Grow Tents Are Stuff Stoners Like

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Grow tents are stuff stoners like because they’re perfect for growing weed on the sly. Let’s face it. When it comes down to growing weed you have only a few choices. You could harness the power of the sun and grow weed in the great outdoors. Because nothing beats natural sunlight as well as not having to pay huge electricity bills. You could also grow weed indoors.  But that takes up space. So unless you’ve got some extra space like a garage, basement or bedroom, maybe even a large closet you’re going to need another solution. That’s where an indoor grow tent comes in handy, man. If you’re looking for a grow tent, check out our updated Grow Tent Buyers Guide for 2016.

Indoor grow tent 101

If you live in a small apartment or house and don’t have the space for a customized grow operation or if you rent a grow tent is a great option. You can find a complete grow tent kit in a variety of size to fit your needs. May of these grow tent kits come in standard sizes like a 4×4 grow tent, or a 4×8 grow tent, but makers like gorilla grow tent have a complete range of grow tents for sale that start as small as 2 x 2.5 and tents that are as large as 10 x 20.

Plus you can pack up your grow tent and take it with you. Having the ability to quickly disassemble your grow could be a great benefit just in case  you move to a new place or have to bust it down and hide it in case of an emergency. Maybe anti-weed-mother-in-law is coming or you’ve got an impending visit by your landlord or something. Some grow tent kits are super stealth. Not only do the not smell like weed, they don’t even look like something that’d be used to grow it. We’re talking a grow tent disguised as a file cabinet or an ordinary piece of furniture like a chest of drawers. This type of grow tent just is perfect if you’ve got nosy neighbors or roommates.

Why buy and expensive gorilla grow tent? If you’re good with tools you could always make a diy grow tent. Make your own indoor grow tent using lightproof material and some pvc pipe. You basically just need to create a lightproof box. That’s basically all a marijuana grow tent really is. Your diy grow tent doesn’t have to be fancy, it just need to get the job done. And that job is keeping out light while your plant is sleeping. If your tent is in a place in your house that’s climate controlled and where weed odor isn’t much of an issue, you’re good. Just make a lightproof box, man.

grow tentGet a grow tent kit

Not going the diy grow tent route? No problem, man. You can find an affordable grow tent kit online. Make sure to check out our grow tent buyers guide first, though so you know what to look for so ya don’t get ripped off. Anyhow most grow tents are made of a durable, lightproof material. This is important because you don’t want any light to leak inside the tent while the plant is sleeping. This also helps regulate the temperature inside your grow tent as well as the relative humidity. Some have the ability to install  in-line fans and scrubbers to keep air circulating inside the tent and to keep it and the rest of your house or apartment smelling like weed.

Cop a complete grow tent setup

Gorilla grow tent products, like many other grow tent makers, come with grow light kits that are made specially for their products. This makes it nice because they’re basically plug and play. Luckily, most of these components are interchangeable however, so you can swap our parts if something breaks. We use a little Hortilux 100 watt hps grow light including hood and ballast, from an old grow tent setup we had back in the day, to light an empty spot in our current grow room. We had some empty space and it came in handy. We were able to flower another plant.

Plus most grow tents are customization. You can purchase grow tent packages equipped with just the basics like a light and a fan (there’s nothing wrong with cheap grow tents, man) or you could grab yourself a fancy indoor grow tent that allows you to control heat and humidity levels. It’s all up to how much you’d like to automate your grow. If you’ve got plenty of time to baby sit your plants then purchase accordingly.

Anyhow grow tents have come a long way. They’re pretty fucking trick nowadays—featuring areas for cloning, vegging and flowering and equipped with the ability to control temperature and humidity levels as well as incorporate automation. What’s cool is that grow technology is just beginning to be developed and incorporated into the internet of things. Just imagine how easy and high-tech grow tents will be in just a few years with automation and new materials. Not to mention new marijuana genetics perfect for grow tent growing. Talk about a future of plug and play, man.

Do you use a grow tent to cultivate cannabis or do you have the low down on a top selling grow tent that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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