GroovTube Personal Air Freshener

GroovTube_666Have you ever wanted smoke a bowl in the bathroom at a baseball game? The season just started and shit, man, baseball can get kind of boring at times. Feel us? Anyhow you can try the “don’t give a fuck” method and smoke everyone out in the can or you could grab a GroovTube and get stoned on the sly.

The GroovTube is like the most modern sploof ever created. Take a hit and exhale through the permanent tube and the most awesome aroma of burning weed is instantly transformed into something really boring—but very safe—like pine trees or apple pie and shit. They even have chocolate chip cookie flavor, man. So you can not only smoke worry free, you can really freshen up the smell in your team’s shitter—at the same time, dude. Genius.

Maybe you don’t give a fuck about baseball? That’s cool because this thing works in any bathroom—we tried it out in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant and it worked wonders to improve the smell in there, dude. They should be thanking us for pot smoking.

Made in Colorado by stoners for stoners—the GroovTube is like the most modern sploof ever created

Not only can you get custom smells, er uhm, we mean replaceable scent cartridges for your GroovTube you can get different designs to cover up the lightweight permanent tube. We got one with pine needles on it and another one they sent to us had clouds and shit on it—but dude, it gets so cloudy in our offices, man, that thing is practically invisible. So we’re going to kick that one down to a lucky reader.

Another reason why we love these GroovTube things is that they’re not only made in Colorado by stoners for stoners, the company that produces ’em, Elevated products, supports our blog. So if yer looking for a sploof and you wanna keep it in the family, look these guys up and tell ‘em STUFF STONERS LIKE sent ya.

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  1. Dan

    Thanks for the chance to smoke where I want

  2. Michael

    Is this a good “sploof” to be able to use and have indefinitely? I heard a smoke buddy runs out in about a month or something but what about this?

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