Governor Christie Says Marijuana Legalization Will Lead to More Death

Chris ChristieChris Christie’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, is currently testifying before congress with their final report. And, guess what? The tainted Commission is ignoring the medicinal value of marijuana and trying super hard to reinvent the old “egg in the frying pan” campaign to scare people into not taking drugs. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson testified first, but his statements and Christie’s comments yesterday exemplify their position on marijuana: it will ‘lead to more death not less.’

Christie told a crowd in Indianapolis yesterday, “Marijuana legalization will lead to more drug use, not less drug use, will lead to more death not less death, and the national institute of drug abuse has proven it. There is no reason, if I told you today that anything would make your child two and a half time more likely to be addicted to opioids, you would be getting them as far away from it as you possibly could,”.

Not true Mr. Christie. Simply not true. ‘Civilized’ news reported, “We’ve noted on this website many times that the argument that “marijuana legalization leads to more opioid use” is completely false. In fact, opioid deaths in Colorado decreased after the state legalized cannabis in 2014. We also know that states with medical marijuana have less opioid abuse than those that do not. In fact, the only research that says marijuana leads to more opioid abuse is from data taken from the early 2000s, when few states had legalized medicinal cannabis and none had recreational. All recent data shows the complete opposite to be true.”

Not only did he Christie cite old and inaccurate statistics from NIDA, known pharma supporters, he also contradicts himself by stating, he wants to stop providing opioids to soldiers in VA hospitals. Which is exactly what veterans have asked for as well. Except the veterans want to be prescribed marijuana as a substitute. As did the 7,800 people who submitted comments to the commission requesting marijuana as a substitute or alternative to opioids for pain management.

Secretary of HUD and idiot savant Ben Carson confirmed the direction of Christie’s BS Commission, by testifying about his encounters with people addicted to opioids. He stated, “Many people are addicted to drugs, not because of my prescriptions, but just because it is so easy to manipulate the medical profession into giving you drugs… Doctors are people too and they don’t want to be bothered incessantly…so it’s easier for them to just give you the drugs than to argue with you about the effects of the drugs”.

WTF? Did Dr. Ben Carson, current HUD Secretary, say we are facing the worst epidemic to hit our country ever, because doctors are “people too” and can’t say no to pushy patients? Did he just say, “It’s easier for them to just give you the drugs than to argue with you about it?” Yes, he did. This is not fake news, this is a direct quote from the live hearing.

If this epidemic wasn’t so tragic the above statement would be laughable. How can this be the message the commission is sending? It’s not the fault of the doctor it’s the fault of the patient?

It’s gets better—hold on. He goes further and jumps on the recent Sessions bandwagon of resuscitating the old ‘“just say no” Reagan saying with the addition of the 80’s classic, “this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs campaign”. Carson used an old and antiquated commercial, meant to scare kids into not taking drugs in the 80’s to describe the neuroscience of opioid addiction? Incredulous. How can an egg sizzling in a buttered skillet be relevant to the man made, pharmaceutical fueled epidemic that will kill at least 91 people today?  Dr. Carson, told congress, the metaphor is, “Not too far from reality and frequently starts with something as seemingly innocent as marijuana”.

Again. Incredulous. How can an educated doctor of neurology completely ignore the medicinal value of marijuana and compare it to an egg frying in a pan? Dr. Carson, Mr. Christie, and all other members of the Commission are only perpetuating the opioid crisis with their final report. The commission has completely ignored the voters demand for medicinal marijuana and given the pharmaceutical and medical industry a free pass to keep doing what they are doing: pumping pills and making money.

Written by: @stonedandstuff

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