Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all them STONER MOMS out there. Sure, Mother’s Day is a damn Hallmark Holiday, but nonetheless a day to remember and acknowledge all those who mother…have mothered and continue to do so every single day.

The MAKERS of STUFF STONERS LIKE want to give huge thanks and praise as well as some much deserved encouragement to all those mothers out there who choose to medicate with marijuana! Yes, it deserves repeating, THANK YOU TO ALL MOMS MEDICATING WITH MARIJUANA. We fully understand the plight of motherhood and would like to take this day to say to all the mom’s out there, it is OK to medicate with marijuana. It’s your right to medicate with marijuana, at least it is in about 15 states and counting for now. Doctors recommend you medicate with marijuana. Do not feel guilty for medicating! Not now, not then, not ever.

Nowadays it’s perfectly acceptable to go to a doctor, describe the symptoms associated with mothering…things like depression or anxiety and walk out of their office with a purse filled with scripts for toxic substances alleged to make you feel better. Mom’s are flagrantly given mothers-little-helpers with side effects like thoughts of suicide, deeper depression or even death. What the fuck?

It’s perfectly acceptable in our country to walk down the street with a vile of Zoloft or Valium or Prozac, bouncing away in your purse. But, those pharmaceuticals and many others just like them are now being associated with birth defects. Imagine being a mom and treating your depression with something that’s harming your child in-utero? It happens all the time. And, society is perfectly okay with it.

Even as tides change still there’s a stigma attached to 100% all-natural cannabis. Socially it isn’t acceptable to talk about medicating with marijuana if you’re a mom. And, that shit needs to change. Here’s why. It’s ok for moms to medicate. You are not a bad mom if you’re treating your depression with marijuana. Medicate without guilt because it’s your right as a human to use all of MOTHER nature’s remedies! Marijuana…it is a beautiful thing, it has a place in parenting and it should be embraced. So this Mother’s Day don’t cop out and just buy your mom some lame-ass ordinary flowers from the grocery store… give mom the kind of flowers guaranteed to put a perma-grin on her face…give your mom a bouquet of marijuana!


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  1. Kayla

    Finally someone gets it! In most places it is socially unacceptable to medicate with marijuana but perfectly acceptable to be a pill zombie! When I medicate naturally all the aches and Passinnd are gone and I can play and interact with my children. If I was on pills I wouldn’t do anything with them.

  2. spookieeyes@yahoo.com

    nicely said kayla

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