, and is bad. When people go dry, they are automatically angry for days until they get more synthetic stuff. I see how hooked people can get on that nasty synthetic grown shit. My parents used to smoke in the 60’s/70’s, they know organically Dank weed. They say my town gets low quality bullshit, thats why i wasted $1000’s on this low stuff for years, and built up lot of nasty black tar in my lungs, worse than mucus. After i found my connect of the dankiness of the dank, i took over the whole business in my town, i’m getting back at all these jobless dealers who took all my money for years on their weak sytnthetically grown stuff. The whole town comes to me now, i’m the towns go-to-guy and i go dry fast on a pound, a pound here lasts not even 2 weeks, the other guys with synthetic stuff takes more than 2 weeks just to get rid of a QP lol. Long as i can smell that dank bud 50 feet away, i’m buying it. If its 49 feet or closer, i’m not buying. I know pure Classic dank weed. My old connect loves the stuff i get from my new connect, he tells me ‘smells good’ with a forced smiled even before i pull out that dank bud from my pocket. I can’t believe the whole town finally believes me about dank and quality!

    They thought their stuff was the best until they tried my Classic Pure Dank 🙂 Stoned -_-

  24. Tex

    I just smoke with some friends but most my weed that i bring to roll make me sleepy and bright as if i was under water idrk what it is but is a dark brown green

  25. DeezNuggz

    I’ve smoked on and off for about 10 years and im coming upto 24 yrs old. Living in the UK is tough for many cannabis smokers that are looking for medical grade smoke at a manageable price. IMO the sheer greed of these people to destroy the giving nature of the plant by growing super strains such as “Gods Pussy” that go for someone’s daily wage and just put you to sleep is disgusting. I like my standard good green that costs me around an hours work per day to smoke and go about my business. Don’t get me wrong I would smoke a bowl or two just for shits and giggs but, I just couldn’t justify the cost and lifestyle for someone my age.

    Cos I’m high as shit right now and about to go out, AND the above was a nonsensical messy rant, I’ll summarise:
    – Dank – Once in a while for the thrill, or quite obviously, if needed medically. Cannabis cures all.

    – Good – Affordable, Good high, most strains let you get on with things rather than killing you on a daily basis.

    – Bad – No such thing.

    So… There’s my beliefs.

  26. FartFace

    These articles are annoying. Looks can be deceiving.

    Lots of beautiful looking chemtrail hay in dispensaries outside of Ca

    The highesf ive been was off some brown weed. Yhe most euphoric was less than 10%thc. Good genetics are disappearing due to commercial indoor growing that focuses on speed and looks. Thats what makes a good cut in 2016, bigger profits for the grower. Strains used to be rated by the end user.

    It almost seems a long term plan to wipe out all the good cannabis of tbe 80s and 90s. The stuff in the 70s was better than today. Ive smoked it all, thc potency is a sham, higher thc-a means less of something else. Plus the ratings vary so much, even at the same lab and same plant!

    You cant get HIGH off most of todays weed, only knocked out and achy, tired,lazy . Dispensaries won’t grow sativas because they are too slow so almost everything on the shelves is fake except og and sd the growers grow for themselves or shipped from Ca (Az dispoa run out of any smokable strain within a day)

  27. Mel

    I’d like to try the old stuff. I do hear a lot of older people talking about the quality of it. I’m only 21, and most of my weed is homegrown because I live in a small town. Sometimes we get it from bigger, surrounding cities. Girl Scout, skywalker.. Anywho bad weed? Is there such a thing? Lol.

  28. Shar

    Yes, the young would not know about the weed of the 60’s and 70’s, so they can’t compare it to what’s available today, because they have never had it. I do wish I could find the weed of old. If I can’t get real high off a few tokes then its not the best. Panama Gold, Hawaiian, Thai Sticks, just to name a few. Where is this stuff today?

  29. MIchelle

    Why does all the recreational marijuana for sale taste so bad and is of poor quality. I have tired numerous kinds and most have No taste or taste terrible. The is rarely a smell and most seems over dried and cured poorly. What has happened to good tasting, great smelling sticky bud. Have the growers never smoked before or do not care about taste, smell and potency ? I hope this is not going to be the trend because the recreational pot reminds of cheap alcohol. I am a conisour and like fine quality just like a good wine and I can not seem to get that at a recreational store.

  30. Anonymous

    bad weed can still be very green and have crystals. It’s all about how it makes you feel. Most people will blindly smoke weed despite how good or bad it makes them feel. Where is the calm, uplifting weed. That’s what’s really important.

