Green Poison Strain Review

Green PoisonMarijuana Strain: Green Poison
Review by: Mat (Marijuana Master Mind) Lee
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington 98045 Phone: 360-875-8189
Farm: Vancouver Weed Company
Harvest Date: 2/30/16
Sativa v Indica: Indica Dominant
Content: THC 21.6% | THCA 23.8%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams

Green Poison
Green Poison is a bunch of solid indica / sativa strains cross bred and back bred over and over

Genetics: From what I could gather from Seedfinder, the Green Poison is just a bunch of solid indica / sativa strains cross bred and back bred over and over again. It sounds like there is a lot more indica than sativa in the lineage. With some of the greats in the mix like Kali Mist, Night Night, and Hindu Kush, you know it’s going to be some stuff stoners like.

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Green Poison
With a mix like Kali Mist, Night Night, and Hindu Kush, you know Green Poison is stuff stoners like

Appearance and Feels: Dark, dense, and sticky buds. The trichome coverage is impressive as you can see from the pictures. The calyx is a thick dark green shade with lighter green leaves wrapped around it here and there.

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Green Poison
Dark, dense and sticky describes Green Poison perfectly

Smell: There’s a strong skunky, almost musty smell when you open the bottle. Breaking apart the nugs exudes a spicy sweet aroma that tickles the nostrils. Putting it through the grinder brings out a hint of sweetness to offset all this spice, but it pales in comparison.

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Green Poison
Green Poison delivers a strong skunky, almost musty smell

Flavor: Not a whole lot of flavor in this private reserve bud. It just tastes like good ol fashioned dank weed. It’s pretty spicy when exhaled through the nose, and gives you that good cannabis tingle.

It definitely doesn’t taste bad, and the lack of sweetness and fruity notes might be due to the harvest date being back in February. It’s May first at the time of writing this. Or it could just be a different phenotype.

Green Poison
Mat Lee about Green Poison: This shit is heavy for sure.

High: This shit is heavy for sure. A couple rips out of the pipe and you might just forget what you’re doing for a minute or two. A joint to the head is more than enough to make any seasoned stoner wanna turn on some tunes and tune out the nonsense of the world around them.
Overall: Definitely some chronic ass dank weed. I mean for real, the pictures speak for themselves. I would have liked to have gotten a newer batch, but it’s all in the timing. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the next harvest of whatever the Vancouver Weed Company is offering, and get on it earlier.

Green Poison
Green Poison is definitely some chronic ass dank weed

On their website they say the cannabis in the Private Reserve collection is grown using five times filtered rain water right next to the Pacific Ocean using diverse line of organic nutrients in a pristine, climate controlled and stress free environment. It definitely sounds like a cool setup they have, and I’m looking forward to reviewing some more of their cannabis.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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  1. Gary Green

    Very good and accurate review. This is a perfect example of a high thc indica dominate strain. This strain has a strong skunk smell but usually has a lighter flavor reminiscent of gramcrackers. If your looking for stronger flavors or exotic smells you should try our black widow, gorilla glue, pink lemonade, cinex, pineapple, pie face, blue magoo, or agent orange. Every week we try to make something new available and always try to innovate so keep a look out for our latest offerings. We appreciate the good work Matt does and I look forward to more of your reviews.

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