Halloween Edibles Are Stuff Stoners Like

Bloo Berry and FrankenstonedJust in time for Halloweed. We mean Just in time for Halloween we scored a box of Madame Munchie macarons from the Harborside Health Center in Oakland. No, man these aren’t those dense coconut sugar bombs you find on the counter of places like Starbucks. you’re thinking of macaroons. These are handcrafted, individually decorated artisanal cannabis macarons, man, that come in three flavors to celebrate the holiday just on the horizon. After that they’re gone.

Our favorite Halloween edible in the austere black box is Frankenstoned. He’s a delectable salted caramel, chocolate and apple-filled macaron. We also dig the two Pumpkin Patch macaroons. The pair features pumpkin ganache and spooky spices. If you’re one of those stoners who can’t get enough of pumpkin spiced-stuff you’ll love this thing. Then there’s the lone Blooo Berry ghost. This one reminds us of one of those ghosts on Pac Man. It’s filled with a white chocolate blueberry ganache. Madame Munchie tells us that they use blueberry extract from the local San Francisco farmer’s market to give Bloo Berry some extra “panache.” You can see each macaron is hand crafted with love and with amazing attention to detail.

Halloween ediblesBut how do they taste? They’re delicious. No fooling. That’s because San Francisco’s Madame Munchie doesn’t use any processed foods and all their ingredients are sourced locally. No wonder they scored the 1st place best edible at the 2014 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup. Each handcrafted, naturally gluten-free macaron is light, airy and delicate with a crunchy exterior with an almost nougatlike chewiness. And they all contain an extra-tasty filling. They’re not dry or sickening sweet. Plus each candy contains 20mg of THC—giving the box of five a total of 100mg of THC. Plus they’re lab tested for potency, purity and consistent dosage levels.

Why such little THC in each macaron? The Madame Munchie team consciously decided to go with a relatively mild dosage to create a new category in edibles—something more tasty less potent. They say this allows stoners to enjoy the food as much as the meds. Wanna get more stoned? Just eat more macarons, dude.

Frankenstoned from Madame Munchie

The company is a comprised of Kim who was born in the United States, raised in France, and now a has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, soaking up culture at every turn. She returned from her intent on starting an edible collective. her partner Ashley, also a California native was looking to bring her family’s organically grown marijuana flowers into the market. Together they’re decided to combine forces to deliver high quality French pastries with the most natural California sun grown cannabis.

Like we said, these were limited edition treats for Halloween. But Madame Munchie offers macarons all year long in five flavors: Hazelnut Mocha, Citrus à l’amande (citrus almond), Tropical Jungle (chocolate banana), Green Gold (pistachio), and Grilled PB&J.

For more information checkout madamemunchie.com and score a box at Oakland and San Jose’s Harborside Health Center. Let us know if you come across any cool Halloween edibles this year in the comments below…

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