  31. ipomea

    In RE: what John B wrote in January, yes! Where’s the good old brown stuff that could change your world(well, at least for a few hours), or make you get up at 2am to try some stuff that just got to town, and then having an up, but not stupid, high? I came online just now to see if there was some way of curing my 2 little outdoor plants that would result in stuff like that. Someone gave me a bag of seed this spring, and I think I got a sativa, after all these years, but even after hanging, and putting in jars, airing, etc.(it’s been 2 weeks since first batch), it still smells like cut grass when I open it. I think the key is that the stuff that actually used to come from Asia, S.Am., etc.that was red/brown! had been left in field long enough to cure, dry on nature’s time, and now it’s all harvested early b/c of the laws.

  32. Bro

    Y’all gotta stop with all the shit indoor grows go amazing it’s completely natural!!! Light is fuvking light and weed is fucking weed

  33. Art

    Ask any horticulturist if plants grown indoors aren’t as good as those grown outdoors. With the proper knowledge, quality seed stock and proper soil you can grow great plants indoors, and without the damage that can be done to them in the natural environment (too much or too little sunlight or rain, contaminants in the air, water and rain). The good growers that use greenhouses and no pesticides (because they don’t have as many pests) can produce prize winning plants; any kind of plants, whether it’s roses or weed. For those who mentioned they’re looking for good weed like the 90’s, try Pre ’98 Bubba Kush. Not the highest amount of THC (but not low, by any means), so you don’t waste your money by falling asleep, and it also contains higher levels of CBD, which produce an ethereal, uplifting sense of well-being, which many of the newer, designer strains lack. To me, at least, this is as close as you can get to the best stuff from the ’70s.

  34. haze

    Everyone who says cali weed is the best is clueless!!! I lived in cali for 2 years and their premonition doesn’t compare to the stuff you can find in washington….just sayin.

  35. Anirudh

    guys i have a lots of bad weed..can i get converted in to good weed by any chemicals..

  36. colin

    All these comments are so serious and thought out. Just sit back and roll one to see is. If it’s bad tough shit. Get you a different dealer. Or grow your own. XD

  37. leland

    I love how there is always some one talking bad about the use of herb, and trying to say the effect/behavior is different on men or women.
    Or the ones that argue about indoor/outdoor or that one state grows better then the other.
    If you are not an idiot you will figure out what kind or type of weed you like, so stop listening to all thees know it all’s , and go out there experience and discover what you like.

  38. Normal

    Someone threw me a few seeds. As a gardener I just grew them organically outdoors here in Hawaii. Turned out to be several strains by the plants characteristics. Grew to be the best, strongest, stickiest, sweetest smelling weed…. My whole house smelled like cannabis for weeks during flowering. I don’t smoke, so I made cannabis infused honey.

  39. W3ed

    I just want to smoke a shot ton of weed rn the

  40. Stoner Stuff


  41. Stoned

    Okay I’ve been smoking dank for years and the 70s weed the old heads are talking about is what we people today call “shitty weed”. The old farts are same stereotypical seniors who say “everything was better back then” of course, because back then u didn’t know what u were missing. Just like with cell phones, internet, etc. I smoked mids starting out (which wouldve been dank in the 70s) and it sucked ass but all that changed when I hit that 1st dank bowl. I never ever buy weed unless its grade A, mids tastes terrible and have to smoke like 3 blunts to get high. One bowl of some medical and im high for a few hours, and Ive been smoking every other day for like 6 years and still a college grad with a law degree otw. Nobody in VA even really sells mids unless u specifically ask for it (A.K.A Dumbass) like if u just ask for weed that shit is gonna be some dank weed. Prices range anywhere to $70-$100 a Q to $240-$280 for a O. But i can make a O last almost 2 or 3 months. Save yourself time and money and go buy some of that skunky weed. Your welcome.

  42. Bob

    Thanks, February 13, 2017.

  43. Chris Christie's Belt

    “Okay I’ve been smoking dank for years and the 70s weed the old heads are talking about is what we people today call “shitty weed”.”

    There was 20% THC weed in the 70’s son…. I smoked one pinner once in HS at a summer job with a guy and I was so high I could barely function. There was also thai stick that got you HIgh in ONE hit, I had that in college in the 80’s with a Harvard professor.

  44. HollyCoco

    60 bucks an ounce? That’s 28 grams of dank for 60 bucks? WTF. In my city, 60 bucks gets you like 7 grams.

  45. Hey

    It says 60 an 8th
    But weed is weed and think about it even the dank smokers like me…could you honestly say that in your whole smoking lifetime, that you’ve never run out and smoked some mids or even reg if really desperate ?

  46. Chicus

    Orange kush and ak47 are a bit sticky but not so good as an candy kush or Larry og kush damn that was I think like you people say here a dank weed for me hell yeah!!!

  47. Santa Marta Man

    To the kid who wrote this article, you know nothing about the Great Santa Marta Gold! No crystals, and too gold to show anyway! If you’d smoked it back in the late 70s you know what I’m talkin about. The high is impossible to match today.

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