Harborside Health Center 4/20 Giveaway

Gifts from the Harborside Health Center
Win an array of 4/20 Holiday gifts from the Harborside Health Center

It’s beginning to look a lot like 4/20. Especially over at the Harborside Health Center’s Oakland location. Today we cruised by to pick up a 4/20 gift. And man the place was buzzing. It felt like a holiday. People were stoked. The atmosphere in the Harborside is kinda like that most of the time—people seem to be really happy to be around so much weed. But today felt extra-special. Because of the high holiday there was a palpable buzz in the air. Or maybe it was all the awesome specials the Harborside is running right now? HERE’S a list.

Harborside Healthcenter Sun Grown Ogre
Sun Grown Ogre from the Harborside Health Center clocks in at 20.80% THC

The Harborside’s got $150 ounces of Sun Grown Ogre that clocks in at 20.80% THC. That deal’s so fuckin’ good we even had to grab a zip for ourselves. AND WE GROW WEED. We’ve smoked a ton of it already and tellin’ ya, man, that Ogre is tasty. They also have a Clear Concentrate called Grapevine on special for $40 a gram rather than the usual $60. So we figured what the hell, right? Dude, SO glad we bought some. This shit straight up smells amazing—like candy. Like being enveloped in a gigantic grape Jolly Joes. We might not even vape this shit. The terps smell way too good to destroy. We might just keep this Grapevine stuff around and use it for aroma-therapy. Maybe figure out some way to smell it all the time. We’ll get one of those harmonica holders that Bob Dylan uses and put the concentrate in there. Then we could walk around smelling this shit indefinitely.

Harborside Healthcenter Clear Concentrate
Clear Concentrate’s Grapevine smells like Grape Jolly Joes candy

The Harborside’s also got $8 pre-rolls and GASP free packs of seeds with any clones purchase. Damnit! Why didn’t we get some clones while there today??? Oh wait. We can go back. These deals are happening all weekend long. Oh and there’ll be food. Yes food trucks’ll be onsite from 11 am until 4pm Saturday through Monday. You know? In case you get the munchies. Saturday they’ve slated Bacon Bacon and Taco Truck. Sunday, Taco Truck and Go Streatery will be on hand and on Monday, Southern Comfort Food Kitchen and Tara’s Ice Cream will be on location to serve 4/20-celebrating stoners.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. The presents. We want to give ’em all to you on 4/20. Actually, we smoked those joints already so they’re not included. You can’t trust us around joints, man. Oh and those socks. They like uhm, disappeared. Yeah they disappeared. Unfortunately our office is built upon an ancient spider burial ground and some big spiders came and carried ‘em away earlier. They were cool too, made by Huff and shit. Sorry. But there’s still a beanie, a size M shirt, a cool Sun Grown key chain, a Harborside Health Center hat pin, a cool Harborside glass jar made by Jayrz and a lighter. We’ll also toss in a pack of our signature rolling papers and some SSL stickers. Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow @stoner_stuff and @HHCOAK
2. Tweet: “Happy 4/20 @stoner_stuff and @HHCOAK #stonergiveaway”
(If you’re not on Twitter and still wanna win, leave us a comment below and let us know why we should pick you and we might. Not saying we will, but we might.)
3. Smoke somebody out between now and 4/20. You know, share the love.

We’ll pick a random winner at 5pm West Coast time on 4/20. If you live in the US we’ll cover shipping. If you don’t…shipping’s on you, dude.

4 Responses to “Harborside Health Center 4/20 Giveaway”

  1. Willy manner

    I smoked all my boys out on 3 blunts last night happy 4-20 from Chicago!

  2. Michael Peters

    First of all happy 420!
    Furthermore, I feel that I should win because I’m one of the most generous stoners. I always share my weed and oil with those in need. Nothing wrong with a little generosity.

  3. Ryan Kastner

    I really want to win the prize package because I really like Harborside Oak but I don’t get to go as much as I need to because of my financial situation and where I live,I did get the grapevine clear concentrate which was excellent by the way, I have never won anything and this prize pack would be amazing to have.

  4. Jason

    You shod pick me because I have no stash to smoke today 🙁

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