Greed Bud is 114 Times Safer than Green Beer

green bud is safer than green beerGreed Bud is Safer than Green Beer

Smoking green bud is as much as 114 times safer than drinking green beer. We’re not trying to rain on anyone’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade today or anything. We just thought you should know that a recent report by the Journal Scientific Reports reveals that not only is weed hella safer than alcohol it’s also a lot safer than any other recreational drug out there. In fact marijuana is the only drug in the study that had a low mortality risk.

Researchers also discovered that booze was the deadliest substance. In fact harmful use of alcohol results in the death of 2.5 million people annually, causes illness and injury to millions more, and increasingly affects younger generations and drinkers in developing countries. Nearly 4% of all deaths are related to alcohol.

The study also reveals that past research into alcohol has systematically underestimated its risks; “The risk of cannabis may have been overestimated in the past,” wrote Dirk W. Lachenmeier and Jurgen Rehm the two researchers involved with the study. “In contrast, the risk of alcohol may have been commonly underestimated.”

marijuana is safer than beer
Smoking Marijuana is 114 Times Safer than Drinking Alcohol

And apparently drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t even an Irish tradition anyhow—it’s an American invention. According to an article by, Thomas Hayes Curtin, a coroner, first presented the green fermented beverage on St. Patrick’s Day in 1914 at a Bronx social club.

According to “Green beer” is a term brewers still use today to describe beer that’s too young (or “green”). It still contains acetaldehyde, which can make beer taste bad because it’s not yet fully fermented and it’s been know to make people sick. It became problematic in the late 1800s and 1910s. In 1922, the Washington Times found a chemist who said “green beer is extremely bad on the stomach.”

Even today green beer still has the power to make people sick—if they drink too much of it. Unlike green beer it’s impossible to overdose on green bud. Okay that’s not true, you’d have to smoke nearly 1,500 pounds of weed within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response. Don’t know about you, but we’re up to the challenge.


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